Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 48

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Story Oga Landlord Episode 48

Ugochukwu: groan guy go first na, just give me like two minutes?
Me: go where? two minutes kwa? Shantel, go inside.
She walked away and I asked one of the bodyguard to follow her, the thing sweet me die.
Ugochukwu was just frowning, wetin concern me?
Me: guy, we need to find another place to stay, here too expensive for us.
Ugochukwu: I dey very close, the babe don dey enjoy the sweet talk. You just appear from nowhere scatter everything.
Me: I hiss I don go, except say only you wan remain for here.
I went with the two bodyguards while Ugochukwu ran after me.
Ugochukwu: guy, how far na? you no go get meetings with excos?
Me: I don already prepare plan. Make we go my yard.
We went inside the hotel and got ready to leave, I packed my things Shantel didn’t really came with anything so we just got out of the hotel after I checked out.
Shantel and I entered Ugochukwu’s car, while the three bodyguards took another car to escort us. I come dey feel my celebrity status.
Ugochukwu: allow the girl to come sit down for front na.
Me: Shantel just dey smile I no understand, her yansh dey scratch her as she sit down for back?
Ugochukwu: you nodey do me well oh, I be your paddy man.
I didn’t bother to discuss with him before he will run into a car that will land me in a hospital, Shantel is a very shy girl. She no even talk anything as we dey drive, we already got out of the GRA residence when she suddenly started.
Her eyes colored white suddenly.
Shantel: they are coming.. mumbling
Me: fear give me smackdown who dey come?
Shantel: they are coming mumbling incoherently
I just confused, I held Shantel and shook her repeatedly asking her who is coming na.
Her eyes returned back to normal, and suddenly she was terrified the way I was shaking her and panicking.
Me: who dey come?
Shantel: I don’t understand, sir.
Ugochukwu: guy my on AC, this one you dey sweat like say you just come out from swimming pool.
Isn’t easy to reason when they are telling you that your death is on its way.
Me: guy, stop this car.
Ugochukwu: you sure say you dey ok….
Just then a car sped past us and pulled over at the front of our car, I didn’t know what to do. One gun man came out of the car and I bent down immediately.
Me: Ugo, abeg cover me.
Ugochukwu: I no be Jesus Christ to cover you with any blood.
Me: Shantel go be your babe naso war start oh!
The security that Madam Stella gave to me shot the gun man and he fell down, I don dey shiver oh.
As if say them blow whistel, three gun men came down and started shooting at our car.
I covered my ears and bent down, Shantel have already fainted, na wa oh!
Ugochukwu: you sure?
Me: them wan kill us you still dey talk about puna.
He opened the car and came down, I no even gree raise my head. As bullets have started shattering the car widescreen and mirrors, some broken glasses dropped on my body. Na different gun shots I just dey hear for more than ten minutes before it stopped.
The car back door car opened and my heart jumped out of my mouth. I don close my eyes dey beg the person.
Me: don’t kill me, I no go near politics till I die.
Ugochukwu: all these confession na for wetin?
Me: I open my eyes and hiss you no go fit do something gentle gentle for once.
Ugochukwu: come down na, them don shoot one of your security.
I quickly slapped Shantel till she woke up, I came down and she hurriedly came down shivering. The streets was deserted already, some cars were parked on the road without the owner.
I looked towards the car and saw our assailants all dead, see blood and dead bodies for ground.
We hurriedly went inside the car of our escort, luckily they haven’t ’caused any major damage to the car. I sat with one of the security at the front, while the other one was tending to the one shot who was struggling for his life.
Ugochukwu: Shantel, sit down for my laps. No space here again oh.
I looked back sharply.
Me: sit down for which laps?
Ugochukwu: remember our agreement oh.
Me: who and you do agreement, see Shantel come front my go sit down for em laps.
Ugochukwu: tufiaaa! God forbid, see ready to fight your battle alone, I dey go Aba back today today.
Me: Shantel why you still dey wait? sit down na.
If this guy travel back to Aba na suicide be that oh!
We quickly drove to a nearby hospital, immediately we parked our car.
The driver ran inside the hospital and notified the emergency ward, they rolled bed out of the hospital while we helped the dying young man out of the car and placed it on the bed.
His I.D card didn’t make the hospital people to ask for police report, no go receive bullet as civilian oh! You go just die like fowl.
My phone started ringing and I brought it out, it was Madam Stella.
Madam Stella: are you okay?
My people make ona no vex, person wey go shake hands with hades come back dey dey okay?




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