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Oga Landlord Episode 168

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I was confused and scared at a time hearing sacrifice shot me down to shock mood, suddenly he vanished and I realized someone was trying to enter my room.
The door opened and Baby appeared with her teddy.


Baby: daddy, am scared.

Me: where is Johannah?

Baby: she have slept off, daddy. I am scared.

She was shaking I had to take her back to their room and I asked her to lie on the bed and sleep while I sat on the sofa in their bedroom and watched over my kids, I was bothered about what Mr. Sam the acting governor said about.

I mumbled teleporting words and I appeared before the huge forest as lion, I roared in the dark and appeared before the grandmaster.

Grandmaster: metem! metem!!

Me: metempsychosis!

I transformed back to human and asked him about the sacrifice Mr. Sam was talking about.

Grandmaster: the lions need blood! Blooooodd!! of those you are going to govern, bring hardship and suffering on them, let them die in their numbers! bloooooodddd!!

I was taken aback by Grandmaster demand of me making sure of death of my subjects instead of protecting them, I teleported back to my body after he dismissed me and saw Baby tapping me.

Me: sweet, what is the matter?

Baby: daddy, am scared.

Me: don’t be scared, daddy is here for you.

She nodded but she wasn’t convinced about what I said, I carried her on my body till she slept off.
I looked at her young face and admired the handwork of God in beautifying her, I couldn’t sleep that night I stayed awake till the next day early in the morning.

I woke up later to see my kids bed empty had to walk down to the main sitting-room to find the cleaners and realized their Nanny had prepared them for school and encouraged them not to wake me up because I looked tired and I was actually sleeping like stressed human being.

I went up to my room and picked up my phone to discover that Profit had called me so many times, I scratched my head and thought of what to say.
And I realized that I had no excuse that she will believe, I scrolled to the message icon and typed.

“Hope you have a wonderful time with your white boyfriend, me and your children missed you”

I sent it when I was done typing the message, I dialed Ugochukwu’s number and placed a call to him. After it rang thrice he finally decided to pick my call.

Me: Ugogoro my man, the man that walked through shadow of death and survive, how far na?

Ugochukwu’s voice: may thunder with different voices and lightening with different faces disband, disconnect and scatter your mouth.

Me: amen! Hallelujah!! Pastor bless me more.

Ugochukwu: may disvirgined madness run into you and render you impotent.

Me: na me and you dey quarrel oh, wetin concern my innocent di-ck for the matter?

Ugochukwu’s voice: I think say you go shout amen na, you dey call me to confirm if them don kill me or come for my burial?

Me: you nofit die na, you get o deshi remember the o deshi we do na.

Ugochukwu’s voice: which o deshi? who tell you say o deshi go work when those guys don grab me?

Me: I warn you say make you no go, I don win the governor election come make we talk bro.

Ugochukwu’s voice: I go call you later.

He hung up and I have missed two calls already while I was talking to Ugocukwu, all the calls were from Profit.
I saw a new message notification and I access it.

“What are you talking about honey? I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t hear your voice, text me back because you have refused to pick my calls the next two minutes will be in a meeting”

I just looked at the message and whistled sang into the bathroom triumphantly feeling myself, I had my bath and drove to government house with my security aides.

Landed there and started inspecting all the ministries in the government, I started from ministry works and discovered that the only working materials in the ministry are.
Shovel, digger, hoe, matchet, head pan, all the materials were old like those personals I find there gisting and wasting time.

I wonder if shovel and digger with hoe dey do road?

I moved to Agriculture ministry unannounced with my aides and the media to expose nonsense that people are calling ministry that are not responsible for anything but been paid monthly, I find tractor abandoned by Brutish when they left Nigeria parked in one fruit tree like that, I moved inside and discovered only fertilizer mainly spoilt ones because it wasn’t never utilize.

The few people I find their were mainly busy arguing about soccer and bet9ja, they are all old and due for retirement, the ministry of agriculture have nothing to do with agriculture at all but palm wine joint for people who have no idea of what they are doing there, I moved to ministry of transport.

I find digger and hammer kept in their stores no modern machines to even fix pot hole or even tools for road maintenance when Julius Berger don work am finish, I moved from ministry to ministries and discovered that the only functioning ministries are education and finance which I am sure they are in the business of manipulating figures of budget that doesn’t have any value to people living in the state except you know person wey know person.

I went home confused on how to revamp all these ministry and realized that those ministry are just there for cash out no form of funds can redeem their thoughts, on my way I pulled out my phone it was getting late such a stressful day.

“Sweet, why have you refused to return my call-”
I scroll to the next message.
“I will be in Nigeria soon” I laugh ’cause she said she will be dealing with business deals for two days.

I was so stressed and I had to block out thoughts from my mind so that I won’t be totally drained, I arrived home and exhaled.
I came out of my car and realized that my kids were all in the porch, I walked closer and my two kids ran to welcome me screaming daddy.

I gave smack kiss and realized Profit was smiling looking at me, I don die na the statement wey enter my mind, I would have ended the madness tay tay.


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