Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 47

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Story Oga Landlord Episode 47

Episode 47
The bullet flee and hit his hand, he smiled and started laughing, I saw the bullet on the floor.
I stared at him mouth opened and saw Shantel covering her face in fear of seeing blood or something else.
Me: guy, how you do am?
Ugochukwu: dey there, you wan die like fowl bah? I go cook myself.
Me: them cook you for egusi soup or okoro soup?
Ugochukwu: dey there, make we dey go. Fear not I dey with you.
Me: your sense kick bucket? I no get wetin you get for body oh, wait… oh, how you take carry gun enter here..
Ugochukwu: he bring out an i.d card and throw it to me check am out!
Me: I pick the I.d card guy, when you join state security when I no know?
Ugochukwu: na Naija you dey oh! shine your eyes, you know that my guy I tell you say em dey for state security for Port Harcourt here?
Me: yes, I remember. That guy wey short?
Ugochukwu: yes, na em help me arrange everything. I come use the name of excellency enter here, say na she send me to protect you.. Them go tell you say make you get better friend, na only womanizers you godey befriend.
Me: wetin you mean say you be womanizer ’cause you be my friend oh.
Ugochukwu: minus me, fine girl… I turn to see who em dey call fine girl
Shantel: good morning, sir.
Me: Shantel, you wan eat?
She shook her head, I asked all of us to go down so that we can swim or do something fun.
Just then Madam Stella showed up in the receptionist section with few of her security, she was looking beautiful but no smiling.
I wondered why she dey vex.
Madam Stella: take me to your room.
Me: okay, ma.
Both of us went up but she didn’t allow Ugochukwu to follow us, her security escorted us but she asked them to stay at the door while we both entered and she locked the door.
She stared at me angrily.
Madam Stella: who be that slut?
Me: *me sef surprise sha..
Naso I received one slap for face, wetin be this woman own sef? I be wan slap am back but my right hand dey pain, so em no gree raise up.
Me: she be my friend girlfriend see lie
Madam Stella: oh my!! Am sorry, sweetheart.
She started rubbing my cheek, begging me in a romantic way. I come dey forming the vexing na, naso she bring out her cheque book and wrote one million nair, I was shocked oh!
Madam Stella: take me sef take the cheque with shaking hands I no wan see you with those cheap girls, you are for me and me alone.
Me: I nodey craze.
Madam Stella: come here!
She ordered me and I walked to her on the bed, she raised her beautiful gown up and I was given the view of her neatly clean shaved pu-ssy.
Madam Stella: eat me like your best food boy.
I buried my face in betwixt her legs and shifted her pa-nt with my teeth, then thru-sted in my two fingers inside her pu-ssy after rubbing her cli-t.
I used my tongue to tease her cli-t while my fingers busied themselves with her pu-ssy, I was fin-gering her so fast and su-cking her cli-t and flicking it.
Madam Stella: assshh! ahhh! yes… oh! baby!! am clo….se mo-aning and rubbing my head
Immediately she started shaking see the way she shout dey vibrate, I come even fear say her bodyguards go run enter the room to confirm if she is attacked or something.
After she finished her breathing section, she sat up and covered herself with her gown. I was so ha-rd, I come dey expect say she go give me fu-ck. The woman no want my fu-ck another person, she no wan also give me her toto. Maybe she fancy oral se-x more, na her business sha…
Madam stella: good boy, I will see you tomorrow. Am in a hurry.
Naso two of us waka commot for the room go down to the receptionist, I no come dey see Ugochukwu and Shantel again.
I walked Madam Stella out and she asked three of her bodyguards to secure me, I was feeling like I have reach. Abi?
I called the Ugochukwu but the guy no gree pick lai lai, I know say that guy is upto something.
I come dey waka around maybe I can find him, see the way the bodyguards dey follow me. I changed my walking steps to the way Alhaji them dey waka na, trust me.. My feet no gree touch ground, all those slayqueens come dey dash me winks say I be state special.
I waka pass one garden come dey hear Ugochukwu voice, as I entered the place na relaxation park. I see Ugochukwu dey hold Shantel hands.
Ugochukwu: I was taking oxygen from the sky, but the very moment I met you. You and you alone became the only source of my oxygen, I cannot breathe if you are not by side. You are the air that beautiful my world..
Me: just ready to die, you see that oxygen… she nodey available.


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