Story: The president’s wife Episode 3

-AMANDA(The president's wife)

The President’s wife
Episode 3

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

We stood up as they walked towards our direction…on getting to where we were standing..even though I was standing like street light with all my attention directed to the girl..chaii…”Hi” the girl said and followed the male guard upstairs while I was wondering why she just acted like a goddess..did she possibly not see the first lady?…

President: I am sorry honey..

President’s wife: it’s okay,, she needs resting,, I didn’t see that coming though..


President: she just called to tell me she is at the airport… I am really sorry honey he pecked her forehead..i have an important meeting early tomorrow,, I’ll go-to bed first…

He kissed her right hand then climbed up the stairs… We later sat continuing the boring fashion show while I was filled with curiosity… “what’s up jay” she asked as she noticed..

Me: may I ask you a questi..on ma?? i stammered

President’s wife: go onstaring at me while smiling

Me: who is that girl?

President’s wife: sighed My step daughter..

Me: w…hat? i stammered

President’s wife: I heard she was born in London and spent few years in Nigeria,she then went back to London with her mother after her parent divorced.. Yea she hate me, she accused me of stealing his mother’s position.. What a kid… anyways… You should sleep… smiling

Agatha gave her a cup filled with water and she drank it,stood up then left for her room while agatha followed her.. I was totally confused…chaii.. I later retired to my room with my mind filled with thoughts… Well,its not my concern…i jumped on my bed without bothering to undress as I was very tired and slowly drifted to wonderland..

Few days later..
Blood gushes out of my mouth as I tried to talk to the blurred female figure running after me as I was been wheeled by nurses to the ambulance and the female figure in a little short blue designed gown was stopped by the nurses while I was covered in blood,, I was successful wheeled inside the ambulance and the door was shut close,, gbrrrrm… My alarm woke me as I rushed up from my bed.. This is the second time am having this weird dream..

I would have called mum and and told her about the scary dream but I decided against it as it would seem I caused more problem for myself as she won’t let me rest again…i muttered some prayers then ran into the bathroom checking the time and realising the first lady would give speech early the morning.. I later dashed downstairs after dressing and yes the angel was waiting for me sitting on her usual part of the large couch watching the news.. She smiled immediately she saw me while I returned the smile..

President’s wife: you are always late..

Me: Man’s stuff,,, am sorry ma..

She released her Heavenly smile yet again making my head hot like a coal-iron.. “are you ready?” said the President as he walked inside the sitting room probably coming from the early morning meeting,,I hope meetings don’t kill him… “yes we are” the first lady replied standing up…

“Allison?” the president asked referring to Agatha… “in her room sir” Agatha replied while he sighed… My eye suddenly met with the president wife whom I don’t know have been staring at me, she quickly faced another direction shyly….

we all later exited the building…we got separated after the long lasting speech,,the President went to another meeting with the commissioner for police while we headed aso rock,, I sat by the First Lady at the backseat as usual even though everywhere was more than silent..

President’s wife: have you eaten? broke the silence

Me: n…o i stammered

“there is something on your face” she rubbed my cheek with her right hand making me uncomfortable more and more as I sat hotter than fire.. “don’t mind me, I was just kidding” she added removing her hand and ofcourse I can see agatha suspicious and confused look through the mirror..”how do you feel being popular” she continued…yes,, I was finally revealed to the world as her no time,,my followers on instagram were uncountable with different messages…”g..reat” I replied stammering…i can see “what are you two up to” look on agatha’s face through the mirror as she was stylishly monitoring us even though the rest of the journey to aso rock was boring…

Later in the night, I was lying on my bed playing games on my phone and I was heavily enjoying the game when a call landed on my phone and yes.. it was the first lady.. Why late in the night.. I quickly picked it…

President’s wife: hi Jay.. Something is up with my laptop,,can you come and check it out for me?..

Me: oh I’ll be there right away ma…

I quickly dropped my phone and dashed out of my room in my brown knicker-bocker and a black underwear singlet…i was called in her room after knocking for almost eternity…she was in a blue towel covering her body with water dripping down her hair showing she was just out of the bathroom..chaii.. Chineke.. Her fresh body almost killed the junior Jason underneath.. “stop staring will you” she said and showed where the laptop was….yea it was on her bed,, she disagreed me taking out her laptop to my room to diagnose it while I was lost and confused…”don’t worry,the wall is soundproof” she assured me..

To my surprise,,she removed the towel and started creaming her body,,I can’t just believe what I was seeing,, she was stark n_ked, her fresh body was something to kill for, something to die for and even even go-to hell without second thought..she told me not to mind her and face my business but how,, my steel rod have successfully tear my boxers and was training underneath with Mike Tyson…i thought I was concentrated on the laptop I was to repair till I found out I haven’t even switched it on,,I guess I wasn’t concentrating.. I switched on the laptop trying to face my business and fortunately she later clad in her nightie calming my soul down but junior Jason won’t stop vexing as it was hard as han steel sword..

She sat beside me on the large bed probably looking at what I was doing.. I was still trying to repair the laptop when a hand found it way to my lap shocking me like a transformer that the laptop nearly fell..i tilted my head to her direction to meet her seductive smile as she was still rubbing my lap to the cave/dungeon area..”w…h..” I was still trying to say.. “shhh” she said placing her two fingers on my lip… dead



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