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Oga Landlord Episode 176

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

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I was shocked because according to the media that the man wants to be the next president and his supporters are making everything possible to achieve that, why me?

Me: why me?

Profit’s grandfather: am too old for that, think about it.

Mustapha doesn’t really talk too much, I left him and went to meet my wife who is now busy training the child on how to sit.
I don’t know why she still haven’t make up her mind to follow me back home, she lay the giggling child on the bed and stood up to welcome me with a hug.

Me: our next baby will be girl.

Profit: are you planning to marry another lady?

Me: you are not serious, you will give birth to another child.

Profit: sweet, three is enough I don’t want to get old quickly and am not sharing my beauty anymore.

I was happy about her decision ’cause the last thing on my mind now is to have more children, their wahala too much.

Some weeks later I accepted Profit’s grand-father proposal and the next three Months I was given the limelight, I became the golden governor every now and then my name pop-up in newspaper, magazine, blogs, sites.

The people against me in the state disappeared immediately, I started having all kinds of political friends.
I realized all my mistakes as governor were all cleansed and replaced with righteousness, my media aides were in good spirit tweeting upadan me that don’t even have time for social media.

When the kid started walking Profit grandfather demanded to have the child stay with him, I didn’t believe that Profit that so much love the child gave it up to her grandfather. The man has shown so much love to the kid by taking him everywhere he goes, the boy dey like him hand bag.

We all entered the car Baby, I and Profit with Johannah one big lovely family.
They were in high spirit, I looked at Profit to see any kind of feelings that she did hand over the kid to her grandfather against her wish I find none.

Me: sweet, are you sure about giving your sweet baby boy to your grandfather?

Profit: yes, my grandfather is always lonely

Me: no cry when we reach house oh!

She laughed and nodded then kissed my face, in the night I was reading chats from chairmen group chat that I created to tackle issues facing every L.G.A together.

Chairman1: good evening all, I know say some people no go sleep this night, wizards are allowed to jealous sha.. Am exporting one barrel of palm oil to several countries in West Africa shout out to my progress brothers and enemies.

Chairman2: Okoma at again, no be only shout out na shout in, me wey get the biggest onions farm in southern part of Nigeria never announce am.

Chairman4: that your farm ehnn.. Na python dey live for that farm house?

Chairman1: George oh boy, I hear say your wife born pikin wey him head dey like cat fish own, ndi! exporter of catfish.

I dey read dey tear laugh when my wife came in looking sexy and hot, she took the phone and asked me to check her physique to see if she is in perfect shape and looking hot.
I didn’t notice she was trying to get to her full beauty before she will allow me to touch her, I say no to pregnancy again oh.

I told her she is the hottest stock after hot palm oil rice, we smooched stripped and made the bed dance to our se-xual desires.

Every weekend we always go to visit her grandpa were my son stay, Baby and Johannah always looked up to this weekend to tease the stubborn pikin.
I wonder why the pikin no resemble him mother come go resemble me for behaviour, always mischievous.

If we are in his grandpa garden were his bar is, if I drop my phone the little kid will pick it up and start running giggling like ogbanje.
If we are inside he will start looking for what to hide that I brought from home, very anyhow pikin.

Profit grandpa told me that we are going to visit the cabals who are the most powerful people in the country the next day, that they will determine if I will be the next president or not.

Na the first time I started reading the 1999 constitution and discovered how powerful Nigeria president is, I realized that Nigeria president controls air, water, fire, thunder, land, even oxygen, military, in fact everything is under Niger president.
Even the electoral body that put him there is under his control, he controls everything in the country small and big even media, na wa oohh! Being president means being governors of thirty six states and capital including being chairmen and councilors in one person na wa.

The power was too much, no wonder Nigeria nodey waka go front always one place because na only one person dey lead the country, federal republic under unitary system.

I followed Profit’s grandfather memorizing plans that I have thought that can make the country better and present it to them, I met with the cabals and discovered that they are prominent men in all the political regions.

Former presidents and retired generals, former head of state in fact looking at their faces I saw Nigeria problems imprinted on their faces.
They started giving me detailed papers on how to satisfy their selfish interest, none of them even outline how to better the life of citizens. Those with oil wells were advising me to protect their interests, I wonder why they love money.

They asked me to take an oath to keep all the conditions, I took an oath and went home without sharing my ideas to better Nigeria.
The men were bored of any talk that has to better Nigeria, I see fire in their eyes and great spirits whenever money sharing is been mentioned.

I didn’t know how I started getting supports from left and right, even the campaigns sef stadia were loaded to the full.
I be wan call am love I come remember say my people just come see me for the last time before I become president, because na only campaign go be first and last place you go see Naija president, and small peanuts for thanks for coming wey people go use eat better soup, hunger in the land.

The out-going president was openly campaigning for me and na him appoint INEC chairman and I wonder how I wan come take loose the election when the person wey dey call the result na my personal person, na wa oohh!

I was busy with family when election was going on and went to vote with heavy security and media presence, the results started coming and I was declared the winner.
People celebrated through out the country that my political manifesto will better their life, something wey me no know wetin dey inside.

I started receiving calls from the Cabals on what to do immediately I become president of the country, the day the out-going president is going out I was asked to address the nation with typed A4 papers back and front, na wa oohh! by my spokesman.
I threw it away and people were shocked, I started rendering my speech to my people.

Me: dear Nigerians, I am one of you who have experienced the pains and sufferings of not being an elite. There is hope and a new Nigeria is here to stay, it is a shame that patriotism have been replaced by lies and deceit, the spirit of unity of the country is been held by injustice, and selfish desires. A country that lived by blood and sufferings of the greater number, a country that operate military constitution instead of civilian constitution. We are going to practice true federalism removing the quota system, federal character, and eliminating the exclusive lists that have kept the word Up Nepa since 100years plus of existence Nigeria. I hereby declare the thirty six states independent and able to manage and control it resources in other to flourish, if you are a visionless governor please resign because there will be no Monthly feeding bottle, a competitive states is what Nigeria needed for her growth the Federal Government is sole responsibility is upholding the sovereignty of Nigeria and external affairs, managing disputes between independent states, I hereby institutionalize INEC to be truly independent the federal government have no business appointing any member of the electoral body in order to achieve true democracy, neither does the states governors have a say in the judiciary, legislative arm of government in order to achieve true democracy the democratic process is hereby institutionalize.

A bomb blast was heard and people scampered for safety.


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