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Oga Landlord Episode 169

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I held the hands of my two girls and we all moved to meet their mother, Profit approached me smiling and hugged me tightly resting her head on my chest smelling good and intoxicating.
I wasn’t comfortable with the hug because I didn’t understand why she will be smiling instead of going gaga.


I asked my kids to go in while I remained with my wife in the porch.

Me: I was joking with those messages, was just a prank.

Profit: *she frown* so, you didn’t miss me, sweet?

Me: I missed you so much.

I hugged her again before we both moved inside, I was suspicious of Profit because she isn’t showing any sign of anger and am not feeling secured at all.
I took my bath and joined them in the family sitting-room, I saw that Profit have already loose her hairs.

I requested to plait her hairs she was surprised, she asked Johannah to get a comb and little stool.
She didn’t bother to ask if I could braid sef, she just sat before me on the chair and backed me.

Her skin was so enticing looking at her nape from behind the hairs there and the smooth skin, I resumed braiding of her hairs.

Baby: daddy is plaiting mommy’s hairs *giggling*

Johannah: he will soon plait us too.

Me: no way, am only plaiting my wife.

I could feel that Profit is blushing and her head have swelled up already, the kids went up to study then retired to their room before I was done with the braiding.
I returned the little stool and comb went up to our bedroom to meet Profit looking at the mirror admiring the heir I braided.

Profit: the braiding is beautiful, I never knew you can be this romantic.

Me: you should take a bath and rest, you must be tired.

Profit: am very tired, thank you sweet.

She gave me a quick kiss and went inside the bathroom to take her bath, she later joined me on the bed and we slept entangled together.
I wasn’t able to sleep still scared on what her plan is, she looked at me.

Profit: why are you not sleeping?

Me: am happy that you returned.

Profit: you are scared, I missed you.

She kissed my lips before we both slept, I wake up to find only me on the bed.
I checked the time and saw 8am, Profit must have taken the kids to school and have also gone to work.

I checked my phone and saw a text message from Profit “you must be a good late comer”
I laughed and took my bath then went to meet Mr. Sam to discuss about the terrible leadership going on in the state governor’s office.

Mr. Sam: ahhh! Victor Victor, the new governor, how are you?

Me: good morning, sir. Am fine, how is the family?

We both sat and I brought up the corruptions going on in the state.

Mr. Sam: *he start laugh* why are you worried? isn’t my money neither your money, is our oyel money.

Me: the money is given by the federal government to develop the state and alleviate the suffering of the masses

Mr. Sam: which masses? See, you better open your eyes and see the opportunity to enrich yourself and your entire generation, we don’t know what will happen next because nobody is interested in ruling this country, cash out and invest in Europe so that when the country collapse you won’t collapse with it.

Me: *I shock* but sir, what if the masses start fighting us?

Mr Sam: which masses? Anybody that start barking like dog just give him a bone and he will start singing your praises, the masses are comfortable in their sufferings you better enrich yourself and leave the masses.

Me: this is our country.

Mr. Sam: our country ke, this is my ATM machine, our founders are very foolish they were busy planning how to wicked each other and dominate each other.

Me: are you not scared you will be caught in this corruption?

Mr. Sam: with which constitution? Our constitution favours us, you think we are in democracy?

Me: I don’t understand, sir.

Mr. Sam: our president is just like head of state, the president controls all the arms of government and can even declare any state state of emergency, the Vice president is a useless position because he has no role in the government, with the president you can win any election because we are practicing military rule under the guise of democracy and civilian blalala!

The more I tried to make Mr. Sam reason with me and see reasons why we should govern well, he was giving me reasons to be a lazy governor and visit the state ATM every month to cash out.

Me: what if people refused to vote due to our performance.

Mr. Sam: they will vote for us even if you do nothing in your entire tenure, just dash them small from their tax money you go see how them go dey praise you, give them chicken to share for christmas and small rice them go start to follow you like zombie.

I just had to carry myself out of his office because the man had no vision for coming into power, and when I read his manifesto I wept for the voters who still voted for the man because they did nothing in their entire eight years in the gubernatorial house.

I started studying a lot of things in the state and discovered that the LGA are helpless and the money sent to them were just used in paying salaries and the chairmen are busy paying loyalty with the small cash they would have used to do something to develop their LGA.

I came back home sad to find my kids back from school, Johannah came to welcome me but Baby sat back looking sad.

Me: sweet, what is the matter?

Johannah: she fought with someone in school.

I sat with her and carried her on my laps, she was still sad and she looked like someone who had cried, I go kill person pikin oh!

Me: why did you fight, sweetheart?

Baby: somebody said you are heartless and a thief, a blood sucker and a liar because you are a politician.

Me: don’t listen to them.

Baby: are you a politician, daddy? *she blinks her eyes*

Me: am not a politician but the governor of the poor masses, the one that will changed the wickedness done to the poor people.

Baby: am happy daddy.

I had to take them out after calling Profit who told me she wasn’t in the country that she will return that day, we came back after the outing and I find Profit back home with the hairs I braided her.

I sat on the sofa with her and gave her a sweet kiss, the kids left for study while it remained just the both of us.

Profit: Baby fought in school today.

Me: she told me about it.

Profit: Vic, I don’t like politicians that is why I always don’t want my grandpa to win any election because he is surrounded by mean people that called themselves leaders of the country.

Me: I will be different first lady of the state.

Profit: we are not married yet.

Me: will you marry me?

Profit: are you the priest or you want to propose again?

I started smooching her there in the sitting-room, she was doing gragra and forming good girl as if she no like am.
We fixed our wedding and we wedded while I took full control of the leadership of the State, I removed all the rogue ministries in the state leaving only finance and education.

I appointed two commissioners and disappointed a lot of rogues that called themselves my supporters, I was giving charge to conduct election for chairmen.
I gave out the chairmen ticket for free and my party members were upset about it, I didn’t care.

Those who indicated interest to be the chairmen was all called upon by me, I started interviewing those who indicated interests on live TV and they disgraced themselves.

Me: how many villages are in your Local government area?

And none of them were able to mention the exact figures, I was disappointed and wonder why someone will want to lead villages that you don’t even know their numbers talk more of names.


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