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Oga Landlord Episode 167

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

The way he was laughing like wicked hyena was just too funny that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing uneasily, we were at the game of this laughter when a woman who I guessed it must be Profit mother or so came speaking one language wey me no understand anything sef.

The man responded to her questions, I greeted her.

Woman: are you my daughter’s fiance?

Me: yes, ma.

She studied me and continued the discussion with Profit’s father while I used the chance to memorize what I should say and what I shouldn’t say, the tension in me were evaporating when Profit appeared from nowhere and sat down closed to me, she used her hand and crossed my shoulder.

Profit: are you hungry?

Me: ye..s *my voice sound somehow to me sef*

I could see Profit was enjoying the tension in me, I was thinking her question was to enable me escape from her father’s presence but never realized that she just came to make sure I remain there, wahala for who no get father to help am oh!
She quickly joined them in discussing with their language while I sat mopping at them like a small boy.

The man wicked eyes were on me and I started wondering what I have done wrong, I quickly realized that Profit’s hand was crossed on my shoulder, I instinctively wanted to remove it but Profit added another of her hand and leaned on me.
It would have been a romantic moment if we are not in the presence of her father, the man cold look nearly make me pee.
Baby appeared with her Daddy wahala.

Baby: daddy, look at my car. *show me a toy car*

Me: who gav.. it *I stammer*

Profit: is so beautiful darling, will you use it to drive your daddy to work?

Baby: *she think about what Profit said* is so small for daddy to enter but if daddy will agree to be small, I will drive him to work.

Mustapha: little girl, come here.

Woman: you are always like this, daddy.

Baby: good evening, grand pa. Am not a little, am bigger than my mates.

Mustapha: who are your mates?

Baby: my age mates.

Mustapha: your age?

Baby: am three years old but I will be four today, Grand pa. Are you the father of my mommy? Mom said I should call you Grandpa.

Mustapha: yes.

Baby: you are so old and mommy is so young, how come?

Mustapha: *rub Baby’s head* you are such a smart kid, your mom is my grand child.

Baby: okay, Grandpa. Am also your grand child too?

Mustapha: ofcourse, a beautiful grand child you are.

Baby: thank you Grand Pa, for calling me your grand daughter I will inject you free whenever you fall sick.

Mustapha: are you a nurse and what do you know about syringe?

I know say the matter go soon concern me.

Me: *I whisper to Profit* I want to use the restroom.

Profit: *with a smirk* you want to ma-sturbate?

Me: I want to urinate.

She let me go and I exhaled with relief while I went straight to the bathroom, from urine I used the WC too. To come out come be problem for me sef, I came out after spending quality time in there.

Profit: I thought you wouldn’t come out again.

I was startled didn’t realize Profit was standing in the hallway, she walked closer and hugged me tightly.

Profit: you don’t have to be scared, my grandfather is a nice man and he won’t hurt you because he knows I love you.

Me: how about your parents?

Profit: they died of plane crash when I was young, come lets go and cut the cake with our child.

We went in to the party hall holding hands, I have heard so much tales about her Grand Father and none of them is a good news.
We sang and cut the cake then asked Baby to wish, she did the wishing in her mind.

After the birthday party ended Profit’s grandfather sent one of his aide to call me, I went to see him because he was standing outside alone with the woman that came together with him.

Me: sir, you sent for me.

Mustapha: I did, when are you marrying my daughter?

Me: *happy news wan finish me* this weekend, sir.

He nodded and entered inside his car and drove out, guests started leaving that is when I realized I have stressed myself mentally and physically that I started feeling drowsy when I was eating sef.
I rushed and took my bath then lay on my bed, I didn’t know what happened but I knew I was awaken by hunger seeing Profit standing well dressed with breakfast on a table ready for me.

Profit: you should stop sleeping the way you do, you can be kidnapped and taken to another country yet you won’t wake up, good morning my love.

Me: morning oh! my sweetheart, you look like baby whale this morning.

Profit: what is Baby whale?

I showed her my tongue and went inside the bathroom to brush my mouth, why she go talk say I dey sleep like corpse when them don drain all my energy with interviews last night.
I came back and didn’t find her in the bedroom, I ate the breakfast and also took my bath before coming down to see her giving the kids breakfast.

Johannah & Baby: good morning, daddy.

Me: morning my children.

Johannah & Baby: how are you, Daddy?

Me: am fine.

Profit started her I won’t talk to character again, she refused talking to me even when I talked to her she will only respond with her hands or do what I asked her to do.
I didn’t realize I haven’t checked my phone so I rushed to get it and saw lots of congratulating text messages and lots of missed calls, I was able to call some people and sent group messages to those who congratulated me, I put a word to my deputy to handle matter arising.

Profit came inside the room and sat on the bed, I sat with her.

Me: am sorry, flog my mouth if I say anything stupid again, am the baby whale.

Profit: *she laugh* I will be travelling today, going to France to handle some deals.

Me: why? You are the CEO and anyone can represent you.

Profit: the deal is very important and am spending two days there.

I wasn’t happy about the news but I had to pretend to me supportive, I helped her with some needed files while the kids and I drove her to the airport.
When she departed from us I felt empty and scared, the feelings of her disappearing like others engulfed me and I rebuked it me wey nodey go church come dey wonder where I dey get all these pastoral inspiration.

We got into the car and we headed home, I was thinking of anything that will distract me from thinking about Profit safety, one come enter my head

Me: Daddy Baby, what did you wish for during your birthday?

Johannah: she doesn’t want to tell anyone, Daddy. Even mommy asked her but she refused to say it.

Me: Baby, you don’t want to tell Daddy too.

Baby: I will tell you daddy but when you grow old like grand pa.

I nearly forget say I dey drive tear one mad laughter, which kind gambling be that sef.
Going home was a no no for me, so the kids and I hang out in all the interesting places around town, eatery, cinema and others.

We came home late and I instructed their Nanny to look after them, I went inside my room and suddenly find a lion inside.

Me: Jesus!! *fear catch me*

Before I come get sense say na my occult member be that, the lion transformed into the acting governor.

Governor: metem! metem!!

Me: metempsychosis

Governor: I bring words from the grandmaster, the sacrifice hour is now.



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