Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 166


Oga Landlord Episode 166

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Ugochukwu: guy! This matter no be joke, abeg make call for government to come my village.


Me: your village wey nodey google map, you better hide inside that soakaway before them go blow up your head.

I ended the call and called Mr. Belema but he refused to pick, I stayed in the monitoring room till it was evening.
My phone rang and it was a call from Profit, I quickly picked it up.

Me: sweet.

Profit: Baby is sick.

Me: what! hope you are joking, how? when?

Profit: come home, she is having serious fever.

She ended the call, I had to abandon the monitoring room and ran out like craze man even those technicians around were wondering what was going on, my security aides quickly followed when I got on the wheel and drove home.

I sped like craze man almost getting myself in an accident if no be God, I landed at the gate of my house.
The gate gave way and I drove in wondering why the place is beautified like a party is about to take place, I came down and rushed to the porch.

Baby: daddy!!

She screamed happily running towards me, she wore cinderella today sef.
I carried her up and gave her a smack kiss both cheeks, my shirt was ruffled.

Me: I thought you are sick.

Baby: am strong and big *I laugh* mommy said you will be coming home right away and I didn’t believe it until I heard the car’s horn.

Me: *I no wan fall my hands say I no know wetin dey happen, na big fu-ck up go be that* where is your mommy, dear?

Baby: inside with big sis.

I carried her in and find people decorating the downstairs and re-arranging rooms. I carried her up stairs and got inside my room to find Profit talking to one lady like that.

Baby: aunty bought me a big gift, like this *she spread her hands*

Profit: Baby, go with aunty Ruth I want to talk to your daddy alone.

Baby: okay, mommy.

The lady took Baby outside and I was left with Profit who was behaving like a snake, I sat on the bed with her and kissed her cheek.

Profit: are you not angry that I lied to you?

Me: you look beautiful today, I can’t get my eyes off you *I kiss her neck*

Profit: *laughing* naughty boy, is this the time you should be thinking of se-x?

Me: tell me what should I be thinking again if not to have my sweet future wife, ehnn?

Profit: today is Baby’s birthday and I had to lie to the kid that you know *I shock oh!* I know you don’t even know the birth dates of your kids and your future wife.

Me: write them down I will be carrying them everywhere I go to so that I won’t forget, you know I have ten naira memory card upstairs.

Profit: *laughing* Vic, you should be worried that you haven’t wish the kid happy birthday.

Me: you have done all that for me I don’t have to worry at all, so who are we having for the birthday party?

Profit: my parents are coming, my dad insist on seeing you and your little girl Baby.

Me: is better, I will make my intention known to them.

Profit: *shrug* my dad has his own dreams.

Me: me too.

Profit: what is that dream of yours young man?

I captured her lips and she fell back on the bed, we kept on kissing while her hands worked on my buttons. I tossed the shirt aside and we resumed our kissing, we sat on the bed and I positioned my hand on her back and pulled her to myself while I lay on the bed.

I pulled down her zip and my palm rested on her soft flesh, she helped herself out of the long lovely hot white gown while I sacked my trouser including my boxer.
My hard di-ck stood strong pointing at her, I saw a smirk on her face when she unclasp her bra and it fell off from her chest, she revealed the most delicious looking bre-asts that any man will ever come across.

My hand got hold of the left one and I plucked my mouth to it su-cking like a toddler, at this moment you can point a gun at me and threaten to shoot but I will never leave my su-cking ministration lai-lai.

A knock landed on the door and she had to pull my head from her br-easts if not my mouth don gum there, she asked who it was on the door and it was Johannah and Baby.

Mehnn.. Naso I wear my boxer sharp sharp and put my trouser and shirt in place find my towel disappear go bathroom, I just dey curse those small witches wey spoil the show for me.
I took my bath and came out to find the kids with Profit, she was giving them final touches na women sabi wetin I mean by final touches.

Baby: daddy, where is my birthday gift? *I blink like mumu*

Profit: he will give you as surprise, sweetheart.

Johannah: good evening, daddy. Granny and pa are around, do you want to see them?

Me: *my heart beat race* I will see them.

Profit left with the kids and I picked the white out-fit she had prepared for me, I wore it and I was looking fly and the black shoe come finish work on top the swag, em good to marry better wife oh!
My phone beeped and I picked it up to receive a text message from Profit, “lazy father got the children gifts already, xoxo” her text message melt my heart because wetin to buy the girl dey give me hyper for there already.

I came down and the guests were men and women of class, I was taken to Profit’s father by Johannah. The man looked like a tiger the way he looked like someone who had never smile in his entire life almost make me pee for trouser, he was sitting with some old men like am too.

Johannah: pa, look at my daddy.

Me: good evening, sir.

Man1: is it not the future governor of the state?

Man2: you are right, he is so young and he has gone far.

Mustapha: come here, my uma.

Johannah sat on his laps, I sat and talked with the two men with him but Profit’s father hardly talk. Johannah was busy tickling the old man who was busy laughing like wicked hyena, the other men left us and he also asked Johannah to go and join the party.

Mustapha: young man, are you the man that impregnated my daughter and ran away?

Me: am sorry sir, I was drunk that night hardly remembered anything. Am here to rectify all my mistakes.

Mustapha: and you think I will forgive you for making me back out on my presidential bill and be the party leader?

The man just shot me at my feet with that jamb question, I was shaken didn’t know the man presence can intimidate like this for all the practices wey I dey do when I go see Profit papa I go come display, suddenly he started laughing.


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