Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 5


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Oga Landlord Episode 5

-Episode 5

Chidimma disappeared when she sighted her madam, the owner of the shop. The woman just fat anyhow and dey carry mama dash me boys dey hold body, she was putting on overloaded make-up that made her looked like newly painted ngwungwu masquerade.
Emeka chuckled as the woman alighted from her car. I dey suspect the smile I wouldn’t be surprised that Emeka has already knack the woman ’cause for her love for fresh young guys like us, she be wan give me her puna. I come remember thou shall not live by bread alone, I will not tell you what happened again sha…


Madam fatty: ona good morning oh, how ona dey? with bass

Me: welcome, good morning oh.

Madam fatty: Emeka, how you dey my boy, you don eat? I hear you, Emeka mother

Emeka: smiling happily I never eat oh.

Madam fatty: come my shop when you don ready to eat na me ona wan deceive, ona wan knack for this kind early mor mor

She went inside her shop lazily and I turned to Emeka facing him squarely, this carol white boy go just put em sef for big wahala.

Me: you and Chidimma dey use condom? he look at me like someone who has not heard of condom or his usage in his life iffa slap you back hand, you no go recover from amnesia.

Emeka: ina ehn… Ego condom fifty naira, ngwanu waterproof as safety caution.

Me: waterproof safety caution, Emeka no give person daughter belle oh, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

I went inside my mini supermarket, Emeka stood at the door as the security man to usher people into it. Is just clothes and few selected marketable groceries, you can patronize us oh!
I met Olamide looking absent-mindedly at Oluchi’s b*ttocks as she went about arranging our stocks on the shelves.

Me: Olamide!

Olamide: yes! aunty, uncle, sir, madam, oga, good afternoon sir.

Me: ona for me? beads of sweats forming on his fore-head, this one dey soapy or wetin?

Olamide: am sorry sir, oga good morning.

Me: hmmm… Your salary go minuce oh, if I record any loss.

I warned him and entered inside my office, my sales boys and girls are good people when it comes to money, them know say I nodey use money play. Am strictly business man, money suppose become my middle name. Like this Enuka Money Victor, am present sir.
I just dey receive better air when beautiful Delilah entered my office, a stranger very beautiful.

Her smile was disarming and her eyes are charming, her bo*bs enchanting and her waist enticing. Her face captivating and her beauty breathtaking, how can one person fine like this?
She offered pleasantries before she took her seat, I just dey nod head and shake my head. I no even dey hear wetin she dey talk, as I dey stare absent-mindedly at her v neck showing her cleavage partly until she mention money, not just money. Millions of naira.

Me: I overheard millions of naira, abeg talk am again.

Fine lady: where is your mind? Okay, I want you to station some of my collection worth millions of naira, don’t worry about the buyer, you have 20% of the sales.

Me: there is no problem, there is a big space for you to showcase your stock, you fine oh.

Fine lady: thank you, do you want to f–k me or want me as your girlfriend? my mind fly first I love guys that are straight.

Me: both.

Fine lady: okay, we shall see about it.

She took her handbag and left, let it not be that my libido have made me lose such amount of money oh. My body was on fire, I locked my office and hurried to my house.
From were okadaman dropped me, I heard loud music.
Who dey mad again na for this yard?
I entered the yard and what I saw shocked me.



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