Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 79

Story Oga Landlord Episode 79

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Subtitle: Fu_ck Fakers.

Episode 79

My once hard di-ck shrink out of her we-t hole, my hands flee from holding her bare bre-asts like they are hot-coals.
I shifted away and started sweating, I stared at my now fallen prick and blamed it for being irresponsible, my prick come dey give me innocent look.


Governor’s voice: darling, make I help you rub your back?! I froze

Madam Stella: a minute, I dey come.

She took her towel from were she hung it and tied it around her body, she didn’t say a word and walked out of the bathroom closing the door.
I could hear my heart beat, em come be like say my heart dey knack drum.

I was fu-cking scared like hell, I stared at the door without blinking.

Governor’s voice: am so happy, darling. We did it..

Madam’s Stella voice: oh! yes, lets toast to it.

I didn’t hear their voices again, I come dey sweat like person wey em papa don threaten say if em fail Jamb again after failing four consecutive times. Make em forget about education, every minute dey like one hour.

Na that time my stupid phone started ringing, choi! Shit full my abdomen. My hand started shaking on their own accord, I stared at the door and blinked.

Governor’s voice: your phone is ringing.

Madam Stella: oh! my phone, come lie down here, honey.

Everywhere became quiet and suddenly I heard someone snoring away, I no know when I start to laugh. Na wetin Madam Stella dey sleep with every night? No wonder she dey fine fresh blood like us.that kind heavy snoring fit pursue sleep faraway.

The door opened Madam Stella stepped in.

Me: I fit go.

Madam Stella: yes, no allow securities to see you.

I sighed deeply and tiptoed out of the bathroom with my di-ck wiggling at the front, I wore my clothe and short quickly.
Just then a knock landed on the door.

Voice: your excellency kpoor! kpoor

Which kind of devil send this person na? I looked back and saw the man tossing on the bed.
I no get choice, I opened the door and stood face to face with Benita. She was kind of surprise.
Her hand hung in the air, I stepped out of the room and closed the door behind me.

Me: Beni… I no even recognize your voice again I feel like am sweating

Benita: wetin you do inside there?

Me: I been dey discuss with the governor, em dey sleep.

Benita: she stare at me suspiciously I will be back then.

She turned and walked away, while I went to the other opposite hallway that led to my room.
Suddenly she asked me to stop, I turned and saw her walking towards me. I was scared.

Benita: sir, are you still single? grinning

Em just do me to slap that smirk commot from her face, she just make my mind fly to ask me this kind nonsense question. I wan tell am capital letters ‘NO’ but I come think twice.

Me: I am double S.

Benita: am A and R, go baf oh. See the way you dey sweat.

Me: no blame me, I just get call from Village say somebody die for my family. Since then I no get myself.

Benita: eyaa! take heart, God knows best.

Me: yes oh, we go talk later.

I walked to my room and opened the door to find Ugochukwu watching movie, I wonder why this nigga no like em room.

Ugochukwu: prodigal error, where you go?

Me: Jeremiah reborn, I no go anywhere.

I pulled the shirt and flung it on the executive sofa, pulled down the short too. I was only parading the executive room with my boxer.

Ugochukwu: see the way I don miss wetin the girl tell the actor.

Me: which film be that?

Ugochukwu: come and see for yourself.

Me: na the title be that.

Ugochukwu: no, na the letter heading.

I hissed and entered the bathroom, I switched on the shower and allowed the water from it to dance on my body.
I reminisced on what happened in Madam Stella’s bedroom and decided to stay away from that woman before I go go enter governor soup like kpomor.

I toweled myself and returned to the room, jumped on the bed and slept off ignoring Ugochukwu who was busy correcting the Director of the movie as if say if them give am the job em go do better.

The incessant ringing of my phone woke me the next morning, I tossed away the duvet covering my body. Got down from the bed feeling weak, I walked to the Executive table and picked up my phone.
I nearly break the phone as I see say the number nodey save.
I come change mind pick am.

Me: hello, who be this?

Caller’s voice: hello sweetheart.

Me: sweetheart kwa?

I removed the phone from my ear and looked at the phone’s screen to confirm the number, I come remember say Cynthia fit don give Veronica my phone number oh.

Me: my love, no vex.. I been think say na dream I been dey dream.

Veronica’s voice: I don hear you, chew gum boyfriend. Where you dey?

Me: I dey governor’s house.

Veronica’s voice: na lie, you dey with one babe.

Me: I swear, I nofit lie for you.

Veronica’s voice: if na truth you talk, I dey your room come help me wear my pa-nt, I sleep naked.

Me: talk truth.

Veronica’s voice: you want my wear am?

Me: no, I am on my wear.

I quickly went to my wardrobe and searched erratically for good out-fit, got nice clothes to put on. Wore them and took the car keys, I came down and met the maids on duties while going out.
The day was still young, I checked time na still about 5:30am. By 6am I don reach my yard, I entered my car and drove to my yard.

On reaching there I came down from the car and met IB coming out of the compound with broom and wrapper tied around her waist.

IB: good morning, honourable talk and do.

Me: morning, hiaa! IB, how manage?

James and John two of them came out of the yard yawning and talking, both of them weren’t putting on shirt.

IB: how na?

Me: how you take fair over night?

James: carol white on the beat.

John: they don’t know, J and J dey here oohh!

IB: eehhnn.. James and John ona dey fine trouble oh!

James and John: brother I wan be yellow sisi, sister I be yellow sisi oh! I no wan be racist victim anymore. Brother I be yellow sisi singing



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