Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 88


Oga Landlord Episode 88

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 88

My breathe caught in my throat and I turned to look at her sharply, we both were sitting close to the river under the moonlight.

Me: why you sabi pidgin well well?

Veronica: laughing I think say you go even ask better thing.

Me: na better question be that.

Veronica: when the time is right, I go tell you everything.

She smiled and assured me with smile, leaned on my shoulder. I inhaled her scent and her words “when the time is right” replayed in my head, which one be when the time is right, this girl ehnn…

Me: so wetin do this time?

I heard soft snore beside me and I laughed, the person I dey ask don even sleep.
It was getting cold and I no even bring jacket to cover her, I carried her in my arms. This girl heavy I swear, everywhere food food.

I took two steps balancing and holding her tightly close to me, no wonder oyigbo men dey fall in love with slim and weightless girls so that them no godey experience wetin I dey experience now.

She tightened her hold around my neck and I frowned, the heavy steps I was making was dragging all the energy in my body.
I saw her lips twitched and this one dey smile for sleep, which kind sleep be this?

I freed the arm holding her legs and her legs landed on the ground, I looked closely at her face and realized the girl was acting the sleep.

Me: you better wake up oh! I go just leave you for here.

Veronica: she open her eyes which kind human being you? you nofit act sweet.

Me: you wan waka make we dey go house or you want my act sweet?

Veronica: the latter.

Me: you too heavy.

Veronica: but when you wan fu…. I cover her mouth with my palm

Me: you wan announce am to everybody say we don do?

Veronica: baby, carry me for back please.

She started acting cute like a little child that needed favour, tugging at my shirt.

Me: oya, let me back you.

Veronica: that is why I love you.

Me: pause, so if I no back you, you no go love me.

Veronica: who talk like that.

Me: oya enter.

I bent and she went behind me, I felt her soft breastchester pressed on my back and the cold I felt earlier suddenly disappeared.
I held her flawless laps and lifted her up, I stood and walked on the sand that was stalling my pace.

two hungry looking models that came out from the partying crowd walked towards us, them no even pass us before them gossip.

Hungry model1: naso them dey do.

Hungry model2: em go still end in tears.

Veronica: shouting leave gossip, go chop well before breeze go carry you go back to 90s oh!

She was energetic and bouncing behind me screaming happily at my back, when I dey suffer. We men dey suffer for relationship oh, I was so happy when we booked a hotel room.

I quickly took my bath and ordered for wears to appear in court tomorrow, then jumped on the bed and drifted to dreamland.
I woke up the next day feeling tired, I stepped out of the bed and glanced at the sleeping beauty on the bed.

One mind said I shouldn’t trust her while the other want me to, I nofit wait to know her better.
I went inside the bathroom took my bath and brush, the delivery man brought in the wears and I dressed up.
Veronica was up when the breakfast came.

Veronica: I wan travel back.

Me: I feel like say somebody pinch my heart to where?

Veronica: she smile my State, my off days don finish.

Me: so you dey work?

Veronica: I be boss lady na.

Me: I hear you, o shey boss lady.

I drove myself to the court and I actually arrived late because them don dey even enter the court, I climbed the verandah of the court room when I sighted Mr. Okoye shaking hands with small men.

Ugochukwu have already gone in with the governor, me sef be wan follow them when Okoye blocked me smiling and stretched his hand for a shake, I took it and beamed.

Okoye: low voice you just do wetin I keep for you after election.

Me: low voice the earlier the better.

Okoye: raise his voice laughing hahaha! this my friend.

Me: I raise my own and I laugh hahaha, how we go do am.

The press are just in time to capture the moment, I entered the court and my lawyer presented all the evidence I gathered for the corruption charges with the help of the Governor and some staffs of the Local Government.

Before I know jury’s play don start, big big grammar flying upadan in the court room. I no even understand anything, next time I go come with dictionary.
My lawyer go bomb my ear with grammar the other one go explode my ear, their two argue like say tomorrow nodey.

My phone just dey vibrate for my pocket, I didn’t realized I was been called until the Judge announced that the case should be investigated, I brought out my phone quickly saw lots of missed calls from Veronica.

The Governor and I with Ugochukwu came out discussing the out-come, I excused myself and called Veronica.

Me: my baby for life, what’sup?

Veronica: come your yard now, is urgent.

She ended the call surprising me, I quickly got into the call and drove to my yard.
I opened my door and met Veronica in tears, I looked at the table and saw the picture of the witch with a child and some medical papers..

I no need anybody to tell me, this woman don ’cause trouble for me again.


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