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Oga Landlord Episode 157

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I turned and caught my beautiful kid Baby who leapt at me.
Baby: daddy, I missed you, do you miss me?
Me: I missed you too and missed you so much.
Baby: daddy, kiss me.
I gave her a smack kiss on her cheek and then looked up to see Sassy coming towards us with a shade and a man dragging boxes behind her.
She came closer to us while Baby who was in my arms turned to look at her.
Sassy: your daughter is very stubborn kid, told her to stop running but the kiddo ain’t getting any of it, damn!!
Me: I thought you said you are coming tomorrow.
Sassy: yeah… Yeah… No thanks to your kid.
Me: lets go home is getting late already.
I carried Baby in my arms to the car she was telling me about tall buildings and how she flee in the sky, when we got home I have already called the cook to prepare delicious meal for both of them.
They took their bath and ate while I rested and wait for them, Baby rushed and climbed on me when they are done eating while I changed the movie I was watching to cartoon.
Me: baby, wait here while I talk to your aunt.
Baby: okay! Daddy.
I got up and met Sassy arranging files in one of the rooms when I opened the door.
Me: still working.
Sassy: yeah, I could have fu-cking done with this shi-t but gat nay choice anyway, how did you pull through and you never bother to contact me?
Me: I did but the numbers weren’t connecting.
Sassy: let me see them.
I fished out my phones from my pocket and gave it to her, she checked them one after the other.
Sassy: none these are my numbers, you must be kidding me you know that you never checked them.
I looked at the screen and confirmed what she said, who ever have done that number changing is very smart and thunder go roast him balls.
Me: how were you able to save my daughter?
Sassy: my mom told me about backing out of the marriage or she will get you killed, thought she was saying bullshit until I got the news of your attack and thr kidnap of your daughter. Pleaded with her to hand over the sweet kid and I will be gone for good never to return.
Me: they are after your mom.
Sassy: I know, the good bad guys. You wanna talk to me?
I nodded and sat on the bed with her then held her hands, she looked confuse while was I acting that way.
Me: I have a child with a lady.
Sassy: you ain’t kidding are you?
Me: yes, few years back, now my kid and her mom have appeared.
Sassy: damn! You fu-ck good you know, so what is next?
Me: I can’t marry two wives, Sassy.
Sassy: you ain’t picking that bi-tch over me, am done with the discussion.
She got up from the bed with the files in her hands and made for the door.
Me: Sassy.
Sassy: spare those bullshits.
Through out the night Sassy refused having any more talk with me, and Profit was on the call with Johannah requesting for my presence.
I pleaded with Johannah that she will live with her daddy for ever and she was pleased with it, I told Profit to bring her over tomorrow morning.
Baby slept on settee had to carry her inside and we both left Sassy who was busy with her laptop over in the dinning, Baby have this phobia of sleeping alone so I just had to sleep on same bed with her till the next day.
The next day I rose very early but Baby was already awake staring at me, she got up when I opened my eyes and started her jumping jumping on the bed.
Baby: daddy, good morning.
Me: stop jumping, you will hurt yourself.
She sat back and asked if am saying the truth, I nodded and rubbed her head then gave her a smack kiss then carry her away.
Profit and Johannah came when we are done with breakfast, Sassy wasn’t really happy that morning but was able to hide it from Baby.
I made sure the two girls were left alone with nanny to play together while I took Sassy and Profit to the sitting-room to discuss, I sat and didn’t even know where to start from.
Sassy: are we all gonna keep mute?
Me: am thinking, lets start with. Profit meet my ex fiancee Sassy.
Sassy: you must be fu-cking kidding, I ain’t taking ex fiancee as a title.
Profit: nice meeting her *trust Profit na with killer smile*
Me: Sassy meet the mother of my Profit.
Sassy: yen yen yen, I already know. Can we talk about what this shit is all about?
Me: I am sorry I have to make this difficult decision before you both, hope you guys will understand that I love and cherish every moment with you two but marriage is a whole life spend with someone you must love and cherish.
Sassy: hope you ain’t choosing her over me.
Profit: and if he does?
Sassy: stand down, am talking to my man not some girlie.
Profit: cut the chase, that is my kid father you are referring I got all damn right to talk.
Sassy: you should find more time fu-cking some senses in your brain than ma-sturbating on some dream husband.
Their two just dey para for each other my brain, I just had to leave the sitting-room and both of them didn’t even notice didn’t know Profit can talk too.
Sassy that never runs dry of words engaging Profit that hardly talks always thinking of something best known to her mind, I just wanted to drive around and clear my mind of what is going on.
I haven’t even get close to my garage to pick one of my car and drive off when my two kids were asking me to take them along.
Baby: daddy, I want to follow you.
Johannah: daddy, take me with you.
Me: both of you hop in.
They got into the car and while I mounted the driver seat, Baby was first to get on the front passenger seat while Johannah who was more fond of the back seat has taken a sit there.
I drove out of the house and Baby started pestering me to take her to where she could get ice cream to consume, she is eating ice cream too much.
Johannah: hey, why are you calling my daddy your daddy?
Baby: he is my daddy, where is your daddy?
Johannah: he is my daddy, go and look for your daddy.
My head nearly full and I had to explode on the drive way because thei bickering was adding to my crazy mind.
Me: both of you stop it! just stop it!! you both are my kids.
Baby: you mean she is my sister?
Me: didn’t you hear me say it? *Baby shake her head*
Johannah: but mommy didn’t give birth to her.

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