Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 82

Oga Landlord Episode 82 (Story)

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Subtitle: Fu_ck Fakers.

Oga Landlord Episode 82

I ignored him and jumped on the bed, I tried to catch sleep but that babe dey use motor while I dey use bicycle.


Ugochukwu: you no even comfort me with kind words.

Me: make thunder strike you, hope is kind enough I hiss

I was close to sleep after chasing her for a longtime, a knock landed on the door and Ugo asked the person to come in.
A maid stepped in…

Maid: sir Victor, His Excellency wan see you.

I looked at the maid, the babe fine wella. Her face heated up as I teared off her clothes with my eyes, fair and beautiful with nice round melons on her chest. I spanked my sense am already cheating on Veronica, help me oh!

Ugochukwu: Alicia…

She blushed and then gbam! I nodded in appreciation, finally na the girl wey disvirgin Ugochukwu be this oh! Shantel you get strong opposition oh!

Me: make we go.

Alicia: okay she look back and wink at Ugo

This one na first hand temptress, she opened the door and we stepped out into the exquisite hallway. The way her a-ss cheeks rumbled beneath the fabric made me think Ugochukwu was right when he said he was a virgin before the girl disvirgin him.

I met the governor with two men, the two of them looked powerful, I greeted and sat be side the governor on the sofa. He ordered me to sha..

Governor: son, see my lawyer and the chief judge.

I laugh Okoye for my mind, I greeted the gentlemen once again.

Lawyer: so wetin be the charges you wan file again am.

Me: corruption, public assault and attempted murder.

Chief judge: you get facts?

Me: yes, father here will provide concrete facts.

Lawyer: how about the public assault?

Me: is well known story.

Lawyer: how do you link all the life threats to the accuse?

I explained in detail how Okoye threatened and disgraced me publicly, how assassins invaded my yard, how Michael died in my stead and the gunshot I received after winning the primary. And lastly the kidnap.

Chief judge: good good… Wetin you want make I pass as penalty?

Me: nothing, I want make EFCC probe him and then I want the case to look like say he will go to jail so that he will spend so much money, after that the judgment go be let him pay damages, that is all.

Governor: laughing boisterously you be true son of your father, hahaha!

Chief judge: he has a good plan here, Mr. Okoye will be too distracted to even campaign with this kind case.

After some few minutes familiarities they left us, the governor wanted to tell me something but his wife suddenly came in.

Madam Stella: honey, wetin ona dey discuss?

Governor: this boy is so wise.

Me: good evening, her excellency.

Madam Stella: how are you Victor?

Me: am fine ma.

Governor: do you think Shasha will like him?

Madam Stella: naughty boy she tap his shoulder

She frowned at me, I suspected something is wrong and my yansh start to hot for the sofa nobody tell me say I need to run. Na me carry myself commot from where the two lovers are now having fun, truly the Governor love his wife very much regardless of the one pikin she dash am.

Life no balance at all, I strode on the hallway to enter my room when my phone rang.
I brought it out and the caller was unknown number, I picked it up.

Me: who be this?

There was silence on the other end, I waited for few seconds and no one spoke.

Me: hello…

Aisha’s voice: hello, Vic.

Which kind wahala be this na? wetin I do this woman sef? is the corporal beating not enough? she wan come send me to early grave? All these questions just dey download for my mind.

Me: Aisha, wetin you want make I do so that you go disappear from my life?

Aisha’s voice: she chuckle meet me tonight, I no go bother you again.

Me: promise.

Aisha’s voice: yes.

I ended the call and met Ugochukwu in the room watching movie, I needed someone to accompany me in case the woman had another plan to get me into trouble, Ugochukwu go help me.

Me: guess what?

Ugochukwu: guess wetin?

Me: why you too dey behave like old man?

Ugochukwu: so I resemble small boy.

Me: Aisha say make we meet up.

Ugochukwu: good luck, see you next life.

Me: our two dey go together.

He turned his face away from the television screen and glared at me, hissed and turned his face back to the screen. One idea stroke me, I beamed and brought out my phone. Dialed Shantel’s number, she picked.
I put am for loudspeaker…

Me: how are you Shantel? Ugo turn

Shantel’s voice: am fine sir.

Me: chaii.. My friend bad oh! fine girl like you.

Shantel’s voice: wetin em do?

Me: if I tell you, will you break up with him?

Shantel’s voice: it depends immediately Ugo start begging me with his palm

Me: hello.. Helloo.. Helloo.. You dey hear me Shantel?

Shantel’s voice: yes, sir.

Me: helloo… Helloo… Oohh! network.

I hung up the call and Ugochukwu inhaled sharply.

Ugochukwu: why you dey like risky game?

Me: you go follow me?

Ugochukwu: as if I get choice.

I called Aisha and informed her that am coming, she sent a hotel address and Ugochukwu and I went out to meet one of the she devil in my life.



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