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Oga Landlord Episode 171

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I started calming down when the three weeks rang a bell in my head, I sat back and took her palms in my hands and rubbed them.


Me: how is it possible, we just tried to make baby three days ago, I thought you were on pills then?

Profit: we are married how do you expect me to be on pills? I kept it all to myself because you are always busy with how to fix the state and forgot about your wife. I wouldn’t have told you if you said otherwise when I talked about us making baby.

I kissed her cheek and apologised, then placed my ear on her stomach, wondering how she will look with big stomach because she looked good on flat stomach.

Me: is the baby kicking?

Profit: *she spank me* you are such a horrible father, how do you expect three weeks foetus to kick?

Me: it must be a girl then because boys start kicking from three weeks.

Profit: are you serious, you think pregnancy is soccer, I don’t want to talk you again.

She went into her silent mood again, I had to tickle and kissed all over her hot body before she forgave me.
The kids were running after butterfly, I held on to my wife as we sat and watched the calm lake.

We went home later in the evening after visiting an eatery, we decided to eat out on that particular day.
People in that eatery were surprised on seeing me, some people still didn’t believe am the governor because of the few securities I go around with.

I gave a beggar along the road a huge sum of money before we went inside the eatery and have a family time, I fed my love Profit food and little Baby started bogging me.

Baby: daddy, why are you feeding mommy? is she now tata?

Me: yes, she is my big tata *I kiss Profit and she blush*.

Baby seemed to be studying the new word big tata, it seem she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word tata.
I was in a conference meeting discussing with the elected chairmen on how to go about the agro-family programme when my aide told me some honourables wanted to see me.

I quickly took an excuse surprising the chairmen present to talk with those honourables, I was defeated on what they said that I have sidelined a whole independent legislative arm of government that checkmate the executive arm for balance.

I shook my head in pity and realized they existed to answer yes to me, the unitary system that we are practicing is a horrible one in disguise of federal system of government.
I had to tell them that I have no business in the chambers, that they are independent and they can invite me at will to answer query on some policies that seem unfit for the masses.

They were shocked though when I dismissed them and asked them to act like the legislative arm not rubber-stamped stooges, I returned back to the chairmen forum and the ideas were heart warming.
We made a conclusion that I will follow every bit of the programme and emancipation of LGAs to the latter, I picked one of the LGA to visit till a total redemption is done on it.

I travelled down to the LGA with assembly members representing the LGA, I booked a hotel and invited experts in field of agriculture to check mate the soil that is best fit for a particular crop or plants.
I met with village heads and clan rulers concerning land issues.

While the soil testing was going on, I built a modern standard park and bought buses that befit travellers profile in the LGA, I went further to establish goat farm and asked those who are practically jobless but employed to work in the LGA to manage it after several trainings, I made sure I set the chairman on his toes to make the goat farm secured and ensured those transferred there meant business.

I then mounted a very big poultry farm and also made those employed under the LGA that have nothing doing to under go training to manage it, I started constructing garri processing factory and palm oil processing factory with grand oil too, I added local gin to it.

I made sure they were quickly occupied and kept it running intensely with few raw materials at our disposal, I started building institute of agriculture under the local government management.
Constructed a radio and television house quickly for the LGA ti have a voice that represent them to the world.

The results of the test started coming and the needed machines were quickly bought, I had to use Profit to enable me get some high classed machines and some seedlings that have been treated.
We started farming one of the largest cassava farm, big mango farm, one of the biggest fruit garden in Nigeria.
Palm tree farm, rice farm, vegetables farm, with okoro farm and corn farm according to season.

Twenty four hours power plant was built for the LGA to attract population, I also built waste management ministry and lastly I handed all the assets to the chairman to take good care of it and invest more because he won’t be getting a dime from me and he should make sure he invest more.

Other LGA chairmen have already made blueprints on what they want and the kinds farms they need, lands were made available and I followed the progress to latter.
I was relaxing inside my car when one of the contractor came to me and requested for audience.

Contractor: oga, I know how to do am so that we go make enough money.

Me: I no understand, I tell you say make you go buy treated seeds for planting.

Contractor: the price no be like that, I wan still hike am so that I go take 40% so that you go collect 60%.

I just ordered my security aide to hand him over to the police to face trials, I was done with two local governments out of twenty four LGAs in six Months, Profit stomach was getting bigger by the day.

I decided to give those chairmen a chance to follow up what I did, I was shocked they were all proving themselves with sincerity in the money I gave them.
I had to monitor it closely while taking care of my wife, I was depressed by some news I got from one LGA were two cult groups have turned the LGA to battle ground, if not the idea that I got then to bring media down to the local level the news would have been under reported.

I issued a warning that they should stop it or they will meet their end, I asked the chairman to compile the list of the children that refused their parents and hard working youths to rest.
They still went ahead and shot someone again, I requested for military intervention which loads of men in uniform were deployed were enforced 24hours curfew on everyone and ordered shoot at sight on anybody that disobey.

We went house to house picking those boys involved, I rooted all of them out and recovered the guns that were given to them during election.
Why not money to better their life?
Why not employment and appointment but gun to destroy their life.

I made sure not bail was on them and followed the matter till the judge decide their fate.
I was in my office when Mr. Sam now senator stormed in my office.

Mr. Sam: how dare you! Small boy like you dey challenge, why you stop the shooting? You don develop everywhere who you want my use him head kill the one hundred souls to protect my public image?

Me: good morning, Mr. Sam. How is your family?

Mr. Sam: *he boils* get ready, I go use your soon to born baby for the sacrifice.


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