Story: The president’s wife Episode 14

The president’s wife
Episode 14

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I can’t just believe my ears…agatha..dead?…

Me: what do you mean dead?

Amanda: she said she was going to visit her sick mother in her hometown three days ago but I was told her body was found beside the river today

Me: what?

Amanda: that doesn’t look like just an ordinary death..


Me: yes, someone did this to her.. I think whoever we are dealing with is very powerful.. You should rest we will talk tomorrow…*i hung up*

I sat on my bed dawn with different thoughts… And yes the internet already filled with different news, First Lady personal guard committed suicide, First Lady personal guard was involved in an accident and more were the news about Agatha… Did she really committed suicide?…no why will she… But I still can’t believe part of me was happy about her death.. Surely I wanted to be free from her threat but I clearly don’t want her dead.. I was till on this till I fell asleep unwillingly…

We did a very great funeral for Agatha after two days and it came to our hearing her mother,probably her last blood gave up the ghost after the funeral.. It was very sad that I can’t stop tears from trickling down my eyes… It was two days later and to my surprise nobody is talking about the incident anymore as it was masked a suicide… Chaii…

Amanda gave me a sudden call one faithful night and I quickly headed her room.. I later entered her already unlocked room and she was pacing around her room confusing me more… She quickly hugged me wrapping her whole self around my body.. I tried to disengage many times but she won’t let me… Finally she disengaged staring at me with a dim texture…

Me: what’s up with the call

Amanda: Jason I can’t sleep, I kept seeing Agatha in my dream.. Am so scared…

Me: it’s okay *placing my hand on her shoulder*

Amanda: please stay with me till tomorrow..

Me: what? You know that’s not possible..

Amanda: staying with me means nothing Jay, you are doing your job, it means you are protecting me…

“Protecting from dreams?” I thought to myself…

Me: I’ll be here till you are off and I’ll take my leave..

Amanda: but you won’t be there if the dream wake me again… Please Jay, you are the only one to protect me from anything…

D–n… I had no choice, I have to accept… I sat on the black sofa few steps to her bed having my eyes on Amanda that has already slept off…i began dozing gradually till I drifted to wonderland not to my will… I woke up in the morning to surprisingly saw myself on the bed with Amanda under same blanket.. WTF.. My n_kedness made it obvious something has already happened between us.. I dive out of the blanket and located my boxers and knicker with my blank tank top unjustly pasted on the floor… Chaii… I quickly wore them angrily and headed the door to leave her room to avoid story that touch.. “you will just leave like that?” Amanda voice came into my hearing… I decided not to turn back and I quicky opened her door, Lo and behold I couldn’t hold back my surprise look as Mr President stood right before me staring at me somehow confused…

Mr President: ja..y why are you coming from this room this early..

Me: s…ir? *i stammered*

“I need to move some heavy luggages so I called him” Amanda’s voice came from my back and entered my ears…

Mr President: so that’s it, thank you for being there for my wife everytime, am grateful

He stated that he arrived the previous night but doesn’t want to disturb Amanda..he later patted my shoulder and entered, Amanda winked at me before she finally closed the door and I quickly dashed into my room…chaii…”thank God” I thought to myself… We all later left the aso rock as the president must say something about the alliance he went to Russia to form, yes unfortunately it fell through, Russia doesn’t want to have anything to do with us.. The people weren’t happy about this as they were busy slamming the president on all social medias…I was in my room watching film on my phone later in the night when the nis director call struck my phone… I quickly picked it…

Director: Jay,

Me: sir

Director: we think there is a spy, an intruder inside the aso rock

Me: what? detail sir..

Director: we found a maid cor…..(jummy suddenly entered interrupting the call)

Me: Third ear (meaning someone else is here)

He quickly hung up as I faced jummy with extreme angriness clearly visible on my face.. “and what the hell are you doing here again, I thought I told you not to come back” I asked angrily.. She closed my door then knelt down and to my surprise holding a tea tray…”am sorry sir, I don’t know what came over me, please forgive me sir” she pleaded crying… Chaii… I pitied her, it’s not fully her fault, I made the choice and it seemed it was what I was thinking of doing with her anyway…”okay, I forgive you, you can leave” I replied clearing my angry look…

Jummy: no sir, not until you drink this *she pointed to the tea cup*

Me: seriously?

I just wanted her to get the f–k out of my room so I angrily stood up, pulled her up the took the tea cup, I drank it in few seconds, return the cup and sat on my bed telling her not to comeback with any tea again… To my surprise she was still there staring at me…”you are no leaving already?” I asked angrily…

Jummy: not until I watch you sleep and accomplish my mission *she smiled*

Me: what mission?

Jummy: you will get to know very soon..

What is she saying?.. I angrily stood up to push her outside but I fell back on my bed, what?… My eyes began rotating and I was feeling eyes were busy force closing not to my will, I tried to keep them open but all my effort to do so was in vain… Yes, she drugged me happily… The spy the director was talking about… Jummy?… I faced up in my misery staring at jummy who has now being splitted into 6 due to the drug’s effect…i fell in her trap..chaii…



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