Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 83

Oga Landlord Episode 83 (Story)

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Subtitle: Fu_ck Fakers.

Oga Landlord Episode 83

We got out of the house and entered the car in the executive garage, then we drove out of the Governor’s residence.
On our way I started playing Eminem -I am not afraid, the song come make me fear more.

I just dey remember the corporal punishment, and wetin dey for my mind na turn back and run. I looked at Ugochukwu who sat on the front seat displaying gun.


Me: no be war na.

Ugochukwu: you for no invite me.

Me: you be my paddy.

Ugochukwu: which kind paddy dey drag em paddy to go meet General wife?

Me: no fear.

Ugochukwu: laughing hahahas, fear who?

Me: everything dey under my control.

Ugochukwu: until two soldiers go drag you away.

The conversation no even dey help matter, I knew Ugochukwu plan is to scare me back.
I hissed and focus on driving us there, my phone rang.

And I slowed asking Ugochukwu to connect it with the car.

Veronica’s voice: unromantic boffie!! shouting happily

Me: I dey hear music this girl where you dey?

Veronica’s voice: I go party.

Me: with who?

Veronica’s voice: my new romantic boyfriend.

Me: you don inform em parents make them dig em grave and buy em coffin?

Veronica’s voice: jealousy, I went out with Cynthia.

Me: that girl no know say you go soon marry, go house early oh.

Veronica’s voice: sure, I go call you when I reach house.

Me: apart from boffie you nofit call me any other romantic name?

Veronica’s voice: oh! humming what of my dragon?

Me: chisos! chisos! How my dragon come dey romantic?

Veronica’s voice: ehnnn… My lion.

Me: chaii!! Hope say you nodey plan to turn me to one animal from wild family in the future?

Veronica’s voice: what of the key to my puna?

Me: na now you come…

Veronica’s voice: commot there, bad boy. Bye..

She hung up, this girl sha..

Ugochukwu: you be mumu oh! see wetin you want make your girlfriend call you?

Me: how that one give you krokro for yansh?

Ugochukwu: you get luck say you no be my small brother, the way I for dey beat you ehnn…by now you for don grow together with your sense.

I just looked at him and ignored him, em go rant tire. He isn’t going back, we got to the beach.
Mehnn.. This woman dey always confuse person with her plan.

We walked around the beach, she sat under a canopy close to the sea.
I asked Ugochukwu to stay at the canopy close to her’s and went to her alone, feeling cold.. I be na fear?

She sat and looked up when she saw me, she smiled immediately. I feel like slapping away her smile.

Aisha: you come?

Me: yes so that you go disappear

Aisha: am sorry.

Me: I don forgive you tay tay.

She beckoned on the waiter to get us drink, I wonder who tell am say I dey tasty.
I no go even craze drink anything.

Aisha: my husband is dead.

Me: I happy for my mind oh! sorry.

The waiter came over to our table and served us drink.

Aisha: am with your child.

Me: okay.

Aisha: you doubt me?

Me: no

Aisha: that girl wey I see you with na your girlfriend?

Me: yes.

She place her hand on mine and looked deep into my eyes, I moved away my hand from the table.

Aisha: your son and I need you.

Me: oh! thank you.

Aisha: you never touch your drink?

Me: oh! drink.

She was quiet and I folded my arms looking at her, I wonder which of the witch dey control this woman. She looked around and saw Ugochukwu.

Aisha: you came with your friend?

Me: oh! my friend I join am look Ugo too

Aisha: you no believe me?

Me: no.

She got up from her chair and moved behind, I tensed up wondering wetin the woman wan do. She placed her hands on my shoulder and messaged me softly.

Aisha: forgive us.

Me: oh! us.

I felt a pain on my head and I turned quickly, she smiled and moved away from behind me and sat back on her seat.

Me: you promise say you go disappear if I come see you, bye.

She didn’t say a word as Ugochukwu and I left, I wonder wetin dey make the woman happy.
So people just dey shameless, how on Earth I go even agree to have anything with her.

I was happy General no wait for me to show am even grave before em enter, I was got back Madam Stella sent a maid to call me.

She was standing on the balcony when I met her.

Madam Stella: wetin you and my husband dey plan?

Me: nothing.

Madam Stella: you wan marry my daughter?

Me: no, I have a fiancee.

Madam Stella: she roll her eyes she go die anyways.



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