Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 86

Oga Landlord Episode 86

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 86

I silenced the call and completely ignored it, I wonder why the executive witch dey call me for this kind time of the day.
The hearing is tomorrow so I don’t have a thing to worry about, the door creaked open and Cynthia peeped.


Me: o gini, who you borrow money from?

Cynthia: honourable talk and do boxing the air this one you come see me.

Me: I dey suspect you oh! who you dey dodge from?

Cynthia: you too like gossip, come inside I go tell you.

Now it is settled, no wonder she was asking who was knocking and peeping, it was unusual. Cynthia wey dey entertain visitor upadan, I entered and sat on the only couch in the room.

I suspected innovation ’cause the room now have another exquisite taste.

Me: humm.. You dey flex my house wella I look around

Cynthia: wetin you want make I offer you jare?

Me: no bother, but who you dey dodge from?

Cynthia: you nodey forget something, na Gideon na. The guy toasting na entirely different world.

Me: I wan ask you something.

Cynthia: wetin be that?

Me: talk truth, you dey vex as your friend and I dey together.

Cynthia: no, I no get reasons to.

Me: question two, you know about her parents?

Cynthia: she say make I no tell you

Me: me? aaahh! Cynthia, me and you wey be five and six?

Cynthia: go ask your girlfriend na.

Me: but talk truth, which of the river goddess give you that girl as friend?

Cynthia: I been go swim for river, I come see am along the river bank. From there we become friends.

Me: you mean say she be mammy water?

Cynthia: who tell you?

Me: no be wetin you mean?

She started laughing, I no blame her at all. Cynthia refused to tell me anything about Veronica’s parents. I gave up and returned to the room, I saw the plates on the table and half eaten food, I saw a written paper on the bed.

I got hold of the paper and my hand shook as I glanced at the content, my heart ache suddenly and my head sparked. I felt like the dome of the room fell on me, I choked with emotion when I wanted to speak.

Me: Verooo! I scream

I panicked, I used seven trials to pick up my car keys.
When I got to the door and I was about turning the door handle I started hearing someone whistling in the bathroom and the sounds of shower.

I sneak like person wey wan thief fowl from another person door and opened the bathroom door, I find my girlfriend naked under the shower smiling at me.
Wetin hungry me that time na to fold am put inside the WC then flush am enter soakaway.

Me: na you write that thing?

Veronica: yes na.

Me: I no remember when I put weed for the food.

She caressed her brea-sts and directed my eyes below, my eyes started dancing come below. The anger and anxiety that was making my heart beat earlier disappeared and konji with his brothers attacked me mercilessly, my hard di-ck rose like soldier in my boxer.

Veronica: she wink at me come join me.

With speed of light my trouser and gborgbortigbor escaped from my body, I returned to Adam and joined her closing the bathroom door.

Veronica: boffie, why you too like fu-ck ehhnn?

Me: na you spoil me.

Veronica: tarh! ashewo like you.

Me: for your sake I go be ashewo.

She crossed her hands around my waist and captured my lips, our lips locked and tingling feelings rose within me.
Making me hungry for more, my both hands mounted on her breachester and fondl-ed it slowly as the water dropped on our bodies.

She wrapped her soft palm around my hard rod and I nestled two fingers in her we-t hole, I ended the kiss and dropped soft kisses on her face then leaned towards her earlobe and su-cked there.

She jerked like someone that they tortori, she giggled as I repeated the action.
She captured my lips again and we entered into tongue battle, she broke the kiss and asked me to make love to her.

I scooped her off from the tiled bathroom floor and took her to the bed, I laid her on the bed and mounted on top of her.
I drove in with one powerful thru-st and she welcomed me with exciting warm feelings down there.

We kissed and entered three different world of pleasure, every thru-sts brough different ringing tone to my ears before she finally picked the call and we clima-xed. I rolled off breathing heavily.

Veronica: you are so sweet! breathing heavily

Me: na today you know?

She got up from the bed and walked naked with the used plates to the kitchen, I didn’t even know my phone was ringing until she disappeared from my sight.
I stared at my phone the light was on, twenty missed calls from Madam Stella.

A new message entered my phone, she threatened to kill Veronica if I don’t come to the hotel address after twenty minutes.

I jumped down from the bed and quickly dress up, just then Veronica entered back to the room.

Veronica: why you dey hurry like this?

Me: something happen.

Veronica: wetin happen?

Me: I go tell you when I come back.

I pecked her and hurried out of the door, I came out of the yar and met Anderson with some of my tenants playing table tenants.
They hailed me and I responded, I remembered something.

Me: Anderson, carry some boys go kill the python wey chop the chicken.

Anderson: by God grace Chima and Isaac with me go kill am.

Me: come he walk nearer to me, I place my hand on his head the grace of God dey upon you now, goan kill the python.



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