Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 164


Oga Landlord Episode 164

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I had to lie to Baby that her mom bought ice cream for her before she happily jogged away holding her big sister’s hand, I was so happy that Johannah was acting matured.
Because if their two combined in terrorizing me I won’t be able to tell the story that will emerge from it, I apologised to Mr. Belema and my visitors before they left but none of them show grievances though they were all praising Baby for being smart and outspoken.


I was about going in when Mr. Belema returned looking for me.

Mr. Belema: your excellency!

Me: aahh! Mr. Belema, you still came back?

Mr. Belema: I want to discuss something serious with you.

I nodded and both moved over to the bar in my garden, he took a seat while I also settled.

Mr. Belema: is high time we cease my L.G.A

Me: I don’t understand Mr. Belema, I thought we already have the chairman on our side.

Mr. Belema: *shake his head* we rigged it with the help of officers and the support of the senator, the senator is longer on our side so everything is in our opposition favor.

Me: can’t you buy them over with the money I gave to you?

Mr. Belema: I met with Mr. Jasper but he resisted the offer and he had decided to work against us.

Me: the election is in our favour we don’t have to worry about one local government.

Mr. Belema: we have to make your winning convincing and also show that you have the people mandate.

Me: there is no need for that, there won’t be good governance without opposition because the oppositions are the only one who will bask on your flaws and wail about your failures.

Mr. Belema: *he nod* we can’t predict tomorrow turn out so we have to be decisive because my L.G.A have the biggest vote counts, I have a suggestion.

Me: go ahead

Mr. Belema: assassination of Mr. Jasper will bring the opposition to their kneels.

I rejected the man’s idea of killing the man and I made it clear to him that am not interested in whatever plan he had, he wasn’t convinced though but I have made up my mind with my words and am not taking it back, he left and I find my way to my sitting-room.

Baby: daddy! *on sighting me*

Me: *I carry her up* have you eaten?

Baby: yes, aunty Bella gave us sweet food, I bought sweet for you daddy, take.

Me: *I receive the sweet from her* thank you, sweetheart.

Johannah: Baby, come let us complete our assignments our home teacher will soon be here.

Baby: okay, big sis.

I dropped her on the marbled floor and she left the sitting-room with her sister, I went directly to my room to pick up my bag because I will be going to the village that night to secure my home and then return after voting to tidy things in our party monitoring room.

I bagged the things I needed and went to have shower, creamed myself and started arranging what I needed for the night and the next day in the village when Profit opened the door.
I turned and saw her standing on the door shocked to see a bag on the bed.

Profit: let me call you back.

She hung up looking beautiful and tired due to endless meeting, I really pitied her for fronting as her father’s CEO isn’t an easy task for the many companies the man have.

Me: welcome, sweet.

Profit: *she frown* why are you packing up?

Me: I am leaving for the village, I will be back by tomorrow.

Profit: *her frown deepen* you didn’t tell me.

Me: I forgot, sorry sweet.

She entered her silent mode again without knowing what I wanted to do in the village, she sat on the bed and started removing her shoes.
I knelt before her and lifted my hands up, when she gave me a confused look I closed my eyes.

Profit: what are you doing?

Me: ndi silent at it again.

She laughed for sometime and kissed my forehead before I agreed to opened my eyes.

Profit: *her soft palm on my cheek* you know I can’t be angry with you for so long, you are so sweet.

Me: am really sorry for not telling you, am going to the village for the election.

Profit: I was planning to take you to my church tomorrow, my pastor wants to meet you, I’ll have to call to cancel the plans

Me: I promise to follow you next Saturday.

Profit: I will be glad hope you are not at it again *I laugh* I don’t like politics.

I kissed her before getting up, she stood up and hugged me tightly refusing to let go.
Yeye lady, I had to lift her face up from where she buried it in my chest. I kissed her lips and she reciprocated with hot romance that left us breathless for a some seconds.

Profit: I will miss you.

Me: you have my picture. *I smile*

Profit: *she smack my a-ss* will I be able to cuddle and kiss your picture?

Me: you never can tell what you wil be doing later in the night.

Profit: bye bye.

She escaped to the bathroom while I grabbed my bag then got out of the room to see my kids standing on the hallway with their suspicious eyes on me.

Baby: daddy, are you escaping? *her eyes widen*

Johannah: he is travelling, Baby.

Baby: okay, big sister.

I hugged both of them and gave them smack kisses on their cheek after I squat to their height.

Me: I will be back by tomorrow.

Baby: don’t go, daddy. I don’t want to miss you.

Johannah: safe journey, daddy.

Me: I will buy both of you ice cream, plenty ice cream.

Baby: *shake her head and grab my clothe* I don’t want to lick ice cream, I want to stay with you daddy.

My head spark, you wan always dey around me to dey disturb me upadan, haba! this small pikin no go chill make I waka.

Me: I will be back by tomorrow, *she shake her head and grab my arm with her both tiny hands* Baby, I am not running.

I talk tire and even promised to buy her a lot of things she no gree, told Johannah to take her away but the little girl held on tightly to me.
I tried pulling her away from me, she cried loudly that Profit ran out with towel tied around her body.

She carried her up and Baby kept on crying with her new version of mouth which is big mouth.

Baby: mommy, daddy is leaving na, don’t allow daddy leave na.

Profit: your daddy is travelling to come back tomorrow, lets go and watch cartoon.

Profit took her away with Johannah while I left the house, I was about driving out of the house when my phone rang it was a call from Ugochukwu.

Me: aturu, you don return?

Ugochukwu’s voice: crocodile laugh, who tell you say I travel? you just forget your man just like that.

Me: no vex, you know all these elections of a thing na, person need to take am serious.

Ugochukwu’s voice: I don already prepare to enter village so that I go vote there, I wan really vote out that yeye governor with goat voice.

Me: you don come again? who wan come count your vote?

Ugochukwu’s voice: any person wey wan try magic go see pepper, I don already arrange enough cash to run this election for opposition for free.

Me: you don start your chest beating later you go start to cry, I wan enter village later sha..

Ugichukwu’s voice: we get plenty things to talk about after the election.

No doubt I haven’t been in touch with him for Months and we needed to discuss about our friendship before natural death took it course, I drove directly to my aunt’s house with my security aides.
We picked them up and drove to the village.

Joshua: sas girls dey beg for my number, no wonder I be governor brother, fine boy no pimples. Josh! the Josh! like me.

Me: Joshua, don’t say I didn’t warn you ohh! I don tell you say your name na Joshua and who tell you say Josh na name of human being when gorilla dey bear Josh as name.

My aunt: you for tell your driver to drive us so that you go settle down dey argue with this one wey I dey still dey think how manage him become my pikin.

Joshua: but mommy you cook rice and share drink for my child dedication, hope say you no dance too *laughing*

Harry-p: which child dedication? Papa no do any child dedication for you oh! The only thing I remember be say them only share powder and I suspect say one old woman wey don tie spoon for wrapper carry your sense go house back when no fufu dey to carry go house.

Joshua: Godforbid!

My aunt: amen!

Trust mother at your own peril, them nodey use their pikin joke at all, I started shaking my head.


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