Story: The president’s wife Episode 13

The president’s wife
Episode 13

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

I sluggishly lifted my back from my bed as the rays of light managed to pierce through the glass window indicating a new day, chaii it was obvious I had a rough sleep, what happened the previous night came back to my head and was playing episode by episode.. How Allison caught I and Amanda and how Amanda slapped me even though I didn’t know the reason behind her evil slap.. My life was greatly complicated as I sat on my bed clouded with many thoughts..chaii… I later informed the nis director about the strange text I received.. He told me to be more careful and wished me well.. A very soft knocks suddenly landed on my door, I quickly put on my black tank top… “come in” I said…

A girl, extremely fair in complexion probably in her mid twenties later entered clad in a maid dress, yes the girl was so beautiful to be referred to as a maid.. She was holding a small tray containing a coffee cup that I guessed it was for me…

Maid: good morning sir, am the new maid assigned to the duty of taking care of you, I am jummy

Me: so how may I help you *pretending not to see the coffee tray*

Jummy: I brought this hot coffee for you..


Me: oh thanks

I took the coffee cup off the tray expecting her leave as she still stood a step away from me staring at me with a smile… “you are not lea..ving?” I asked stammering out of curiosity…”you have to return the cup sir” she replied… I quickly gulped down the coffee and returned the cup thanking her.. “you can call me if you need anything sir” she added while I nodded okay and she left the room.. “I can’t just wait to finish this mission” I murmured to myself…

I later entered the bathroom and successfully stepped back in my room room after a long bath.. Amanda and I later left the aso rock without Agatha again, it seems the girl no longer exist.. Amanda doesn’t talk about it either as a result of our now sour relationship… We were interviewed about the previous incident by the press and I was surprised when Amanda began to shower praises on me and she gave me all the credit..few minutes after I was tagged the hero that saved the First Lady and my popularity has rose very well… Chaii, that was how I started feeling myself… Yes, my fans has immediately tagged Allison as the luckiest girl in the world.. “lord I don’t wish to finish this mission” I said to myself as we headed back to aso rock..

“thank you” I texted Amanda while in the car and I watched her smile reading my message…”let’s meet in my room” she replied while I also smiled… I went to her room immediately we got to aso rock and yes, she was already waiting for me sitting on the bed crossing her leg in a kite shape facing her phone… “whatsup” she said looking up while I smiled and sat next to her…

Amanda: am sorry for what happened yesterday night, I overreacted, am so sorry Jay *she begged calmly holding my hand*

Me: it’s okay…

Amanda: those hours without us conversing were torturing moments for me, but why does it have to be Allison?

The question came out so suddenly that it left me speechless as I was staring at her with a pitiful eye…

Amanda: okay I understand but I can’t let go of you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that Jay..

Me: but… *she interrupted*

Amanda: am married? You don’t love me?, yes nice excuses, I’ll do everything in my power to make you mine even if that’s divorcing the president, am sorry it has gotten to this…

I was speechless, she rubbed my little hairy hand, pecked my cheek and wished me goodnight…i exited her room and headed mine, I later opened my door to see jummy just about exiting my room, she was in a grey nightie wearing her usual smile..

Me: what are yo…*she cut in*

Jummy: I brought you a hot tea but you were not in your room and it wasn’t lock so I thought I should drop the tea…

Me: oh,, okay…

“she looks suspicious” I thought to myself…

Jummy: should I wait for the cup?

Me: no, it’s late you should go-to bed…

Jummy: but I…. *i interrupted*

Me: see you tomorrow *fake-smiling*

Jummy: okay sir *she left*

I entered my room, sighted the tea tray just on a small stool beside my bed…chaii… I love this girl.. I quickly drank the was like she learned in heaven how to make tea… I later fell asleep quickly after drinking the heavenly tea… This continues for few more days that jummy can now enter my room even without knocking and I’m cool with it.. Stop looking at me like that, it’s not what you thinking… I tried texting Allison several times but she failed to reply so I gave up..

One faithful night, I was lying on my bed staring at my previous conversations with Allison on whatsapp, even though she was online, unfortunately I can’t message her knowing she won’t reply.. Jummy knocks later came to my hearing and I called her in… She gave me her usual tea and I returned the cup immediately after drinking it…

Jummy: you are looking very tired…

Me: yes, you can say that..

Jummy: but sir I can be of help *cartwalking towards me*

Me: wha…..

Jummy: shh *she placed her finger on my lip*

That was when my senses vanished into thin air, she clad in a brown knicker and an underwear like top, she wasted no time in removing the top and placing my hand on her heavy boobs..”I know you like what you see” she whispered to my ear rubbing my hand on her HB, if you know you know.. My brain signal was out of reach and I can’t seems to resist or it seems I have been wanting to do this with her since day one..

I took control of the heavenly HB while she pushed her long hair backward allowing me to work on it.. Before I knew it she was already taking care of junior Jason in the dark dungeon and the idiot was smiling… We were still on this when a call struck my phone and it started ringing restoring my lost senses… I pushed her away with God knows strength and she fell on the bed…

Me: what’s all this? *i asked angrily*

Jummy: sir, am so sorry sir *she knelt begging me*

Me: get out… Don’t ever come here again…*i shouted*

She ran outside and I quickly picked up my phone to answer the call but it ended eventually..chaii,, I almost fell in her trap… Oh the caller was Amanda and her call landed on my phone again while I picked it immediately…

Amanda: Jason, Agatha is dead *terrified tone*

What?… Chaii…



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