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Oga Landlord Episode 77 (Full Story)


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Subtitle: Fu_ck Fakers.

Episode 77

Gun man4: see lapses.

Gun man3: wetin we go do now?!

Gun man2: lets kill them.

Five of them cocked their AK47 and raised it up, they pointed the gun at us.

Gun man1: when I say fire!

All of them: fire!!

And they opened fire at us, the bullets keep bouncing at my body. I looked at the bullets dropping on the ground.

Me: I start laughing hahaha!

Gun man2: the bullet no enter.

Gun man1: josing niggas, them get o deshi.

From a distance we heard gun shot in the air.

Gun man3: make we make movement, them don dey reach.

They hurried towards the other side and kept on firing at us.

Ugochukwu’s voice: naso I for die for you without any reason?

Me: you for die like hero.

Ugochukwu’s voice: tufiakwa! Make thunder bend your mouth.

Two soldier men appeared from the bush and saw us, they untied us and lifted us up.
While the others who came behind them asked us to show them were they have gone to, I pointed towards were those big headed criminals went and they ran after them.

Soldier: are you alright sir?

Me: yes, I am.

Ugochukwu: I am not, those guys nearly killed us.

Me: how do you guys find us?

Soldier man: the governor’s wife gave us your location, there is GPS on one of you.

Me: is with me.. I exhaled loudly

Ugochukwu: so you know say this kind thing go happen to us?

Me: Shantel no tell you?

He kept quiet and I thank God he did, we were escorted out of the bush with four soldiers, my whole body were aching. Okoye na mad man oh, I started hearing the sounds of moving car.

Ugochukwu: na express we dey go so..

Me: I think say na only me dey think like that.

Soldier1: her excellency dey wait for ona.

Soldier2: we dey go back to catch those criminals.

Both of them went back while we walked out of the bush, we stepped on the tarred road and looked sideways.
At our right are fleet of cars, one of the car opened and Madam Stella stepped out of the car.

Ugochukwu: no be small thing, you never tell me wetin you get with this woman oh.

Me: you suppose happy say governor wife come save you.

I hissed and walked towards her, she opened her arms wide and I fell into it crushing on her soft br-easts. Na these things I for die go leave, Okoye na wow for you oh! very big na wa!

Madam Stella: thank God you are safe.

Me: thanks for coming.

Madam Stella: what of your friend na?

We both turned and saw Ugochukwu arms spread, this one dey find hug too. Madam Stella smiled at him and took my arms and we got into the car.
Ugochukwu sat at the front and we drove pass the army vans that came with her, some securities followed us sha…

Me: I wan go my yard, they will be worried about me.

Madam Stella: Stiff, you heard him.

I didn’t know when I even slept off in the car, I woke up when she tapped me that we have arrived in my yard.

Me: thank you, my excellency.

Madam Stella: you are welcome, dear.

I came down from the car and met my tenants outside, they were so happy to see me. Ugochukwu also looked like someone who slept too.
Madam Stella didn’t come down from her car, maybe she is waiting for me.

Veronica ran out of the yard and jumped on me happily.

Veronica: thank God, I was so worried.

Me: you been dey cry.

Veronica: am I crying?

Me: I missed you love.

She leaned forward and captured my lips, she allowed her tongue to linger in my mouth. Sending electrifying message down to my spine, we kissed hungrily making everyone to clap.
I felt breathless after the kiss, I looked into her eyes and see love n’ care.

Me: I never brush mouth.

Veronica: fu-ck that!

She dragged me by my hand and we went straight to my room, she opened the door and we resumed our kissing.
I gave the door a back kick and it slammed shut, I wore singlet and she dragged it off from my body.

I held the helm of her sleeveless top and raised it up, she enabled me pull the piece of clothe from her body and she discharged my belt from holding my waist. No need sha, my trouser fell from my waist.
I attacked her bumshort button and pulled it off, tugged it down.

She got hold of my hard di-ck and escaped it from my boxer, I dipped two fingers inside her shaved pu-ssy and fed the we-t hole with it..
We successfully removed every piece of clothing from our body and kissed to the bed, we fell on it naked.

I mounted in between her legs and thru-sted in my hard ro-d, pounding her hard admiring the way her milkchester shook and moved as I kept finding my way in and out of her tight pu-ssy.
I groaned like a lion while she mo-an in ecstacy until we both climaxed feeling weak and tired.

I grabbed the duvet and covered our nakedness, I turned to her and planted a kiss on her lips.

Veronica: I love you.

Me: I love you more..

We resumed another round of kissing again until a knock that prevented round two landed on the door.

Me: na who be that?

Ugochukwu: ona don finish?

Me: come inside joor.

Ugochukwu opened the door and stepped, he covered his face.

Ugochukwu: you cannot spoil this repentance I don already dey start.

Me: you no be virgin again na, bro open your eyes.

Ugochukwu: I restored my virginity after I nearly die for bush, Madam Stella say she wan see you immediately, make you come her house immediately. I don disappear go there.

He turned without removing the hands on his face and left, Veronica started laughing.

Veronica: your friend is so funny.

Me: I dey funny pass am.

Veronica: common, jealous big head lover.

She smiled and her eyes twinkle, this girl fine oh.
We had more two rounds before I had my bath and drove to Governor’s residence, I promised to see her the next day.

Immediately I arrived at the gate and they let me in, one of the security took me to the garden were I met Madam Stella sitted on a chair.

Madam Stella: leave us.

All the securities left us and I stood before her, she nodey smile at all. She got up from the chair and gave me a stern look.

Madam Stella: who is she?

Me: who?

Madam Stella: that girl.

Me: na my girlfriend be that.

Madam Stella: break up with her.

I nofit laugh, I just dey look am like mumu ’cause I no understand wetin she dey talk.

Me: I no understand, why?

She placed her palm on my cheek and looked into my eyes searchingly.

Madam Stella: I can’t share you with any one.

Me: you are married.

Madam Stella: you want make I kill my husband?



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