Story: Oga Landlord (+18)… Episode 93


Oga Landlord Episode 93

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Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

I stared at the little girl face calling me daddy, she is about five or six years old. I backward my life back then I never dey play ball to score that kind goal wey go give birth to such beautiful and cute girl, if cute no follow the beautiful em go be understatement.

She don knack cinderella dress with her doll in her hands, with her small eyes and cute dimples. She stared at me with eyes threatening to spill tears.


Little girl: daddy.

Ugochukwu: chuckling guy answer na.

Me: wetin dey amuse you, Ugo?

Little girl: talk to me Daddy, am I not cute?

Ugochukwu: laughing talk to your daughter na.

Me: where is your mother, little one?

I heard crackling heels on the tiled floor coming towards our direction, we turned and saw a beautiful lady approaching us.
We were in betwixt tracks of fabric materials arranged in columns, Ugo wan shop for Shantel and her mother if not wetin I dey come do for female boutique.

The young lady on whites frowned when her daughter looked at her, her mother fine oh. Fair and looked like all those model on television with nicely formed figure, she bent to the child’s height.

Lady: darling, why are you crying?

Little girl: daddy, refused to talk to me.

The lady threw a look my way and I raised my hands up, am not the one that made her daughter sad biko.

Lady: don’t worry sweetheart, daddy will come to play with you later.

Little girl: promise, mommy.

Lady: yes, go and meet nanny.

Little: kissing her mom face I love you mommy.

Lady: kiss her small nose I love you more, my baby.

One fat woman appeared from the other end while the little girl ran to her happily, her mother straightened up and gave us one of her best charming smile with close-up advert teeth.

Ugochukwu: hello, beautiful lady. Is that beautiful child yours?

it is well, Ugochukwu dey find more side-problems.

Lady: gentlemen, am sorry for my child misbehaviour.

Ugochukwu: no problem at all, we love when beautiful children and beautiful mother misbehaviour.

Me: you no get sense Ugo I mumble

She stretched out her hand for a hand shake, Ugochukwu wan capture the hand when she shook her head indicating the handshake na for me. I gently took her soft delicate hand and my body flow with current, something familiar but unknown cruised through my whole body system.

Lady: am Profit, you?

Me: Victor.

I be wan laugh oh, I trust Ugochukwu em don dey laugh but he muffled it with his palm covering his mouth.

Profit: I want you to be my child’s surrogate father.

Me: I no understand.

Ugochukwu: you no know wetin surrogate father mean?

Profit: have my card, call me when you are free.

She stretched out the card and Ugochukwu quickly took it from her, I no want another beautiful problem in my life. The one I get is enough to send any strong man to early grave, Ugochukwu assured her I will call. She turned and walked away waving goodbye to us with her right hand and her a-ss doing some waving to us too.

Ugochukwu: beautiful girls dey this world oh, you go think say you don see the most beautiful girl for your life today, boom! tomorrow you go just see mammy water from nowhere.

Me: give me the card

Ugochukwu: as wetin?

Me: as the surrogate father.

Ugochukwu: calm down, the card nodey run, later.

I no need to stress myself anyways, I got ways to make him hand it over amicably.
After we were done shopping, the boutique attendant packaged it and handed it over to us.

We entered our car and drove off, we took a cut to a street just the moment we wanted to drive pass one gated house along the street. I saw a billboard indicating that a seer lived in the gated house we wanted to drive pass closed to the tarred road after skipping the gutter.

I slowed the car and killed the engine.

Ugochukwu: why you dey stop here na, we don dey run late?

Me: I don see solution to my problems.

I came down from the car and Ugochukwu did also, he looked around and his gaze fell on the billboard.

Ugochukwu: seer?

Me: yes, make we go check inside the compound.

Ugochukwu: you nodey tire to hear this two women.

Me: I go nod you oh!

We started walking down to the gate after crossing the less busy street road.

Ugochukwu: you know say you be lord of the rings?

Me: how? I knock at the gate

Ugochukwu: na that big finger you go put Aisha ring as she be senior woman, then for the second finger na Veronica own go enter. Then the other one go be for the surrogate wife you wan get now, the remaining two go be for more wives yet to be discovered.

Me: God forbid.

We pushed the small gate-way open when nobody refused to answer, we saw one kid staring at us.

Me: na here be the seer house?

Boy: follow me if you wan see my papa.

The boy turned and Ugochukwu looked at me and communicated a message I decipher, no good afternoon em dey do me to beat this small boy.
We were taken to the backward were an old man sat with walking stick, his eyes were wide open without the eyelids making any involuntary contact.

The boy went away and we approached the old man sitting, I guess he is blind.

Seer: welcome.

Me & Ugo: good afternoon, sir.

I wan confirm say em blind, so I just walk closer and waved my hand on his face.

Seer: done?

The thing shocked me oh! how em take know say I wan confirm if em dey blind.

Seer: Victor, you have a bright future but there are two dark clouds surrounding your azure sky, soon it will be about to rain.

Me: old man, how you take sabi my name?

Seer: Ugochukwu, I see secrets around you.

Ugichukwu: which secret, old man?

Seer: make ona two go.

We tried getting more information but it looked like the man don get another senses issue, this one na deaf and dumb.
We gave up and I brought out some bills in my pocket and wanted to give to him.

Seer: leave, I no need your money!

I tried convincing him to take it but the seer no gree, we left and I gave the little kid the money.

We entered inside the car and Ugochukwu mounted the wheels this time.

Me: which secret the seer dey talk about, Ugo?

My phone rang before Ugochukwu go answer, it was from Veronica. I quickly picked it up.

Me: my love for life.

Veronica’s voice: yeye boyfriend, tell that ugly girl that I will kill her if I see her with my man oh!

Me: na Ugo be the ugly girl oh! I go tell am.

Veronica’s voice: crazy guy, I wan leave the country..

Me: when?

Veronica’s voice: today, is urgent. Family matter.

Me: no problem, safe trip my love.

Veronica’s voice: I go come see you when I return.

We talked on irrelevant stuffs before she hung up, I turned to Ugochukwu who was driving.

Me: which secret that seer been dey talk about?



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