Story! Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 170


Oga Landlord Episode 170

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I just realized that our parties are all fielding leaders that lack vision and have no plans to better the condition of the poor populace, I just had to ask them to go back to their various LGAs and find out the names of the villages, the livelihood of the people and what kind of plants and cash crops grow in their locals.

I dismissed them and went back home met my now wedded wife teaching my kids, they didn’t notice I was standing in front of the opened door of the family library.
Baby was the first person to notice I was there and rushed over screaming daddy, I carried her up and gave her a smack kiss.

Johannah came over to welcome me also before their big Madam Profit stood up and gave me a sweet hug.

Profit: J, teach your kid sis, I want to talk to your dad.

Johannah: alright, mommy.

Profit held me by my hand and we went up to my room, immediately we got in she started laughing and she actually looked sensational while laughing though. I chuckled softly imagining how lucky I am to get a beautiful wife like her.

Profit: you are such a funny man, do you have to humiliate those dudes on live TV?

Me: I didn’t know they will fail woefully, was expecting them to know all those things I asked.

She sat on the bed and looked at me with her se-xy eyes.

Me: why are you staring at me like a sinner?

Profit: *she laugh* I want us to make a baby.

Me: just say you want to fu-ck you this bad girl.

She threw a pillow at me and I dodged it and rushed inside the bathroom to take a bath, I was there having a cold bath when she joined me and hugged me from behind resting her head on my back.

My soft di-ck rose slowly from his slumber the moment her hand crept down to get a hold of it, she grabbed it and stroked it twice as we both stood under the shower bathed by drops of water.
I could feel her bre-asts pressed on my back getting full and her ni-pples getting attention also.

I turned and we both kissed while, I ended the kiss and started dropping soft kisses on her cheek down to her nape then finally grasped her br-east and fed it with my mouth.
I su-cked on it hungrily while she stroke my di-ck, I find her opening and dug in two fingers.

Profit: I need you *she whisper to me*

Me: bathroom se-x lead to girl child.

She pinched my di-ck, I screamed playfully.

Me: do you want to render me impotent.

Profit: I need a boy, make sure it is a boy.

She backed me and sampled her lovely round so-ft a-ss, I adjusted the crack with my both hands and plugged in with my hard di-ck from behind and we fu-cked our brains out.

We cleaned up and dressed up after the deed and lay on the bed together.

Profit: I love you so much, Sweet.

Me: if I were to be a one minute man will you love me?

Profit: you won’t dare! I will cut it off.

We both laughed and cuddled till it was time for dinner, after the dinner I began receiving calls from my party members around the state demanding for the position of commissioner even after I made my decision clear that I won’t give anyone commissioner after appointing two.
The next day Mr. Sam who is now a senator came to my office to demand why I haven’t made our party faithfuls commissioners to be rewarded for being a member.

I was shocked to realize that making people commissioner is a means of reward to enforce duties, I told him I haven’t seen the need and he ordered to install commissioners as soon as possible I just dey look am.
He also told me about his plans on sacrificing one hundred souls to the Grand master, I didn’t care about what he said because the man has talking like the biblical beast lately.

When I requested for those candidates that I wanted to field for chairmanship to come with their inquiries, the number of people who came drastically reduced I was shocked though.
The other time it looked like the whole LGAs came to the government house but now it looked like they were forced to come.

I discussed with the few of them who came and made my plans known to them, I wanted to build a strong Agro-family in each local government area so that they won’t rely on the State government before they can carry out their duties, I told them to go and discuss with their people and village heads.

Immediately I was done with them my phone rang it was Mr. Belema who has refused to pick my calls for days.

Belema’s voice: my governor, good afternoon sir, sorry say I no pick your calls my phone screen spoil na today I just fix am.

Me: no problem, I wan meet the wife of the man that died during the election.

Belema’s voice: no problem, ehnn… My governor I call in respect of chairmanship.

Me: why you no come government house when I asked others to come.

Belema’s voice: I don already work for you I dey expect reward, I fit do anything to get that chairmanship.

I cut off the call and blacklisted his number and called a reasonable human who I asked to invite the wife of the deceased to the government house, she came after some days with her children that looked like suffer has taken a huge ride on them.

I gave her children scholarship and gave them a house with a well paying job to one of her children after settling the woman with some cash.

On weekend I went to the field with my kids and my wife, the open field was a plan I conceived with clean lake.
I sat on the field with Profit while Johannah and Baby ran around the field joyously.

Profit: this place is beautiful, I love it.

Me: the braids on your head look ugly, am taking you to the saloon.

Profit: *forming cry* you said am ugly.

Me: I didn’t say so oh! You wey fine like mammy water.

Profit: promise me you will plait it for me before I will stop crying.

Me: emotional blackmail! INEC on the beat, were you crying before?

Profit: I just love when you plait my hairs, guess what?

Me: you are planning to travel again.

Profit: no, am pregnant.

Me: I don’t believe you.

Profit: *smiling* three weeks gone.

I jumped from my sitting position and screamed on top of my voice that my beautiful wife is pregnant.



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