Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 162


Oga Landlord Episode 162

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I smiled and got up then walked closed to Profit who stood arms akimbo staring daggers at me after laughing, I crossed my hands around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder and hugged her tightly.


Baby: daddy, why are you hugging mommy?

Johannah: daddy is suppose to be hugging daddy every now and then.

Baby: okay.

Me: am sorry, sweetheart.

She removed her hands from her waist and curled it around my neck, I released her and gave a space to look directly at her face she was smiling.
I went for her lips and captured it we started kissing.

Baby: daddy, what are you doing to mommy?

Johannah: he is kissing mommy.

Baby: okay laughing

We broke the kiss and I moved my face to look at my two beautiful looking kids watching us mischievously.

Me: both of you close your eyes.

Baby: why, daddy?

Johannah: so that we won’t them.

Me: both of you keep quiet, you are committing sins watching your daddy.

Profit: laughing stop quarreling with your kids, both of you come.

She took the kids to dinning while I got busy with calls with those who are arranging the campaigns and rallies, I no even get strength to dey waka upadan for on top election them go rig instead I go use that time go fix road or fix something the people need.

In the evening I took four of us to my aunt’s house, when I drove into the residence I saw my aunt sitting in the porch.
The two kids quickly came down from the car.

Me: both of you don’t run.

Profit: what of you?

Me: are you joking with me? I face her those two kids don’t have big a-ss like you na.

Profit: so, you won’t feel concerned about me?

Me: temptation, am sorry sweet. You know I love you and my kids.

I kissed her cheek so that she will be calming down before she enter her mute mood, I told her I will open the door for her.
I came down quickly and ran over to her side then opened the door car for her, she came down and kiss my cheek.

Profit: you are such a darling.

Me: you are welcome ma’am.

She held my hands and we went together to were the kids are firing my aunt questions already.

Baby: why are you not looking like my daddy?

Johannah: she is old.

My aunt was just looking at those two kids running riot with their mouths.

Me: will you keep quiet both of you!

My aunt: Victor, na your children be this?

Me: yes, aunty. I no tell you.

My aunt quickly got up from were she sat and started dancing.

My aunt: He has done for me, He has done for me, what my mama cannot do, He has done for me.

Baby: why is aunty dancing?

Johannah: she is happy.

I whispered to Johannah to take them inside before those kids talk wetin person head go explode.

My aunt: where you wan carry my children go? make ona come make your grandmother carry ona.

Baby: looking at me is she our grandmother, daddy?

Me: yes, don’t ask any other question Baby police.

Profit: you should be happy that you have a smart kid, I heard you were dull in school though.

Me: my head spark, she was laughing am the smartest person in the world that is why am going to be a governor.

My aunt: your wife no lie oh! when you dey small you dey carry last for class.

The two kids are now around her, this my aunty nofit just support me even when I dey wrong na to dey rebel me upadan.

Me: that one na fake result.

Baby: her eyes widen daddy, you took last in your class?

Me: don’t mind your grandma, I carry first from my mommy’s stomach.

Johannah: you attend school in the womb?

Me: I meant am the first child.

My aunt asked to talk to me alone so I had to ask Profit to take the kids inside while I sat with my aunt to talk.

My aunt: Vito I groan you no tell me when your wife carry belle.

Me: I no even know, na just now I know say I be person father.

We were both quiet for sometime I detect she wanted to discuss about my uncles especially the one that has gone gaga.

My aunt: you know say your uncle still dey mad

Me: aunty, not again. I go put freedom of madness for our constitution so that you go know say em dey legal.

My aunt: no be time to joke, everybody dey talk say na you do your uncle that thing.

Me: aunty, you come think say na me do am?

My aunt: I never talk like that but at least help them, em no good as em dey roam the street.

The front door opened and Joshua appeared.

Joshua: brother, good evening.

Me: how you dey na, Joshua?

Joshua: I dey okay.

Me: you don write the Neco finish?

Joshua: ehnn..

My aunt: this boy no like school at all.

Me: ehem.. na noe you come, see na Joshua matter we for dey discuss not one madman for street wey dey exercise him freedom of movement.



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