Story: Toto Pass Toto (18+)… Episode 21 – 26

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Story: Toto Pass Toto (18+)… Episode 21 – 26

Episode 21.
I came out of my apartment and saw Ada husband entering his house, his muscles and tall frame made me re-thank God from rescuing me from being caught that particular day.
Ada husband: good evening, neighbour.
Me: evening neighbour, how was work today?
Ada husband: fine, we will see some other time *no be wetin I dey think sha*
I walked to the gate and met the arm chair that Musa always sits on vacant, I walked to the security house and dragged him out.
Musa: aaaii! Me no fe trouble maker ko, live am from my shirt.
Me: open gate joor, you too dey fear.
Musa: the armed robbers don go bah?
Me: no armed robbers oh, I just dey do exercise na em I lie to you. Fear, fear.
Musa: I no dey do am for that kin play ko.
He went to the gate and unlocked.
Me: anybody dey there?
Musa: nobody, me pia.. I fit kill am for ten thieves.
I ignored him and went outside, I stood at the gate and scanned the street for any of those who were chasing me earlier.
I walked towards the junction and saw Blacky, we went inside the yard together.
Immediately, I entered the room Biggy started smiling like suspicious crayfish.
Me: guy why you dey shine your 44 teeth?
Blacky: good evening.
Me: which evening? What do you care for dear? Hope no be food sha… Cause food undertaker have buried all the edible.
Biggy: evening ebony beau… *I cover his mouth*
Me: guy, warn your p—k oh! Ehnn.. Blacky, you no wan baf?
Blacky: I wan baf sleep, I don tire.
Me: oya na, my show you bathroom.
I brought out a towel and one big basket ball shirt that looks like I inherited it from my fat ancestors and gave it to her, to prevent her from wearing trouser and the shirt she was wearing.
I took her to the bathroom myself safe-guarding her against the evil eyes of Biggy.
After sometime I started hearing water splashes.
Me: em never reach time for you to lap kitchen go sleep?
Biggy: so you mean wetin you been talk?
Me: before? We be Oliver twins to share toto? Guy, park well oh.. Na privatize compass be this.
Biggy: o shey, punani privatizer.
Blacky came out after I switched off the light in the room, she wore only the basket ball shirt I gave to her without panties and my brain started sending s*xual signals to my g—n.
Blacky: I wan lie down, where I fit sleep?
Me: lie down for bed.
She went to the bed and lay, my d+ck was already standing like a stiff rock.
I could not concentrate on the game even Biggy also, I paused the game.
Biggy: only you fit handle that nyash? that nyash big pass your entire lineage destinies combined.
Me: chin chin full your brain, my go piss, I no wan see you for that bed oh!
Biggy: yes, sir!!
I hurriedly rush inside the bathroom and kept the door open in case Satan want to tempt Biggy to be another Jacob,
I quickly pulled down the boxer I wore and my d*ck sprang up, I tore the condom sachet.
And released the whitish rubber, placed the ring around my cap and did a quick drag, and my h*rd d*ck was fully condomize.
I returned to the room and switched off everything.
Biggy: why na? I wan score goal.
Me: I wan help you, sleep quick so that konji no go kill you.
Biggy: you harsh oh! So you mean am say I nofit even put only the cap commot.
Me: no be only cap you go put, na head. Go sleep, or you wan follow them fly? *he hiss*
I climb the bed while Biggy managed the couch for the mean time, I saw that Blacky was already snoring lightly and her legs are wide opened with the shirt shifted to her waist, making her womanliness visible to my eyes.
I did not know if it was my brain or my d*ck, or is within both of them doing the thinking. One thought was asking me to wake Blacky up and sweet talk her into having s*x with me.
While the other was encouraging me to just thr*st in and do it slowly, that she will not wake instead of stressing myself.
I went for the latter ’cause of the fear of she disagreeing and is not easy to make heaven while someone is living in hell, I placed my both hands in between her body.
And positioned myself in between her legs, I rubbed my h*rd d*ck on her crack and the penetration was made easy because she was w*t already.
The hammer head of my d*ck was the first to slide in, and I allowed the full size to go in slowly slowly until I fed her up.
I started lifting my waist up and down in a slow pace.
Blacky: ah uhm… Oh! *m+aning slowly*
Me: assh aaahh *groaning*
The fear of being caught made my s*xual satisfaction to build up quickly, within five minutes my o—-m build up and I started thr*sting in with reckless abandon.
Me: aah! Aaahh!! Aaaaahhhhh!!! *she start m+aning loud*
Blacky: ossshhh! Ooihhh!! Yeaaaahhh! Babbby!!! *grabbing the sheets*
I started spurting my sp*rm in the rubber, I pulled out and rolled off breathing out satisfaction. I exhaled and wiped out the beads of sweats on my forehead.
Me: this is what oyigbo people call dangerous s*x.
I slept off and woke up to see the bed empty, I was shock. I stood up and ran to the bathroom to check for Blacky and did not find her or her belongings, I came back to the room and met only Biggy snoring away his life loudly.
I decided to digest the shock with a cup of water, I looked through the kitchen window and my eyes met with a policeman.
Policeman: you know who be Mr. Victor?
Me: no, check the next door.

-Episode 22


Police officer: oga thank you.
Me: always at your service, you know say police na my friend.
I quickly locked the window and a thought came to me to check if the protector is locked, I went out of the kitchen into the verandah and saw Blacky with two other policemen.
I wanted to run inside when…
Police officer 1: stop there before I shoot? *I pause with immediate effect*
Police officer 2: na the guy be this?
Blacky: yes, na the man wey rape me * rape?! How na?!*
Police officer: you be the Victor na you come deny.
Me: you put am Mr. I never marry o, and I no know this girl o.. Who are you? *pointing at Blacky*
Police officer: when we reach station will go install the formatted file back into your head.
They forced the protector open and handcuffed me, Biggy came out sluggishly yawning.
Me: come release me from police station.
Biggy: I nodey come, chop alone and die alone.
Me: officer I fit carry my phone?
They whispered amongst themselves and nodded, one of them ordered Biggy to get my phone and he foolishly went ahead and brought it.
Biggy: officers, abeg ohh.. Make ona give my friend vip treatment.
Police officer2: you wan join am?
Biggy: I dey craze?
Me: Biggy! When you dey come release me, lap with food abeg… *dragging me out of the compound*
I was forced out of the compound as Musa look on with pity, forced into their car.
One of the police officer was with Blacky as they discuss from a distance that I can not hear whatever they were discussing.
Blacky walked away and the other police officer returned back to the car, they drive quietly and I began to fear as we drove out my street.
Me: officers please na, i will not do it again.*two police officers sat with me at the back*
Police officer: na only soapy dey for prison, no rape my brother.
Me: I go do anything, abeg na *crying*
Police officer 2: na 21years in prison for rape charge.
Me: abeg na! I still young to go jail *begging and crying*
Police officer: you no too young to chuk your p—k for every hole? *the one driving us*
Me: na devil oohh.. Abeg na, make ona pity my mama and papa.
Police officer 2: before, na always devil or another person dey? if we carry you go station you go go prison for 21years no be days oh. You no go even see sun or faggy x mas, you better corporate.
Police officer: if you no wan enter, you go transfer 50k now now… We go free you.
Me: aaahhmm! 50k!!
Police officer: officer Tunde drive fast fast, you think we are joking.
Me: no no! Account details my send am.
Police officer2: see am here.
I tapped my phone and it displayed, I log into my bank application and did the transfer.
They parked by the roadside and asked me to come down.
Police officer2: stay away from rape, be a good citizen.
Me: sir yes sir! *I salute*
They drove away and I flagged down a taxi and entered, we got to my gate and I came down paid the taxi driver.
I started hearing loud shouts when I got to the gate, immediately I opened the gate a girl ran pass me.
With her p*nt in hand, merely looking at her size she will be those secondary school girls that want to start slaying at young age.
Musa: Angeli…. Angeliiiii.. Me never puff am for two round. *Musa come out of the gate with his trouser in hand*
Me: Musa, wetin happen?
Musa: I do I do, Angeli say em dey pain am, I do I do kaii.. Angeli say em sweet well.. I do I do I come bozaga, I wan puff am again na Angeli run. *laughing*
Me: sorry Musa, my go inside.
I met Biggy in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
Biggy: yahoo boys don free you?
Me: how you take know say no be better police people be that?
Biggy: na the same girl wey scam Johnny na, my neighbor then.
Me: na you no tell me? I give them 50k! I don die..
Biggy: 50k! You? Even if them point you gun, you no go fit give that money.
Me: I just commot one zero, I no try? *both of us laughing*
Biggy: you try well well…
Me: abeg… Bring the food, I wan enter work today.
After we finished eating, i took my bath and prepared for work.
I took a taxi and came out of the busy road, I flagged down a bus.
Conductor: be serious! Shake body, oga enter. *I sight small Mama*
Voices: where that man wan stay? Here tight well well.. ona wan kill human being. How four people go stay for seat? this woman wey fat come down na!
Conductor: madam adjust, oga enter.
Me: I nodey go again.
Conductor: oga use your head o, you no even get money.

Episode 23
The driver tapped the bus twice and it moved, he was busy cursing me. I walked towards Small Mama, she did not see me earlier if not she would have ran.
She has a little baby on her back, she is one of those girls that Jay Z called ever young.
Small Mama was very beautiful and everyman wanted to be her husband, she kept on rejecting them because of her very young stature she did not realize that she is old. She always told us that she wants to marry a rich man as Dangote and famous as Wizkid.
After we learnt that futureless fine boy have impregnated her, we kept on pestering her mother to tell us her whereabout because she disappeared all of a sudden. And her mother kept on lying to us she has married a South Africa man, and both of them have traveled out of the country. Small mama was shocked to see…
Me: Small mama, how far now?
Small Mama: Victor, this one you dress like this? You wan go chop burial rice.
Me: your mouth still dey smell, here no be South Africa.
Small Mama: we just come back to greet my mama na…
Me: I see, why you dey trek like Job. Na rich people exercise be this? Wey your driver and car her baby start crying
Small Mama: you wan come laugh me? My driver dey fix my car for mechanic.
Me: eehhnn… I be wan give you 1k for life support, my dash you 2h to buy fuel.
Small mama: thank you.
She collect the money and I left laughing, I took bus and drove to my work place.
I entered the big gate after a brief talk with the gateman.
I saw one of the guy that laughed me on the interview day, I later learnt his name is Obinna…
Me: how far?
Obinna: oboy! You get the job?
Me: yes na, what of your friend?
Obinna: that one no pass the interview after em make mouth finish say the interview simple, my name na Obinna what of your name?
Me: I be Victor, make we stroll around the industry na.
Obinna: my guy, here big oh.. Work dey here and the place wey them dey process the soap dey smell well well, the interview no be here o.
Me: my brother na on God I take get this job, the canteen fine oh.
A girl came out of the canteen, she is so pretty that the world stopped rotating for me. She smiled and waved at us, and she walked towards the gate.
Obinna: guy!! wetin happen?!
Me: nothing oh, I dey come.
I ran after her and caught up with her outside the gate.
Me: hi, you are the one giving me sleepless night.
Girl: how? Do you know me?
Me: am Victor but you can call me Vic, am please to meet you.
Girl: am Abigail forming
Me: that is one of the angel name missing in heaven, my dear.. You are too beautiful to be human smiling
Girl: but am human.
Me: scratching my head umh… Please, can I have your phone so I can put my phone number?
Girl: no.
Me: since you want me to die.. I walk towards the busy road in an attempt to commit suicide
Girl: hey! What are you doing?
Me: I thought you said I should go and kill myself.
Girl: you must be joking, I did not ask you to commit suicide, alright. Take I take the phone from her
Me: thanks my love, I will call.
I ran back happily her eyes did not left my body, when I looked back she was beaming and shaking her head.
What a beautiful young lady, I met Obinna who was waiting for me.
Obinna: you go scoop that babe?
Me: yes na, the God of fruitful and multiply go vex iffa allow that babe just go.
Obinna: hope say God of fruitful and multiply go give you strength to act beauty and the beast.
Me: which one be beauty and the beast again?
Obinna: the beauty na that girl and the beast na our director, na director pikin be that oh.
Me: I don go fine trouble, I go delete her number. I no want make one bull dog bite me oh Obinna laughing
We started walking around the company and in the process we saw the director, the man is awfully big and huge. I doubt if he has cheek bones because his jew dropped like bull dog.
Me & Obinna: good afternoon, sir.
Director: afternoon, both of you are the new employees. assassin bass
Me & Obinna: yes, sir.
After we are done with the sight seeing, I took bus and went back home.
I did not find Biggy at home, I tried Beauty number since it is Friday that she promised to go out with me.
I called her…
Me: hello, sweetheart.
Beauty: hmmm.. Sweetheart? Are you still interested in taking me out?
Me: ofcourse my love, I want us to go to a club and remove the week stress.
Beauty: send me the address, am very busy now.. I will see you in the evening.
Me: alright, love
The call ended, I swept and cleaned my house thoroughly ’cause my crazy friend have messed up my house. After the clean up I took my best stachy out-fit to a dry cleaner, I asked him to apply his best washing and ironing skills on the out-fit, after I gave him extra cash for efficiency.
I went home and prepared my house like am expecting a governor, I set condom around the house it will happen in a moment.
Towards Evening she called,
Beauty: hello… Am at the place you asked me to come. this girl na witch oh
Me: sorry, I will be on my way right away.
I ended the call and rushed to the dry cleaner, took my outfit. Did a quick wash and made myself look nice then set out, I got to the place when the day was getting dark already.
I called her but she did not pick but she came down from a parked car, I was shocked. She looked prettier than the person I normally saw on her pictures.
Beauty: you are late.
Me: am sorry beautiful, you look prettier than your name. she start smiling
Beauty: I do not like here… Can we go to another place my heart skip a beat


Episode 24
Me: alright. I was calculating the money with me
She asked me to drive but I refused, it will be an insult to me.
It will not make sense I just met her and I will jump on the wheel.
We entered the car and she ignite the engine.
Me: I never knew you had a car.
Beauty: ohh.. I do not like show off. I hear you
Me: that means your kind is rare.
Beauty: you did not ask me where we are going to.
Me: oh my bad, forgive me.. So where are we heading to?
Beauty: to your house, help me with direction my body and d+ck leap in joy
We drove to my house and Musa opened the gate over greeting me with joy as if she came to visit him, we entered inside the house.
Me: welcome to my little abode.
Beauty: nice place, but come here…
We hugged each other and started kissing, s+x made easy I was scared of my life.
Beauty: I love it hrdcore, do not act like a kid.
Me: really?
I was surprised and scared, but I did not accept defeat so easily.
I carried her bridal style and threw her on the bed, she landed chuckling.
I removed my belt and pulled down my trouser, flung it off my leg.
I pulled off my shirt and threw it away, I pulled down my boxer and my d
ck sprung up pointing gingerly at her. She gasped as she saw my size and bite her lower lip, she hurriedly off her gown and remained only on her white pnties. I walked to the bed n_ked and dragged her both legs towards me, I lower my face and run my tongue on her pnted crack.
Me: you are wt…
Beauty: f–k me like a b
tch, am wt for your big long dck.
I shifted her pnt and dug two fingers inside her pssy and moved it in and out slowly, I brought out my two fingers and s—-d on them looking at her.
Beauty: sck me please, use me like your slt! I need your fcking tongue on my wt pssy.
I nearly quit, she is too raw. I tore off her p
nt and forcefully spread her legs wide, I dug two fingers again in her wt toto. And started fingering her very fast, I took her clt in my mouth and scked like a baby.
She placed her hand on my head and started m
aning so loud like a screamer, I bet all my neighbors will be hearing her maning.
Beauty: ooohhh! Aaahh!! S
ck me…
After two minutes of scking her wt pssy she shook violently and squirted, she breathed out heavily after she clmaxed.
Beauty: my turn…
Me: BJ.. she nod
She pushed me down and s——-d me, she unclasped her bra and let it fall on me. She grabbed her two round firm brasts with her both hands, she used her tongue and tickled her npples.
She grabbed my hrd long thick big dck and jrked my dck very fast that I feared my dck will cut.
She blew breeze on my h
rd dck and tickled the tip of my dck with her tongue. She covered my hrd dck with her mouth and started scking stimulating my balls.
I pushed her off and raised one of her leg up to my shoulder, so that the little hairs around my d
ck will tickle her clt.
I took one of the c
ndom on the bed amongst the numerous cndoms I kept on the bed, and tore.
Beauty: what are you doing?
Me: I want to wear c
Beauty: I like it raw, am on pills and am free, are you?
Me: am free too.
Beauty: just put it, penetrate baby she grabbed my d+ck and directed it inside her hole
I started thrsting in with reckless abandon as she screamed down the roof, I grabbed and squeezed her brast every moment, she tried to shift away from me ’cause of the pleasure, but I will drag her back with the leg I hung on my shoulder.
Beauty: aaahhh.. Ooohhh! You are fcking me gooooddd… Am… Aahh, gawdd…
Me: aah! Ahh!
Beauty: call me b
tch, d–n! F–k me as your slt.
I increased my thr
sting speed and she tightened her pssy muscles around my hrd dck, I could not hold back my pleasure as we both clmaxed same time, I was sweating in a room that has A.C. she shook violently as felt my warm cm spurting deep inside her sweet canal.
Beauty: d–n! Your d+ck is so sweet, and you are such a good f+ck *breathing heavily

Me: thanks, you are so sweet too… Will you be my girlfriend? she kissed me slowly
Beauty: I want to sleep..
She woke up after some minutes and we ate and fcked all over the house till the next day, Beauty was like a sx lioness. We became tired around 3am, I was overly tired and feeling pains all over my body.
I dosed off after I received sx overdose from Beauty, no thanks to her.
We both slept off, around 6am I felt a sweet sensation on my d
ck. I was dreaming where I was scked, it was so real that I opened my eyes.
Beauty: good morning.
Me: Jesus!!
She laughed and continued s
cking me, she s——-d me and rode me expertly, slowly and fast playing with her brasts.
She rode both of us to c—-x, I slept off immediately after she drained all the protein and blood in me through my sp
I was so tired and weak so I just slept off like a dead man after the good morning sx, later someone woke me up. I opened my eyes and I was seeing everything double…
Biggy: wetin happen? This house look like war ground, why you resemble person wey trailer jam?
Me: oboy, na trailer of s
x jam me oh, Beauty wan kill me.
A message entered my phone and I was shocked, my throat dried up and I realized I have signed for early grave.
Biggy: why you resemble person wey em container enter Ocean? I give him my phone
Biggy: I will be your girlfriend, if you dare cheat on me. I will kill you, from your lovely girlfriend Beauty.
Me: Biggy, am gone…


Episode 25
Biggy: gone to where?
Me: your sense dey follow pain you as your eyes? You no see this text message?
Biggy: em no mean anything joor.. Na so girls wey you don sample well dey do, so that another person no go enjoy wetin them don enjoy.
Me: you sure Biggy?
Biggy: yes na…
Me: no underestimate the power of a jealous lady oh.
Biggy: professor underestimate, come put hand here.
I did not know were the strength came from probably is from the text message, I stood up and helped Biggy to clean up the room. A call came into my phone, I checked the caller and the Id showed Kelly.
Kelly: oboy where you dey?
Me: I dey house with Biggy, why you dey ask?
Kelly: make ona two lap my house now now!
And the call ended, Kelly is a friend to I and Biggy. Our three formed the pssy chasers club then that landed us behind bars, since then Kelly and his doings is a bad news to me.
Kelly happened to shift any size of p
nt, according to him “na the face I go chop?”
Me: Lashi, Ke boy flash em forefathers.
Biggy: but ona two talk small na.
Me: which talk? I swear MTN no fit capture the minute.
Biggy: wetin em talk?
Me: em say make our two come now now, but I nodey go.
Biggy: do make we dey go, what if em need us pass oxygen. No forget say na our man, em fit dey danger.
Me: em better no concern danger oh, I nofit fight Kelly wars oh.
Biggy: Kelly know sef, you be peace maker 1 and 2. laughing
Me: guy, the thing no be joke oh, em better no be to fight.
We immediately took a quick shower one after the other, I was the last to go in and I made sure Biggy begged me in practically all I should do. Were you thinking we bathed together, may the gods forbid am no gay.
After we wore our clothes, we went outside together and I was about locking the gate…
Kate: repent! Repent!! Fornicators!!! The kingdom of God is at hand, on that judgment day… she shouted aloud from her frontage
Biggy: you no tell me say you dey live close to psychia na.
Me: you don see am oh, Beauty don announce to everyone say I be fornicator for the yard.
Kate: the bible says flee from fornication…
We just ignored her and asked Musa to open gate for us, we came out on the street and Biggy started waving to a beautiful girl across the road who just came out to pour water inside the dirty gutter that runs beside the road. She waved back and he started smiling broadly like cat fish.
Me: you know the babe?
Biggy: for where? Creating awareness for future invasion.
Me: shey you know say her father na invader?
Biggy: wetin you mean?
Me: her father na beware of dog in form of human being.
Biggy: em no want make em daughter marry again?
Me: thank God you say marriage, em no want person wey go use in the name of boyfriend dey f–k em daughter like prnstar.
Biggy: haters..! I go still shoot my shot.
Me: goodluck for you, taxi.. Ojefel man.
Ojefel: tufiaaa… I nodey carry ona.
He drove past us and I became ashamed of myself, we just missed a free taxi sha… We later took a taxi that we charge money, “em no go better for Ojefel man oh”.
When we dropped at Kelly house, we went to the door and knocked. He opened the door sweating and smiling.
Me: guy? You dey cook with fire inside room.
Kelly: no… Na one gal I dey bleep o, she say my invite ona, say only me nofit satisfy her. *both of laughing

Me: na you call me, how wish say na sx you call me for. I for dey my dey.
Biggy: no mind am, how many rounds ona don go already?
Kelly: six, I take TM.. I don tire sef, na em make I call ona.
Biggy: Kelly you don f–k up, na that small girl wey I go handle she go grab her p
nt fly window and fence with one jump.
Kelly: come make her jump fence and Jericho wall, she dey n_ked inside.
Biggy: Vic you nodey come? Sorry, I don forget say Beauty have turn your long dragon to bent and fallen.
Kelly: laughing leave my g, make we go inside…
Both of them went inside and I waited for them on the verandah, I was expecting a girl to man but nothing as such happened instead I was hearing Biggy’s loud throaty pleasure groans.
After two hours…
Biggy: I no want do again! *Biggy shout from inside

I ran inside to check what was happening, I saw Kelly laughing and rolling on the floor and a n_ked girl mounted on Biggy who laid helplessly beneath her.
Girl: I never tire…
Biggy: abeg na…!! she turn to me
Girl: you be the next person? chewing gum
Me: God no go gree, noooo!
She resumed the riding on Biggy ignoring his plea.
Biggy: I go die oh! Kelly help me na!! breathing heavily
I just closed the door behind me and navigated myself home, I came out of the, broken gate to the open street. I realized that I did not have enough money on me for vehicle to convey me home, I was still battling with the thought of going inside or trekking a fifty naira distance.
When a man that I did not understand his dressing walked upto me, I raised my head and scanned the both sides of the street and saw his co-workers in vineyard of 419 hanging around.
Man1: oga good afternoon, I no know road. Na person just help me with transport my go receive healing, you be child of God?
Me:…. I nod
Man1: oga abeg, I wan see one healer wey them dey call fit show me heaven road? is like this one wan escort me
Me: I nod …. pointing towards were I want to go.


Episode 26
He started speaking gibberish then headed to the opposite direction, his accent was that of a broke ass British ngga. I decided to walk towards my destination, the other one stationed on the road walked to me.
Man2: you know that man? *the other one I was with earlier walk pass us

Me: ….. I shake my head
Man2: em good make them rob am?
Me: …. I shake my head
Man2: waka fast fast make we go meet am o, before bad boys go come rob am. That man fit be our destiny helper.
We hurried to the other man earlier, they were not aware that they are just keeping me company.
Man2: oga, I don talk to am. We go help you sell your goods three of us walking to my destination
Man1: if you both cheat on me in your country, I will die. Are you both a christian? with cheap gin German accent
Man2: oga, you from where?
Man1: am from Germany, I just came to Nigeria to sell cars, laptops and phones. You both will help me, I will give both of you Iphone X mas you get Iphone na our two dey waka for this kind hot sun
Man2: am a christian, you don hear am… We go fit sell the laptops make big money, then twuama.
Me: …. I nod
Man1: am not a christian but I believe in Jesus, I know Steve Bruce and Holt Mesult, they are my friends. I am a member of marine occult.
Man2: no fear oh, the man wan help us.
Me: …. I nod
Man1: I will make both of you rich, I will give both of you laptops and accessories to market for me. You will both be my suppliers, what kind of phone are you using? close to the major tarred road
Conductor: Choba Choba! One chance, no time!!
Me: ona papa na em be the name of the phone I dey use.
Both of them were shocked, all along they thought I was under their spell. I joined the bus and left them there standing dejectedly.
Conductor: be serious, madam adjust.
Madam: where you want my adjust go? No space.
I sat beside two fat women who occupied back seat and I regretted my decision, one of them was snoring away as they joined hand to compress me to the bus wall.
Me: madam, adjust small.. i dey die here.
Madam: oga, I nofit adjust o, I pay for two seats.
Me: two seats and human being life which one pass? people start laughing in the bus
Madam: go thief five naira if them no go burn you, oga if you wan die, die oh!. I nodey hold you.
Girl: conductor dropping tapping the bus wall
Conductor: be serious, you hold fifty naira, my balance you 1h?
Girl: I no get, abeg give my change.
Conductor: na you come dey shout for me? Warn yourself oh.
Girl: your mouth dey smell abeg, give me my change.
Driver: hey you girl, come down no ’cause trouble for that place oh.
Conductor: ashawo… I better pass all your family people he throw the fifty naira towards her
Girl: as you dey happily suffering, na your mama and sisters be ashawo.
Conductor: wuhoowuhoooo! ashawo!!
The driver moved the bus and we continued the journey, I deserted my seat for the two fat women.
Woman: for her own money too, conductor.
Conductor: madam, hold yourself oh. Nobody invite you oh.
Woman: sorry, sir!
I wiped the beads of sweats that formed on my body as the journey continued, immediately I came down from the bus. I met Musa and one secondary school girl at the gate.
Musa: wekome, oga Viktor.
Me: Musa, no shift her leg oh she start blushing
Girl: good afternoon.
Me: afternoon.
I went inside the yard and saw Ada drying clothes on the rope, immediately she saw me. She beamed like someone they lit fire on her face.
Ada: Vic! Vic!! How far na? who be this one?
Me: I still dey the bathroom you lock me oh.
I unlocked my protector and went inside my house, I took a quick shower and devoured a plate of spaghetti. And off I was to land of dream.
The ringing tone of my phone woke me up.
Me: hello, who be this?
Abigail: so, you did not save my contact? with angelic voice
Me: I dey mad, except I lost all my memories. Not to save the love my life contact she start laughing
Abigail: so, why have you not call? I ransack my head for lies
Me: I thought you do not want a boyfriend in your life, since you are dating over ten celebrities, Wizkid, Davido… she start laughing
Abigail: you are not serious, well.. I will be travelling by Tuesday. Can we meet tomorrow.
Me: who am I to say no? Take me to the slaughter
Abigail: you are just too funny, bye joor.. Before you make me break my ribs, and make sure you come online oh.
Me: alright, I love you, won’t I get I love you from you?
Abigail: no, bye joor laughing
The call ended, her voice was so sweet. But the fear of director is the beginning of wisdom, I decided to waste some time on social media before I call Biggy to check up on him.
Immediately, I switched on my data a notification pop-up from Beauty.
Beauty: hey boo, my pssy missed you *a pic of her on a s_xy gown
Me: my dck missed it more, I cannot get enough of you. *typed and sent
Beauty: am coming on Friday, and my pssy is all yours till Sunday *chisos! No, don’t come oh!
A knock landed on my door, I switched off my data and went to check on who is at the door.
Me: na who be that?
Voice: is me with girlish voice
Me: is me no get name?
I opened the door and regretted why.


To Be continued..

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