Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 74


Story Oga Landlord Episode 74

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Subtitle: Fu*ck fakers.

Episode 74


The man was unmoved, he continued doing whatever he was doing with his car bonnet.
I feel like flying out of the car and lift him up and then slam him in the nearby bush.
But the road go just stain my expensive shoe, I wonder which kind blindness dey worry government wey them nodey see say the road na mud and pot-holes.

Ugochukwu: you no hear ehnn… Iffa come down here, oohh! You get luck say I no wan stain myself.

Me: why you come dey shout, leave the man hand jare, if you nofit do anything.

Ugochukwu: he turn to me borrow me your clothe so that I go do something.

I wanted to answer him when my phone started ringing in my pocket, I pulled it out and thank God it was Alex. They would be waiting for me in the yard already, I swiped the receiver.

Alex’s voice: honourable talk and do, you nodey come again?

Me: I dey road dey wait for ona, make ona come out so that we go follow go.

Alex’s voice: we dey on our way.

He ended the call and Ugochukwu started another round of noise making.

Ugochukwu: we dey for road or them don block us from entering.

Me: so you want make I tell am wetin your mumu brain just message your mouth now?

He hissed and we both faced the widescreen ’cause voices were heard from that direction, Anderson and some other guys were surrounding the man.
Anderson one other guy lifted the man up and threw him in the nearby bush.

While the others pushed the car out of the way, is like the man wan just fine trouble and em no get any other way to look for am.
Cynthia sighted us and came to our car side with her friend Veronica, that girl just dey fine everyday. And am single oh, I unlocked the car door to get down.

Ugochukwu: where you dey go?

Me: I wan come down na.

Ugochukwu: stain go enter your body.

Me: na heaven we dey go?

I came down and opened my arms wide for a hug, Cynthia be wan enter I eyed her to adjust for the rightful owner.
Veronica came into my arms, her soft manchester crushing on my chest. She wore one exotic gown that exposed all her curves.

Me: baby, you no try just left without even thinking to tell your sweetheart.

Veronica: am sorry oh, I travelled na em make. I missed you, you are looking prince charming.

Me: you are looking princess for the prince charming.

Cynthia got into the front seat, thank God.
I no want disturbance for the back seat, naso Anderson rush come.

Ugochukwu: ona nodey come again?

Anderson: honourable talk and do, I wan join ona.

Me: no problem, enter front.

Ugochukwu: where em go enter for front.

I opened the back door and entered then asked Veronica to enter, she entered and Anderson wan follow.
I quickly closed the door.

Me: pass round.

He walked round entered, Ugochukwu ignited the engine and we drove off gisting.
I even kissed Veronica on the way, that girl lips sweet gan. Maybe I have find my missing ribs, and her family are not poor chai.

We sped pass the two buses carrying my tenants and entered the express way, as we drove out of the urban City to the remote Local Government Area to head to Bayelsa.

A car chased us down, the speed it was after us got me notice even in the midst of the romance.

Me: who be that mad person wey dey come from back to meet us?

Ugochukwu: check the rear make I slow down, so that em go fine who and them go get the accident em dey fine oh.

Me: slow which down? abeg park for one place till this mad people pass oh!

Anderson: you sure say them no be thief?

The car came closer and the person with the driver in the front seat pulled out a gun from the car’s door side. He pointed the gun towards us and started shooting.

Cynthia: Jesus!! move move!!

Ugochukwu moved the car sharply making the slowed tyres to screech on the tarred road.
Another gun shot came again from behind. Veronica screamed with Cynthia, just then a loud sound was heard.

One of our back tyres have been shot open, we couldn’t keep the speed and there was trailer coming from were we are headed.
Ugochukwu swerved the car away from the road and we ran into something.
And I lost consciousness immediately.



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