Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 63

Story Oga Landlord Episode 63


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Episode 63


The man don dey pass em boundary, treating me like a child that doesn’t know his way. Chaii! I don ready for am, lemme show him who the master planner is.

The party primary election is direct election, some people will still argue that isn’t everybody in the party that is given the veto power to vote. Isn’t everybody that partake in General election but it is still called direct election, the eligibility restrict minors from voting since they are yet self-independent as stipulated by Nigeria law eighteen years and above.
The party primaries would have been indirect if the excos were voted for but in this case, they are appointed. Na my logic sha, what do I know? Government students make ona help us out.

I marched out with the three securities behind me, those people that are conducting the election are now putting on their badges, some of them have come down from the podium. Those who will do the head counts sha..

Voice: okay, if you are voting for Mr. Victor stand on the line at my right hand just below the podium, while Mr. Okoye at my left hand. Please, co-operate.

I could see indecisiveness on their faces, Mr. Okoye was smiling as two of the excos stepped on his line and I had none, more two entered his line and I had none, chaii!
Suddenly I beamed when a machine rode into the field noisily, attracting everybody attention.
Ishi came down from the bike and stood behind the excos, they don’t need more inspiration to do the do.

All of them just hurry queue up before me, chaii!! head of the gods will not cease to surprise me. Even the ones wey been dey Mr. Okoye line dispatched enter my own, sweats broke on his face as dey started counting the excos that queued on my line.

The man wey suppose count em line just dey look am, no work to do na. Nobody dey there I be wan tear laugh, I come say that one go wait after them don declare me the winner.

After some humm humm, the people carrying out the head counts went up to the podium.
And had a serious discussion with the electorate and party chairman, sun just dey hammer me there. Okoye nofit move na, if not the man don dey breathe like woman wey dey for serious labour, eyaaa!

Party chairman: the winner of the party primary is Mr. Victor, he won by majority.

Me: I win all the vote jare I mumble

Party chairman: step forward sir.

I waka bounce go em front receive the flag, chaii! I be the flag bearer for my constituency. General election all the way, I held the flag and beamed. I come dey wave am, the victory made me choke with emotion.
Mr. Okoye give one publicity smile stretched out his hand, I took it in case em die.

Mr. Okoye: weldone, boy. Isn’t over.

Me: is that so sir? you go still picture me winning loser. I grin

He withdrew his hand from the handshake and beamed then stepped down from the podium, I no feel like coming down at all.

Excos: honourable talk and do! we talk am say na you get our votes.

Me: thunder where are you? I mumble

Immediately I sighted Ugochukwu’s coming out of a car, I hurried down to tell my man the good news. The securities chased me this time with the effort of notice me, you know na. Them wan relate with the face of House of Assembly.

Ugochukwu: taaarrh! my man.

Me: we don finish them.

We embraced each other laughing and jumping up, isn’t easy at all. I was looking forward to see Michael and the other two new securities.
Is only Jack that came down from the car.

Me: guy, wetin happen?

A loud gun shot was heard and I heard people screaming, I felt something hurt at my back. I started losing consciousness, I fell forward and Ugochukwu grasped me shaking me and everything black out.

I felt something sensational in betwixt my legs, the feelings I do know well.. se-x na, the sweetness ran to my head and I opened my eyes slowly slowly.
To see a dark room, but I could make out a figure in the dark. Somebody wearing white.

Voice: yes, oh! gawd!! cu-m in me, aaahh! yes awwnn.. I need your baby.

Me: her pu-ssy sweet I swear aaahh! oohh!!

She keep bouncing on me in the dark room, I started feeling my orgasm building up and I shot loads of cu-m deep inside her we-t hole before I became weak.
I looked around and the place seem like a hospital, that sickly smell enter my nose before I drifted to slumber.

I felt strong hand tapping me carelessly, is this person normal? naso them dey wake honourable member? I opened my eyes slowly slowly and saw Ugochukwu.

Me: naso them dey wake person wey just return from coma? you don take bullet before survive?

Ugochukwu: shut up there! you wey wear bullet proof everywhere, na the fear of the gun make you enter coma.

Me: I no blame you, guy is like somebody rape me last night.

Ugochukwu: how?

Me: one nurse rape me last night, I feel am.

Ugochukwu: no wonder you no gree wake up, your brain dey masturbate all these while.

Me: I dey serious.

My phone started ringing and I scanned for it, Ugochukwu reached out for it and gave me. Em don dey do the P.A work now, I looked at the screen and the caller I.D was Madam Stella, this mad woman.
I picked it..

Madam Stella: awwnn.. You are such a great politician.

Me: good morning, ma.

Madam Stella: morning, my husband would like to see you after you are discharged from the hospital.

Me: no problem.

The call ended I beamed, me face to face with the governor. From celebrity to celebrated icon, Ugochukwu just dey look me as I dey smile like mumu.
The door opened and Jack stepped in.

Me: Ugo, after here na a visit to the governor house oh.

Ugochukwu: no wam na, I need to look nice that day.

Me: who say you go come?

Jack: good morning, sir.

Me: ehnn.. Morning, Jack. How are you doing? hope Michael’s family have been taken care of?

Jack: yes, by the state and first lady.

Ugochukwu: na the newspaper of our victory be that?

Jack: no, is Mr. Okoye worry grace his face

Wetin again na?



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