Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 87

Oga Landlord Episode 87

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.


Episode 87


Anderson: just like that?

Me: yes na, or you need bomb with guns to kill common snake?

Anderson: boys!

Chima & Isaac: nobody be your boy here oh!

Me: make sure say ona kill am oh, I wonder which kind snake dey chop fowl if no be human being.

I turned and left, I didn’t take my car with me because my instincts was totally against it and since am going to meet Governor’s wife.
Moving around town with the car will attract more attention and those jobless journalist wey dey fine how to ’cause scandal go use that opportunity.

I waved a bike and he stopped, I hopped in and he started the bike.

Okada-man: oga where you dey go?

Me: drop me for junction there, I wan take motor.

Okada-man: oga, you resemble that man wey dey show for television.

Me: which man be that?

He started the bike and we were moving, the breeze was colossal. I balanced well to see wetin dey for front since I tall pass the man, but any passenger wey no tall pass the bike-man consider yourself short no vex.

Bike-man: the young man wey wan contest for honourable.

Me: oh!

Bike-man: em good oh! old men just dey drag power upadan dey rule us anyhow, thank God young person don enter seat to change somethings.

I kept quiet and studied the man and also discovered that he was old, maybe he is talking from the burnt pot of jealousy or hassles of life.
He dropped me at the junction and I boarded a drop.

My phone rang and I glanced at the screen, it was Madam Stella.

Madam Stella: where are you?

Me: I don almost reach.

I got to the junction of the street and asked the driver to stop me, I came down and trekked to the usual place. I saw it deserted as usual, I wonder if na the woman get this place and anytime she wan use am work go pause.

I only met the gateman and some securities outside, them sabi me already so no one bothered to question me. I waka go the usual room and met Madam Stella on towel with shower cap, her skin looked fresh and she looked like a damsel ripe enough to be eaten.

Me: sweetheart, this is risky, what if someone dey trail me?

Madam Stella: I know.

She beamed and walked towards the side table swaying her big bu-ttocks, she picked up her phone and dialed a number and placed the call on loudspeaker.

Voice: mama de mama.

Madam Stella: Spider, how far?

Voice: na Okoye send am.

Madam Stella: delete.

I heard three straight gun shots and a loud groan which meant that the person caught had been killed instanta, the funny thing be say Madam Stella seem like someone who doesn’t even regard killing as anything.

She wore a se-x me smile and dropped down her towel, her round fair firm bre-ats stood firm with her ni-pples pointing at me. I scrolled my eyes down her shaved pu-ssy and I swallowed loving the red toto am seeing.

Madam Stella: stop staring and come have it raw.

I quickly pulled my shirt and trouser, make sure am naked with my di-ck swaying.
She turned and gave me her bu-ttocks, I placed a palm on her back and she got the message.

She bent and held her toes her a-ss pushed upward and the lips of her red pu-ssy spread, I rubbed my di-ck in the entrance making sure it was we-t enough as I kept fo-ndling her bre-asts.

I drove in with one powerful thru-st, moving my waist as I groa-ned loving the way her pu-ssy wall tightened around my di-ck. I grabbed her bre-asts and fu-ck her hard, and faster.

Madam Stella: aaahhh! oh! gawd!! yes!! yes! aaahh! harder aahh!!

Me: aaahh! ahhh!! kpaa! Kpaaa!! our skins slapping

I didn’t know how long we were at it, she pushed me to the bed and mounted me.
She rode me till we both climaxed, I was so tired after the se-x.

I didn’t know when I slept off later Veronica called me, I hurriedly dress and left the room leaving Madam Stella sleeping.
I came out of the Guest House and called her telling her were I am, it was getting late.

She asked me to wait in the street and the thing shocked me sha… I saw my own car moving towards me and I guess she was the one who was driving, I come dey wonder who teach am how to drive.

She slowed down and wound down the side mirror, she was looking beautiful as usual.

Veronica: baby, hop in.

Me: no be small baby.

I opened the door and entered, she drove me to a beach and took me to were the river is.
It was getting late and loud music and people’s voices were heard from distance, they were partying hard since it was Sunday.

We sat close to the river enjoying the moonlight, I looked at my girlfriend and I admired the way the silver light of the moon shone on her beautiful face.

Veronica: you know why the moonlight always look beautiful around river side?

Me: I no know.

Veronica: I know say you no go know, you no too dey bright.

Me: you come ask me? I dey bright.

Veronica: I see your NCE certificate.

Na the useless HOD made me come out second class lower, I didn’t know I was fu-cking his cousin around campus till the man nearly fry my grade with em no mercy frying pan.
Nobody advice me to leave the girl alone, run.

Me: just tell me.

Veronica: my help your life, once upon a time the moon goddess felt lonely. She was looking for true happiness when Ice king learnt of this, he went up to the Moon to win the goddess heart.
Sun the one betrothed to Moon was very arrogant and proud, instead of him going to the Moon he demanded that the Moon should come and see him.
So the King of Ice took this opportunity and won the heart of Moon, Moon was deeply in love with Ice.
When Sun learnt of this, he was enraged and he stroke the Ice who melted to bodies of water, Moon was heartbroken and hid in darkness all her life and whenever the Sun tried to dry up the whole water bodies she will rise and fight the Sun. Na em make we get solar eclipse?

Me: who be your literature teacher? You suppose get F20 for Literature.

Veronica: she laugh sweetly I no go school for Nigeria.



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