Story: Toto Pass Toto (18+)… Episode 2




Story: Toto Pass Toto (18+)… Episode 2

Me: na… na… li.. oow she deep her hand inside my short and grabbed my h^rd d^ck
My hand involuntarily flew to her crop top neck, within a split of minute her sweet and succulent left brast was out, I mounted my lips around her npples and started scking.
Albino: aaaahhh.. oohh.. la..ter *m^aning and playing with my h^Rd d^ck cap

I dey mad? Later ke.
Me: I go only put the cap we moved sluggishly to the back of the yard, without disengaging
I immediately deep my hand inside her p^nt and started fingering her p^ssy that was now w^t.
Albino: aaasshh! Oh! finger me h^rder baby!!! No be only baby
Mama Oma: Omalicha!! na which kind water you go throw since na!? the gutter don move go Cotonou or wetin?! Her mother shouted from inside the yard
We stopped immediately, and she quickly removed my hand inside her skirt.
Me: just four seconds, my just chuk only the cap commot am. You go fit go I pleaded profusely
Albino: no joor, I’ll come to your room later chaii.. bad market
Albino: am coming, mama she replied her mother with a raised voice and picked the bowl on the ground
Me: promise oh
Albino: I promise she left
I whistled and went inside my room to prepare for the main match, PHCN brought their light. One devil now entered my head that I should be watching prn and learn more styles that I’ll use on her, I nodded and insert one prn plate I bought some days ago and lowered the volume.


Three minutes into the p^rn movie a hard knock landed on my door kokoko!!!”
Me: ah! ah!! ah!!! Calm down na, you wan fall the door? *I opened the door

Me: oga landlord? I was shocked and my d^ck that was h^Rd before returned to it normal shape with mere seeing the old man’s face
Oga landlord: yes na me, you surprise? flesh and blood, you dey owe me for two Months.
Me: I know na, but na night be this na. You drive from your house come here for this kind night, you no even wait till tomorrow.
Oga Landlord: I fit die this night, or you go tuwama before I reach here tomorrow.
Me: no… I go come see you with my rent money Tomorrow.
Oga Landlord: you sure?
Me: yes, sir… Goodnight he left and I closed the door, this 500k news don spread oh.. we have a lot of radio without batteries in this area
I watched the p^rn till 12pm glancing at the door every minute, but no knock came. Didn’t know when I slept off, I woke up around 9am the next day cursing the witch. I checked my boxer and it was smelling sp*rm because of the excess b^nging I did in the dream..

After I brushed my mouth and ate, I went in search of Albino. I saw her sitting in a chair in the back of the yard, immediately she saw me, she started smiling.
Me: Albino you wicked oh
Albino: good morning, boo boo kill you there!, Your father left nyash
Me: morning, oya na, let’s go into my room and complete the match.
Albino: pay before service PBS kwa?
Me: I no understand, I think say na compensation for nine Months seduction.
Albino: your head run enter trailer? see.. if you don’t want to pay vamoose.
Me: calm down na, you like money oh. So how much? she started smiling one kind evil smile
Albino: abi? Twenty thousand naira, then I’ll rock you, roll on you, ride you to o—-m ehnnn…
Me: you say? Am I having malfunctioning ears?
Albino: twenty thousand naira only so my ears are still working
Me: say I dey f–k out long life and prosperity from your pssy, or them decorate your toto with diamond. I no understand the cathedral shape wey your pssy get wey go cost a whole 20k.
Albino: you too stingy, ordinary twenty thousand from five hundred thousand naira, na you dey shout upadan like pastor wey dey under anointee, na wow for you oh!!
Me: oya follow me enter room my give you the 20k.

should we continue?


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