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Oga Landlord Episode 173

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Honourable members were surprised I assembled all of them, we went inside a close door meetings banning journalists from gaining entrance.
All of them settled and I played the tape that I got from my visit to Abuja.


I watched their faces as the tape was going on and I could see the anger showing on their faces, they listened till the tape ended and the house went gaga.
I retrieved the tape some of them were already barking like mad dog, some requested for the tape but I refused to give it out.

Some of them were telling me how they were bribed to impeach me, I acted surprise but made no comment. I called the commissioner of police and I paid some amount of money to change the Area commander of Mr. Belema LGA. I paid the new Area Commander some cash to open the case of Mr. Jasper death and bring the culprits to face the law.

I told my secretary to uncover all looting that traces to Senator Sam and lies he told, I also called for meeting with chairmen from Mr. Sam senatorial district to make the information that my secretary is going to uncover and also educate their people on how to re-call Senator Sam.

I was happy that I brought media down to the grassroot level, I got home very late after the several meetings I was so stressed.
I parked my car and saw Profit standing in the porch with her big stomach, the moment she saw me she inhaled sharply and flashed me a smile.

Profit: thank God you are home, why did you return so late? I was so worried.

Me: am so sorry, my love. I won’t try it again.

She hugged me and stayed like that, I was like this pregnancy dey do this woman something.
I held her hand and we walked to the garden together, she was surprised that I was taking her to the garden.

Profit: what are we doing here? you need to eat.

Me: you worry too much these days, am fine.

I rushed and switched off the light in the garden and I walked back to her, I stood with her and waited for some minute.

Profit: what are we doing here, Vic? Why do you have to switch off the light?

Me: just wait and see.

Fireflies started gathering around us, I catch one and put it in her palm and I asked her to open her palm and the firefly flee and a smile appeared on her face.
I helped her to sit down with me on the grass, we sat together watching the fireflies.

Profit: I want to take Baby to an art class.

Me: why? I want my daughter to be a lawyer.

Profit: she pinch me enrolling her in an art class to master art doesn’t mean she won’t be a lawyer.

We stayed there for a long time before we went inside together, she was tired and I asked her to go inside while I ate.
After eating I went up and took my bath and joined her on the bed, she wore a sexy nightie.

Profit: what kind of bre-asts do you like?

I looked at Profit to see if she is actually joking with that question but she looked passionate about the question, me that don’t even reason br-easts na yansh full my mind.

Me: I don’t know what you mean.

Profit: do you like fallen br-easts or standing bre-asts?

I contemplated on why Profit will ask me such question, is she thinking am cheating on her or what?

Me: I don’t have a thing for bre-asts.

Profit: she nudge me but you love su-cking it, tell me am serious about it.

Me: I love your br-easts alone whether fallen or standing, can we sleep am so tired.

I cuddled her and she remained calm while sleep took over us, I made preparation to lodge Rivers first.
I contact lots of urban city planners and interior decorators, I gave them the task to make plans on how to turn the capital to a world class city.

I invited notable urban and city planners all over the world that have engaged in making beautiful cities, I made my mind known to them that I want the city to look like paris and be able to house over ten million people only in the capital of the state.

The houses will be mainly skyscrapers to enable the population I envisaged to be housed without complaints, I invited all land owners in the city and made my plans known to them.
That they will partake in sharing money from the rents, I made it a company in charge of the city revenues from every houses that will be built and opened the floor for investors to invest.

The blueprint was presented and I lodged Rivers first, I invited all the oil companies in the state and billionaires to grace the occasion with all the land owners.
A lot of people were skeptical about my plan to turn the whole capital city to what am showing them on the screen, the urban and city planners made known the cost of achieving it.

A lot of people showed interest but were having cold feet to invest, I went ahead with my plans and work commenced immediately.
Those who wanted to volunteer to work for our dreams were given free food and transport to wherever works were going on.

When they saw how serious I was going about it, investors started pouring in from within and without.
The time for Profit delivery was drawing near so I have to stay at home and administer, a lot of indigenes from diaspora were donating to make the great dream achievable.
I was in my study room when Mr. Belema called, I decided to pick.

Mr. Belema: please, help me.

Me: who is this please?

Mr. Belema: Governor na Mr. Belema, abeg help me.

Me: how may I help you?

Mr. Belema: police are on my neck, I have ran away from the state.

Me: good luck, don’t come back sha..

I ended the call and then got across to the chairman in Mr. Sam senatorial district and he told me that Mr. Sam was attacked by his people some days ago that he will never return home again.
I asked how he has gone about the plan to recall him from senate to face his crimes, he told me the people are willing that INEC were dragging feet but they are serious about their demands.

I instructed the contractors to build street by street so that they won’t displace occupants, I also asked those who are doing business in the city to register their names and business so that their business will be taken into consideration while the construction is on going.
I warned those in charge of asking for money or misbehaviour, I made phone numbers public in case of any reports from those who are to register them.

I was busy massaging Profit feet when I heard car horn, I didn’t leave what I was doing but I knew the car that drove in came with entourage.

Profit: are you expecting anyone?

Me: no, am not.

The door was pushed open forcefully and Mr. Sam stormed in looking very angry.

Mr. Sam: you fool! I will deal with you. he yell at me

Profit: who is this?

Mr. Sam: ask your foolish husband, I will deal with him.

Profit forcefully got up from the settee and she winced in pains while bending down, I supported her before she could drop down on the settee.
She held my shirt and screamed of our unborn child, Mr. Sam stood motionless not knowing what to do he quickly made his way out of the house.

Profit: Vic, is so painful.

Me: am sorry, sweet. I will be taking you to the hospital.

I called the maids from their boys quarter and they all came over to support, I drove her to the hospital and she was taken to the delivery room while I hang around in the ward.

My phone rang and it was a strange number, I picked the call.

Voice: what did Senator Sam did to my daughter?

Me: go… af… she is in labour.

Voice: what did he do?

Me: he wanted to pick a fight with me.

The call ended that is when I realized I was actually sweating, how did Profit grandfather knew that Mr. Sam came to visit me, I got tired of standing and I sat down.
Closed my eyes to have a nap because I couldn’t get evil thoughts out of my mind.

I find myself in a very dark path with bushes around, the grandmaster appeared before me.

Grandmaster: you have failed the lion cult.

Me: how did I fail?

Grandmaster: to those who seek victory in battle, blood is required.

Me: I don’t want victory.

Grandmaster: hahahahaha!! laughing you shall loose everything.

The ringing of my phone actually woke me up from slumber, it was one of the chairman in Senator Sam senatorial district was the one calling.
I picked the call…

Chairman’s voice: my governor, INEC are now ready to conduct the re-call process.

Me: thank you so much.

Chairman’s voice: you don’t sound happy.

Me: I will call you later.

I saw the doctor coming out of the delivery room, I quickly got up and rushed to meet him.



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