Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 49

Oga Landlord Episode 49

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Episode 49
Me: am far from being okay, you fit help me with more soldiers?
Madam Stella: no problem, I will send in more tomorrow, we will talk later.
She was also busy arranging things in order for her husband re-run election, immediately I ended the call. We entered inside the car, Ugochukwu was persuading Shantel to sit on his laps while there is enough space, ho-rny bastard!
She turned him down and em sweet me make I no lie, we drove to a guest house that isn’t far from the hall that Madam Stella gave me to carry out any political activities freely..
We went to the receptionist and booked two rooms, Ugochukwu was insisting it should be three so that we can give Shantel privacy, na lie! you wan fu-ck her!!
I no gree sha… I opted for two rooms and I suggested to him, he should get his own room while Shantel share mine with me.
He didn’t welcome the idea so he moved in with me and Shantel, I just dey smell funny. I desperately needed a bath that evening.
I took some clothes in my hands and hung my towel on my shoulder, pulled off my shirt and removed my trouser.
Ugochukwu: this one you dey n_ked hope you never mad?
Me: you for tell me say you no dey see again, I wear boxer.
Ugochukwu: for your mind say your boxer dey cover anything, I dey see your cassava shape.
Me: no even think am, even though I be gay, I no go even look your kroo kroo buttocks.
I dragged myself to the bathroom, Ugochukwu was so happy that am finally leaving them alone. He pounced on that opportunity, and he was all over Shantel.
I took my bath sharp sharp before that guy will fi-nger the innocent young girl, I even forgot to rub cream in the bathroom and I came out already dressed up. Before I realized my mistake, I was already out of the bathroom staring at Ugochukwu who had held hands with Shantel.
Ugochukwu: you know say I dey hawk your matter, you are so beautiful Shantel. I can’t get you off my mind, my heart beats Shantel Shantel not gbuu! gbuu! anymore.
Shantel: am sorry, am not yet ready for any relationship.
Eyaa! I come dey feel for my rejected brother and friend, the moment he saw me. His mood lit up and he winked at me, I pretended that I don’t know what he wanted me to do.
Ugochukwu: scratching his head guy, I wan enter Aba tonight oh!
This one na another form of blackmailing oh.
Me: Shantel since you are the goddess, and he is the chief priest. Give him a chance na, let there be peace in the land.
Ugochukwu: guy?
Me: wetin happen? You no like her again?
Shantel: Shantel shift away uncomfortably from is he a chief priest?
Me: no.
Ugochukwu: is like na only you go fight your battles oh!
Me: babe, I know you like my friend. Just give him a chance, try and think about it.
Shantel: alright, sir… I will.
Ugochukwu: my real gee thunder are you sleeping?
Me: go baf, we get mission.. Shantel, you can go down and have something to eat.
I gave her some cash and she quickly disappeared from the room, Ugochukwu went inside the bathroom whistling happily.
I unclad myself and quickly rubbed cream, after some minutes Ugochukwu came out of the bathroom looking scared. I come dey wonder why.
Ugochukwu: I no trust this juju man wey do me this native bullet proof.
Me: I no understand, no be only you kill those assassins?
Ugochukwu: na me na, gun nodey enter me.. he raise his armpit
Me: you dey advertise shaving stick, who say make you raise hand?
Ugochukwu: be serious for once, you nodey see wound?
Me: mumu… Hahahaha I start laughing
Ugochukwu: wetin give the talk comic effect?
Me: so, you expect juju to enter that your arm pit, you wan endanger the juju life. O dey shi nodey arm pit oh!



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