Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 53


Story Oga Landlord Episode 53


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Episode 53
I quickly switched off the running tap after heard Shantel screamed Jesus, I sat quietly listening to what is going to happen.
I first lock my yansh to release more sounds inside the WC, shey you get?
I was expecting Ugochukwu to burst out and deal with the intruder, for where? Ugochukwu went quiet too like me. Probably he is thinking that it is the body-builder.
All of a sudden Shantel started knocking on the toilet door.
Shantel: knocking sir, someone is looking for you.
Me: silent
Shantel: one scary someone is looking for you.
Me: silent
Ugochukwu: guy come out of that toilet oh…
Me: wetin you dey do inside the bathroom?
Ugochukwu: I dey baf.
Me: I dey shit.
Shantel: the person is opposite of handsome, am scared.. Sir, please come out.
Me: me too.. Wetin be em name?
Everywhere went quiet and the bathroom door burst open and Ugochukwu started shouting on top of his voice, while I heard Shantel footsteps coming back to the toilet door.
Shantel: he said is Ishi.
Me: I open the door small you sure?
Shantel: yes, em head big.
I came out of the room and saw Ugochukwu holding Ishi by the neck shouting and using the other one to hold the towel tied around his waist.
Ugochukwu: talk na, who send you?
Me: guy, if na criminal you godey hold am like this?
Ishi: honourable talk and do!
He started hailing me and Ugochukwu left him alone, I asked him to sit on the sofa.
Shantel was just looking at him like he is a demon or something similar to devil brother.
Me: Ugo, dress up make we go bring those things we buy from market.
Ugochukwu: my wear something.
He removed the towel unknowingly thinking he wore boxer or something.
Shantel: what are you doing? covering her face
Ugochukwu: I wan wear trouser.
He didn’t realize he is n_ked, he started walking around the room to get his trouser with his black yansh.
Ishi: oga, you dey n_ked.
He looked down and saw his dangler flesh and real, he quickly ran to get the towel and tied his waist, got hold of his boxer and ran inside the bathroom screaming.
Me: this your boyfriend can mumu ehnn..
Shantel: remove her palms he isn’t my boyfriend.
Ugochukwu later came out with boxer on his waist, he stared dagger at me. No be me send am to pull towel oh.
Ugochukwu: guy you no try oh, why you no tell me say I dey n_ked?,
Me: I think say you just dey celebrate the life of Adam.
Ugochukwu: your papa…
Me: very handsome old man.
He dressed up with another of my clothe and short, the thing pain me. Wetin I go talk sha… Opportunity come but once, we decided to leave Shantel and Ishi in the room to get the things we bought in the market.
Shantel: where ona dey go?
Me: downstairs.
Shantel: I dey follow ona come.
Me: your babe dey fear my handsome guy..
Ugochukwu: hope say em nodey sleep with us.
Me: who tell you?
Shantel: sir, can we go?
Ugochukwu: I don talk my own.
Me: I don tell you my own.
I closed the door leaving Ishi watching the television, my eight million naira cross my mind. I shrugged it off, that guy nofit see the money for where I hide am.
Shantel followed us to Ugochukwu’s car and he opened the booth, she started screaming Jesus again.
Me: abeg, wetin be your own?
Ugochukwu: I just tire for this my girlfriend.
Shantel: sir, what are you doing with charms?
Me: Mandela why?
Ugochukwu: make we carry this things na, hungry dey catch me.
Me: is your head correct?
Ugochukwu: holding the pot in his hands how?
Me: you want make them arrest you as ritualist?
Ugochukwu: na truth oh, thank God say you try get sense for today. Wetin we go do na to carry all these things inside?



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