Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 51

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Oga Landlord Episode 51

Me: all those things I buy na to confuse the enemies na.
Ugochukwu: how you wan take confuse with shrine materials?
Me: you too dey ask mumu questions, abeg focus with the driving. My reason my next move.
Ugochukwu: hope say this your next move no go land us for hospital or mortuary.
Me: if you wan visit mortuary, abeg park the car for there make I come down. I be the only son of my parents.
I hissed and a name came into my mind, my tenant Ishi. Yes, that guy looks like juju himself. He has a very big head and probing eyes that looks like the real eyes of the gods, and he always act strange. Always costuming himself as a native doctor, yes… I need to call him oh.

I pulled out my phone from my breast pocked and searched my contact list and called him, it rung twice before he finally picked.
Ishi: Honourable talk and do! where you dey na? people dey always come fine you, we even hear rumours say you die.
Me: God forbid, na there papa and mama with their ancestors wey go die.
Ishi: thank God say you dey alive oh, who godey tip me.. sha… I for dey live free for your house in case you decide say you wan die.
Me: you don’t mean it, see I dey serious. I go text you one guest house address, meet me for that place. No tell anybody oh.
Ishi: trust me, nobody go hear pim.
I ended the call afterwards, immediately we got to the hotel, I dialed my bank manager’s number and he quickly picked the call.
Manager: hello sir..
Me: Ben, abeg bring eight million come this address, I go send am for you later.
I ended the call and texted him a different guest house address, I have learnt to trust nobody. Ugochukwu and I walked inside the guest house, we were talking and gisting while we walked on the hallway. Immediately we got to a room, we started hearing funny sounds.
Ugochukwu: no be your room be this? that voice look like Shantel own.
Me: I first look the room’s number, na 244 while my own na 242 na truth oh, see the way she dey mo-an dey enjoy the p—k.
Ugochukwu: he look at me with red eyes wetin be that?
Me: no vex na, I think say, you say my confirm your suspicious.
Ugochukwu: start banging on the door open this door, before I break it… Shantel.. Why you break my heart like that?
Me: guy calm down oh.
Ugochukwu: shouting I nofit calm down, I go beat and kill that idiot chopping my Shantel inside that room.
Me: em never reach killing matter oh.
Ugochukwu: em don pass, ooohhh! I go break this door, open this door!!!
I just rested my back on the wall of the hallway, let him mad alone. I no even get single strength to stop angry jealous man, the door creak and I peeped to see a body builder stepping out of the door. Ugochukwu both hands that he intended to slam on the door was hanging in the air.
Ugochukwu: he swallow hard g..oo..d evening, sir.
Body builder: barking like bulldog na you be the person dey disturb me when I dey enjoy my girlfriend?!
Ugochukwu: no… no… I dey craze? I just know the girl… I wan confirm if you need more girls the way she nodey make you moa-n.
Body builder: wey the girl you wan give me?! before I design your face.

I first adjusted a little from the door giving it social distancing from any intending suicidal punch, a girl came out of the room with towel tied around her body. Her hair was messy and she has long legs with cute face, even though the rough se-x have tempered with her beauty, the girl look sweet.
Just then Shantel appeared at the hallway coming out of our room, immediately she saw us she was surprised.
The body builder grabbed Ugochukwu collar and raised him up, his legs started shaking.
Shantel: sir, good evening. What is happening here?
Body builder: his chest vibrating wey the girl you bring?
Ugochukwu pointed at Shantel immediately with his right hand.



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