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Oga Landlord Episode 46

The driver ignited the engine and the car started moving away, Shantel started praying.
Nawa oh! Pray abeg, I looked back and saw Mr. Okoye making call.
Me: driver, abeg…carry me go presidential hotel.
I wan go where security go tight abeg.
Driver: oga, you go give me more money.
Me: you don see father christmas na, just drive faster abeg.
We drove past some streets before we arrived at the presidential hotel, luckily I have my ATM cards with me, we came down in front of the majestical building after passing the security checks.
Me: take your money.
Driver: nice doing business with you shining teeth like goat
Me: God forbid, make I no meet driver like you again.
I hissed and walked away, I didn’t notice that Shantel have been standing looking marvellously at the building, this babe dey whine me… As she fine like this, she wan tell me say she never enter where fine pass here.
Me: Shantel!
Shantel: yes, sir.
I signaled her to follow me, we walked into the building. The girl just dey behave like village girl, she stares at everything with love-up eyes, the worst thing as she see oyigbo men she started smiling, is this one okay?
I met the receptionist and paid for our room, both of us headed to the fiffth floor to room 40013. I searched for the room’s key number and find the door that has the number on the doorpost.
I opened it and went in while Shantel stood at the door smiling joyously at the room.
Me: biaa! enter na.
She entered and closed the door slowly, I was even smelling. I don run tire, I removed my shoe and removed my shirt and walked inside the bathroom.
I pulled of my trouser and brief, then switched on the shower and I took a wonderful bath.
I wiped my body clean with a neatly hung towel in the big bathroom, I checked my face in the mirror.
Me: fine boy, na em mr. Okoye wan kill, lai lai! I disagree to die.
I wore my boxer and put on my trouser, then came out to see Shantel sleeping peacefully on the bed. The girl fine oh, big bumbum with height, figure 8 princess. With smooth face and smooth skin, her fair complexion make sense, na carry come.
I still dey reason her body when call enter, I checked my phone and the caller was Madam Stella.
Madam: my baby di-ck her voice boom
Me: this woman always get strange names I no wan die, please I no wan run the election again.
Madam Stella: wetin happen?
I explained from A to Z, I make sure say I tell her everything. How that wicked man wan finish me off.
Madam Stella: am now in State, I will come and see you later, then assign some securities to you.
Hope dey, as I ended the call I started thinking of the primary that is two days away, I have to scheme my way before I go just suffer all because of nothing.
My phone rang again… I saw Ugochukwu as the caller I.D.
Ugochukwu: guy, where you dey? his voice booming with happiness
Me: I dey presidential hotel.
Ugochukwu: hahaha laughing you don leave your house?
Me: no be laughing matter, the man wan reduce my life battery to two percent.
Ugochukwu: I dey come.
He ended the call, I sat on the bed shirtless with trouser, naso those enzymes wey dey my belle remind me say I never chop.
I placed an order of egusi soup and fufu, I switched on the television and killed time with one boring Naija movie, na wa oh! Everybody wan act with talent or no talent.
The door bell rung.
Voice: room service.
Me: come in.
One guy enter with trolley carrying the tray with my order, wetin dey worry this people sef? why them go send male instead of female.
He dropped it on the table.
Me: abeg, tell them say I no want amu to dey carry food come for me.
Room service youngman: alright, sir.
He bowed and left the room, I opened the covers and the food sent me to Jupiter, the soup get class and the fufu dey model.
I moulded one morsel and dipped in the soup, I be wan swallow when the room telecom started ringing.
I raised the receiver to my right ear.
Voice: good morning sir with sweet voice do you invite one Mr. Ugochukwu?
Me: yes, let him in.
The call ended and I kept the receiver, I swallowed the morsel and looked at Shantel. She was still sleeping very sound, the thing surprised me oh!
Maybe she dey happy for this kind of bed.
Ugochukwu bursted in without knocking, typical mad man. He jammed the door closed and spread his hands smiling like duck fowl, he was surprised to see Shantel.
Ugochukwu: for this kind critical moment, your p—k still dey give you direction.
Me: the girl dey see vision.
Ugochukwu: leave that talk.
He brought out a gun from his pocket. I nearly jumped out of the bed oh with fear.
Me: wetin you dey do with gun?
He didn’t say a thing, he placed a silencer on the mouth and gave me the gun. I took it with shaking hands.
Ugochukwu: guy, shoot me!
Me: you use your head run enter trailer?
Ugochukwu: no fear, shoot me!
Me: na you talk oh.
I pointed the gun to is right hand in case, police no go blame me for murder.
I placed my finger on the trigger.
Shantel: Jesus!! screaming
I released my finger from the trigger and released the bullet from the gun.



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