Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 55

Story Oga Landlord Episode 56


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Episode 55.


Me: I no know, as I dey like this. I no know whether na God give me the inspiration or na Satan.

Ugochukwu: God no go fit ask you to go meet juju na, surely na satan.

Me: anyone sha… Make em just work. I don tire, make we go sleep.

We went back to Ishi who was busy feeling relaxed on the table, Shantel had followed the bodyguards up to the room.
Three of us went back to the room, we got to the door and I opened it. Shantel was inside watching Nigeria movie.

Me: ehnn.. Ishi, come my show you where you go sleep.

Ishi: no problem, honourable talk and do.

He followed me to the room were the bodyguards were, I opened the door and entered, immediately Ishi followed me the bodyguards were surprised or terrified, I no know sha…

Me: head of the gods na here you go stay.

Ishi: here dey okay oh!

The two bodyguards were just staring at me.

Bodyguard1: where em go stay?

Me: na security too na.

Bodyguard2: who em go secure?

I closed the door and walked away, make them settle themselves. I was just walking along the hallway when I met the girl that I saw earlier with towel, that body-builder girlfriend.

She opened the door wearing a short-gown, she smiled at me and I looked away.

Girl: hi handsome licking her lower lip

Me: bye beautiful she chuckle

I just dey waka my own, I look back and I saw the girl still following me. I turned back and saw her, which kind wahala be this na?

Me: wetin happen na?

Girl: I wan come your room.

Me: to do wetin?

Girl: I like you, my boyfriend pr_ck too small, I no enjoy am.

Which kind 21st century Eve be this na? I remembered her Joseph escaped this kind of temptation in the bible.
I quickly ran to my room and bursted the door open, I slammed it shut and locked the door.
I met Shantel sitting on Ugochukwu laps, this guy don finger this babe brain.

Ugochukwu quickly make Shantel get up from his laps, he brought out his gun ready to kill.
I come dey wonder wetin em wan kill, the body-builder or the girl.

Ugochukwu: how many them dey?

Me: who?

Ugochukwu: why you come dey run?

Me: abeg I wan sleep.

I quickly removed the trouser I was wearing and removed my shirt with singlet, jumped on the bed and made sure I slept at the middle of the bed.
Some minutes later someone started tapping my laps.
I opened my eyes and saw Ugochukwu face.

Me: wetin happen?

Ugochukwu: abeg, adjust small.. shift go one side of the bed so that me and Shantel go sleep close.

Me: no wake me again oh.

I laid back my head and continued sleeping, he started tapping me again but I pretended that I didn’t notice what he was doing.

Shantel: why are you waking him na?

Me: I raise my head ask am oh! ask am oh!! my sister, I cannot sleep in peace.

Ugochukwu: abeg na..

Me: beg for what na?

He didn’t say anything he started scratching his head, Shantel laid on the bed and slept off. Ugochukwu stood for sometimes and lay on the bed, I know he has a plan.

I ready for am, I was still sleeping when I felt a hand around me, I come dey enjoy thinking say na Shantel dey touch me.
So I used one hand and touch the person, I was expecting to land on soft land, but what I landed on was rock.
I opened my eyes in the dark and saw Ugochukwu hovering over, trying to drag me to the end of the bed.

Me: wetin you dey do?

Ugochukwu: you dey sleep?

Me: yes, leave me hand.

Ugochukwu: abeg na, I go pay you. Just allow me this night.

Me: so that you go give am belle?

Ugochukwu: naso belle easy? population for don full this world.

Me: I say no no, plenty no. Allow me make I sleep before I go scream.

He laid back in frustration, while I went back to sleep. I woke up in the morning on the floor, I quickly got up feeling cold and find Ugochukwu and Shantel cuddling tightly on the bed.

Me: I go kill person oh.

I wanted to attack him when my phone started ringing, I went for my phone on the table.
The caller was Madam Stella, I picked the call.

Madam Stella: sweet boy.

Me: yes.

Madam Stella: the armies will arrive in the venue by 10am.

Me: thanks, honey.

Madam Stella: shhiiii.. Come me Shantel baby.

Me: you don old na Shantel baby.

The call ended, I nofit hold the laughter, immediately I dropped the phone I looked at Ugochukwu.
Wetin I go do this boy na?

I walked to the bathroom and fetched cup of water, I brought out my d_ck and peed inside the cup too. When I was through, I entered inside the room and tiptoed to were him and Shantel were cuddling.

I poured the water mixed with my pee around his groin making sure it touched the bed, I went to drop the cup and lay back on the bed.



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