Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 66

Story Oga Landlord Episode 66

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Subtitle: Fu_ck Fakers.

Episode 66


The thing sweet me for body as she covered my di-ck with her mouth, my brain sparked like negative and positive charges have been attached. Have you been su-cked by a governor’s wife? You for understand how I dey feel.

She allowed her tongue to work up from the base to my cap and take it in her mouth again, she deepthroat me making throaty sounds.
She then started bopping on my shaft, I grabbed the bedsheet dey shake like virgin.
Ewwoooh! this woman don disvirgin me oh.

She cupped my balls with her hand and then messaged it, my body tighten as she started su-cking and messaging my sac.

Me: oohh! gawd… Ammmm cummmiiinnggg

She no hear oh, she still dey su-ck me till I shouted and blew all my seeds in her mouth.
She didn’t take her mouth away from my di-ck till I spurted everything.
She then let go of my fallen soldier and stood aright, she opened her mouth and I could see my cu-m in her mouth.

I plan how I go take dodge her if she wan kiss me with my cu-m this time again, I go shift then fly enter go toilet lock the door. She surprised me, she swallowed everything and then opened her mouth for me to see it.

She then je-rk my di-ck twice and the thing got up again, chaaii.. em don tay I see puna na. She then winked at me and then unclasped her bre-asts.
Lemme tell you, Madam Stella looked younger than her age. A very beautiful endowed woman, no wonder she dey remote Mr. Governor anyhow.

Her bre-asts was flawless and full, with thick arousal that can make you pour while looking at it.
She held my di-ck.

Madam Stella: your thing big, I love riding successful di-cks.

Me: awwwnnn gawwdd… aaahh! You are killing me.

She took my di-ck in her palm and then straddled me, she shifted her pa-nt with the other hand and then lowered herself on my hard on. Slowly I dug deep inside her, she bit her lower lip as I fed her up. Her eyes rolled over making everything white in there.

I gasped for breathe because her executive pu-ssy was so sweet, she placed her palms on my bare chest and then rocked me back and forward.
And then she forced her weight on her both kneels and started bouncing up and down on my ha-rf di-ck.

Madam Stella: aaahh! yeesss!! yesss!! skin sounds kpaakpaa

Me: aaahh! aaahhh!

She rode me for sometime before she climaxed and got tired, is very hard for me to cu-m if somebody is riding me.
I turned her over and lifted her right leg on my shoulder, and then thru-sted in.
I started pounding her beneath hard and fast, we were both sweating and moa-ning. It aff do oh, we both reached climaxed and she sneaked out of the room after giving me the hot executive s_x.

I took my bath and slept off, in my slumber.


I woke up breathing heavily, I removed the duvet from my n_ked body and the door opened Ugochukwu stepped in.

Ugochukwu: smiling broadly you still dey sleep?

Me: wetin you want my do? Is still six o’clock.

Ugochukwu: I no blame you, the bed too soft for your strong block body. 9am don knack oh, get up get up! Go baf.

He started dragging me out of the bed even when I resisted it strongly, he refused letting me go.

Ugochukwu: go wear something na, you dey waste time for the executive breakfast oh.

Me: so, na even food give you all these inspirations.

Me: before! wetin you been dey think? say I go come waste my time wake mumu like you up.

I got down from the bed and went to the bathroom, I was worried. I was wondering what the dream meant, who the lady is because she doesn’t look familiar.
And why is she putting on white [purity] ? I spent a lot of time in the bathroom that Ugochukwu have to open it to confirm I was still alive.

I got out and we went down for breakfast, we were informed by the maids that the governor and his wife have left for a function. That we are both gifted with new cars, Ugochukwu was so excited.
The maid that served us in the dinning was just blushing and Ugochukwu was smiling, something fishy..
After she left I have to ask oh!

Me: which kind transmission you get with that babe?

Ugochukwu: you get eye, she witness the power of my amu last night he grin

Me: you do crusade?

Ugochukwu: ehhnn.. Otuocha he hiss

After the breakfast we headed out of the governor’s residence with our different rides, Ugochukwu gifted his push and start to Jack while we sped home.
My village people go hear am, we both planned to stay at my yard till the election is over since we are untouchable.

On our way suddenly my car stopped just along a dust bin, I tried igniting the engine but it refused. I came out after Ugochukwu horned several times, he also came out of his giving me askance look.

Ugochukwu: new car oh! go ask your grandmother for forgiveness oh!

Me: em be like say the engine don knock.

Suddenly a mad woman jumped out of the dust bin at the road side, she was looking unkempt.
Her hairs haven’t been washed for years if not she had lots of it.

Mad woman: pointing at me you you! and start laughing king solomon king solomon start laughing hahaha!

Ugochukwu: you know her?

Me: you no see am say she don kolo.

Mad woman: child child child, different mothers start laughing again

Ugochukwu: you don born?

Me: you wan follow her mad too or wetin?



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