Story: The president’s wife Episode 16

The president’s wife
Episode 16

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I can hear an anonymous machine beeping from afar, I slowly and gradually began opening my eyes till it was finally opened, the ceilings decorated with Rose flowers painting was different from the one in aso rock “oh sir, you are awake” said a nice feminine voice that happens to be the nurse who wanted or have already injected my arm.. Oh I was in the hospital..”arrgg” I groaned as I tried to sit-down and with the help of the nurse I was able to sit resting my back on the yellow wall breathing heavily with tons of plasters covering almost my left arm and shoulder…

Nurse: I am Alicia sir, you shouldn’t stress yourself, it’s already a miracle you wake up..

Me: am out for how long?

Nurse: this is the fourth day sir..

Chaii.. I was out for four days?.. “he’s awake ma”said the Alicia who was making a call.. And it was obvious she was talking to Amanda… “I’ll be back sir” the nurse said with a smile, switched on the TV then left the room… The room was a medium-sized all painted yellow with a big plasma TV hung on the wall just a bit at my left handside making it obvious I was in the VIP ward… Surprisingly the news channel was talking about me as they showed mob of people at the front of the hospital with different banners, “you must live”..”get well soon” and etc….i let out a smile that was killed off as Allison crossed my mind.. D–n she was kidnapped… The door was suddenly opened and Amanda walked in followed by the nis director…she tried to hold back the tears circling around her eyes as she held my right hand sitting beside me…


Amanda: Are you okay?

Me: I think so

Director: I told you just few bullets can’t kill him he smiled referring to Amanda

Amanda: but he’s human after all..

Director: welcome back 1202..

Me: they have Allison…

Director: the elite team are still searching for her whereabouts.. She will be found soon..

“that won’t do” I murmured trying to remove the small pin attached to my hand supplying me the water hung at the top of my bed while I was forcing my left leg off the bed with the aim of finding Allison at all cost… “no you are going nowhere, you are not fit yet” Amanda said holding me back.. “you are still not okay agent Jay, let the elite team do their job, it’s an order” the director ordered…

Director: I think we are dealing with a very powerful organization

Amanda: yea, seemed so..

Amanda gave me my phone and she later left with the nis director to do the duty of the First Lady..i unlocked my phone checking Allison’s picture with an extreme anger… “am going to kill you all” I murmured.. Alicia, the very beautiful nurse later entered carrying a tray of foods all covered.. D–n, I was having no appetite..”I brought your food sir” she said with a smile closing the door.. She fed me the food till I can’t take it anymore, she then injected me and I immediately fell asleep..

I suddenly woke up sweating even under the AC.. D–n, and I just died in my dream.. My vision suddenly became blurry as the result of the injection effect.. The door was later opened and a Alicia figure-like walked in and to my surprise, she headed to where I was lying with a great speed….She took out a syringe filled with strange yellow blurred stuff and raised her hand to purposely stab my chest when my blurred vision became very clear and Lo and behold it was jummy in Alicia’s uniform..i quickly held her hand with my right hand as we are both struggling with the syringe engaging in a physical strength competition..

Me: jummy?

Jummy: surprise?…you ignored the two options and chose the invisible third, and that’s losing your life.. she let out a struggling voice seems to be losing the fight

What?…she suddenly removed a pin from her hair then stabbed my right hand while I pushed her away with my right leg and she fell slightly hitting her head to the floor, yeah, my right hand was already bleeding…i quickly removed the pin connecting my body to the sachet water above me from my hand and rolled to my right side landing on the floor, I quicly managed to stand staggering and trying to maintain my balance .. She threw the pin which I evaded in a unique style and she jumped up drawing out a knife from her heel shoe..

Me: you shouldn’t have come here i said with an extreme anger

Jummy: why? I came to take your life with me..she said breathing up and down

Me: then go for it..

She attacked rolling the extremely sharp knife that surely marked my upper abdomen… She came attacking again and was hit by my super round house kick.. She fell on the floor and I landed my elbow on her neck.. I stood up staring angrily at her helpless body lying on the floor as she was vomiting blood, she tried to stand up but ended up lying back…

Me: who sent you?

Jummy: it’s better you don’t know she busted to laughter

I was so angry…”who sent you?” I shouted pinning her neck to the floor but suddenly she gasped for breath as loads of blood exited her mouth like a waterfall.. I let go of my grip to realise she bit her own tongue to death… D–n.. The door was suddenly opened and two bodyguards ran inside with few nurses.. D–n, I lost so much blood, yes adrenaline is the craziest reaction..

Three days later, I was in my room only thinking how to save Allison, it’s been 7days already and all our efforts to find her are completely useless… We tried to track her phone but it was dropped at the kidnapping scene.. The president has already returned to Nigeria as the rumour of Allison being his daughter already circulated the country and most of the people believed it..

They lebelled aso rock the presidential house a “joke” as a result of my relationship with Allison..”so the president’s daughter is dating her step mother’s brother”, “am still waiting for the big head president to legalize incest marriage” were the comments of people on the matter.. Chaii.. This is getting worse… I can’t believe I was called a hero yesterday and now a dumb a-s.. Surprisingly,i have already lost many followers on instagram..

I was viewing Allison pictures on instagram extremely missing her when I suddenly sighted the golden wrist watch I bought her beautifully fitted to her hand… Fortunately, GPS tracker was installed on the wrist watch connected to my phone… I quickly dialed Amanda’s number and she picked up immediately..

Amanda: Hi jay

Me: I think I found Allison

I didn’t wait for her to reply as I hung up immediately.. I quickly brought out my backpack from the wardrobe filled with all kind of tools and my special agent costume… “am coming for you” I murmured holding my small bio aim M16 rifle gun specially made in Russia..



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