STORY! Who are you, My Husband?…Chapter 491 (Arrive At Planet B )


Who are you, My Husband? Chapter 491 Arrive At Planet B


“Yes, just now, Jian Stone fired first, and then the robot launched a counterattack.”

“Won’t they attack us if we don’t attack them?”


Joe Shi looked at Phil Du and others in confusion.
Phil nodded and said, “I think so too. So, as long as they don’t fire, let’s keep calm first.”

Jian Stone frowned and said, “Isn’t that too risky?”

They just fell silent.

In the face of these alien robots, and their behavior was aggressive, everything could happen.

“I’ll go ahead and have a look. With my accomplishments, they can’t hurt me.” At last, Phil said.

He was the supreme commander and the strongest among all, so he was ready to take risks.

“No, it’s too dangerous!” Jian Stone said quickly.

He knew that Phil was mighty.

But this was in space, without gravity, no matter how strong the martial arts was, it was not easy to operate.

And they’re wearing spacesuits.

Although today’s spacesuits had been simplified to ordinary clothes, they were still more troublesome than regular clothes.
“Just relax. I know what to do.” Phil shook his head and firmly drifted across to the robot crowd.

It’s too late for Jian Stone and others to stop. One by one, they had to quickly pick up the Gaussian rifle in their hands and aim at the robot crowd wafting towards them.

But to everyone’s relief, when the robots saw Phil go by, they didn’t fire but made some strange gestures to Phil.

“What are they doing?” Joe looked at Jian Stone and others confusedly.
“I don’t know. Probably invite us to come over?” Jian Stone frowned.

“Could it be that there is another species on this warship?” Hare Liu said in shock.
That’s when Phil’s voice came over.

“I guess they want to invite us to go somewhere, or maybe their central computer or something.

Hare, I’ll go there with you, and others should stand by. Don’t fire until you are sure your life is in danger.” Said Phil.


When several people answered, Hare swam over
to Phil.

Sure enough, these robots invited Phil to go

Phil went through many passages under their
guide and arrived at a central computer room after
more than half an hour.

In the central computer room, there were several armed robots, but none of them attacked Phil and Hare.

Therefore, Phil and Hare breathed a sigh of relief. Soon, they saw a screen suddenly appear on the front wall of the central computer room.

A person who looked similar to human beings, but whose skin was blue, appeared on the screen. He talked about something, and then behind him, it was a picture of a planet.

That planet was similar to the Earth, even smaller than the Earth. It also had mountains, water, and half of the ocean.

With the constant switching and enlargement of the pictures, Phil and Hare also saw groups of blue
people flash by. “Is this the blue people and the planet they live?
But what does he mean?” Hare asked in surprise.

Phil shook his head. Of course, he didn’t know
what the blue people meant, and he didn’t
understand why these robots brought them here.
“Phil. What’s going on now?”

At that moment, Chase Lu’s voice sounded in the
headphones of Phil.

After Phil entered the leading ship of the alien
warship, he didn’t contact The Hope. Chase and
others were worried, so Chase contacted them in

Phil was surprised and delighted.

Before they entered the battleship and were
separated, there was no signal, and he thought he
couldn’t contact The Hope.

He didn’t expect to hear the voice of Chase at this

“Can you see what this is? By the way, let Dasin
Ding translate it quickly.”
With that, Phil transmitted the entire screen to Chase via video.
On The Hope, when Chase saw the video sent by Phil, he was a little confused, and he didn’t
understand the language of the Blue clan.

“Well, I’ll ask Dasin to see what it means,” Chase
replied to Phil and informed Dasin to bring several linguists to the captain’s room.

After more than ten minutes, Dasin came to the captain’s room with several linguists.

They happened to be the linguists who deciphered
the blue language.

They recorded what the blue people said on the screen through video, and then turned it over sentence by sentence in the captain’s room.

After an hour or so, they finally translated the meaning of the blue people.

Chase looked at the approximate content, and the more he looked at it, the more he was shocked.

The person who sent this video was the strongest of the blue people and their supreme leader, the captain of the blue warships.


BayLan said that more than 3,000 years ago, they observed a mysterious bead breaking into the Milky Way from outside and then flying to the solar system.

They guessed that the mysterious bead was probably flying from the Large Magellanic Cloud, which might contain the powerful technology of
the Large Magellanic Cloud.
Just because the resources on their blue parent star were scarce, they were ready to invade the
solar system, and they could also take the opportunity to find the mysterious beads.

Then, they encountered the space collapse here. Blue Clan suspected that a higher civilization of
seven or more ranks was protecting the solar system, protecting this resource-poor galaxy.

More than seven civilizations could make space collapse.

Baylan’s meaning was simple. He was willing to use their Blue clan’s technology password in
exchange for a promise of human beings–when humans met their blue people in the future, please
cut them some slack.

Baylan didn’t ask for any other requirements. He
spoke directly that at the last moment, they copied all the scientific and technological trees of the Blue family in a chip, and he also told them about the position of the chip.
“The leader of this blue family is brilliant,” Dasin

Baylan knew that there was advanced civilization to protect the solar system; he guessed that human civilization would surely surpass their blue
race sooner or later.

He was now using the technology tree that human beings would reach sooner or later in exchange for a promise from human beings, which was entirely
worth it.

Of course, he was also betting whether human beings would not let go of their descendants. He
didn’t know, and even Chase didn’t know if humans would fight with the blue people one day.
Chase nodded but looked serious.

He also thought that there might be an advanced civilization looking at humans.

But was this advanced civilization good or bad?

He did not know, nor could he guess.

That was a hazardous signal.

However, Chase had no time to worry about these
things now.

He immediately contacted Phil, in the video, he taught Phil how to order the Blue clan to leave behind robots, and made the robots take out the chip that Blue said, and send someone to bring the chip back to The Hope first.

Chase did not leave in the following time, but let Dasin and others learn the blue race’s technology and capture the blue race’s warship materials.
Although most of these warships were debris, many materials could still be recycled.
According to the blue technology they absorbed a year later, they built a frigate to protect The Hope.

The frigate No 01 was about one-twentieth of the number of The Hope, which was equipped with a complete set of offensive and defensive systems left by the Blue Family. As long as the strength was no better than the Blue Family civilization’s
civilization, it was difficult to break the defense
system of the frigate No.001.

In the next three years, Chase did not leave for Planet B, and he was still absorbing and utilizing
the blue clan’s scientific and technological
heritage. In the past four years, more than 30,000 new human beings moved to The Hope. With the unlimited supply of resources, the living standard of human beings improved, and many families gave birth wantonly.

In this regard, Chase ordered an expansion of The Hope to make room for the new humans.

At the same time, the number of frigates around The Hope had increased to 20, and they would
protect The Hope. They also had space fighters. Before, with human
science and technology, they could only develop about seven and a half generations of fighter jets to serve as space fighters.

After absorbing the blue technology, the strength
of the space fighter was equivalent to eight and a half generations or even nine generations of fighters.

All of these would be the confidence for future human when they encountered with alien civilizations.

In the fifth year, inspired by the blue science and technology, Chase finally broke through the curvature engine’s difficulty and abruptly advanced the speed of human navigation by at least twenty years.

The so-called curvature engine was to make the space around The Hope move. The Hope was stationary in this moving space, but the area around the ship was moving in the direction it’s given at faster-than-light speed.

The key was to flatten the curvature of the space
at the back end of The Hope, and then let the area
at the front end of The Hope pull it over.

This idea of the driving engine was put forward
more than 20 years ago. But it took five years of
absorbing the core of blue science and technology,
and countless experiments to make it work.

After the curvature engine was developed, Chase
finally sailed to Planet B.

According to the precise calculation of the central
computer, The Hope could reach the orbit of
Planet B after three years.

In the second year of curvature voyage, medical
scientists finally developed the genetic evolution pill.

This pill could considerably prolong the life of
human beings.

However, because the core of this material was extracted from Mars monsters, it was scarce and precious. For a short time, the pills were available only to senior executives.

When Chase was on Mars last time, he caught a Martian monster and brought it to The Hope for training and research. In recent years, there had

finally been a breakthrough, which could be used
to extract some particular substances. But this Martian monster was too bloodthirsty for scientists to cultivate.

In the third year of curvature voyage, The Hope
finally reached the orbit of Planet B. When the figure of The Hope emerged from the curved space, the inexplicable fear suddenly rose in the hearts of Chase and others.

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