The president’s wife Episode 2

The President’s wife
Episode 2
Location: Aso rock, Nigeria.

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Soft knocks landed on my door waking me from my sweet sleep.. “why is morning so fast this days” I cursed in my mind..the very large room and the gargantuan soft bed will make someone sleep and wake up in heaven..the room was painted white with large-medium LG plasma on the wall,, you know what I mean now… I sluggishly stood up and walked to the door half n_ked…i opened it popping my head out to see same tall dark no dey sleep nii..

Girl: Morning sir,, sorry to wake you sir but the first lady is waiting for you downstairs….

Me: right now?.. Oh.. Okay ma’am.. I’ll be there right away…

Girl: You can call me Agatha sir..


Me: oh no problem…

She walked away with a smile while I closed the door and quickly ran inside the bathroom in which I spent not less than 10minutes…i stepped into my room and quickly clad in my finest Italian suit.. I smiled to the big mirror I was facing revealing my handsome 26years old face together with my killer dimples(i swear na) and the lipstick-like pinklip.. D–n.. I then rushed downstairs..yes,, the first lady was sitting on the golden couch watching the news that was based on her and the President while she was smiling alongside…

Me: morning ma…

President’s wife: oh Jay,, was your night?

Me: awesome ma and yours?

President’s wife: not really great

Me: shocked something happened?

President’s wife: hmm.. Personal..

Me: oh, alright ma..

President’s wife: let’s eat something we are going somewhere..


President’s wife: I won’t take no for an answer.. are my brother..stood up and patted my shoulder

I was speechless as I stood transfixed on the same spot.. Thats how I got to have a clear view of her angelic dress.. She was dressed in a pink gown designed with flowers while her hair was neatly packed backward nailing the combo.. Chaii… “Jay” she called as she was heading the dinning jolting me off my death wished thoughts..i followed her with my heart beating different drums(especially reggae and jazz) .. Oh my gosh…food was already placed on the table with agatha standing by it.. I sat opposite the first lady evading her beautiful eye.. We later started eating after agatha have tasted the food preventing poison..

President’s wife: wife? Children?

Me: wh…at… ma i stammered

President’s wife: really?..great..

“Great?.. Why is that great?” I asked in my mind and it was as if she read my mind as she replied immediately…

President’s wife: I mean for a young guy like you,, it won’t be cool having a wife and children at your age she quickly corrected herself

Me: o…kay ma..

President’s wife: how’s the food?

Me: delicious ma smiling

President’s wife: let’s hurry up.. We are going to be late..

We exited the biggest and largest building found at the center of the extremely enormous compound consisting of different buildings..the building was where the President and his wife stays and now with me.. We later made it to the car,, a Honda jeep 2014 edition to be precise with agatha and a male guard as she already said she didn’t want to alert the criminals by moving in convoy.. We entered the car and exited the compound with me sitting beside her at the backseat and agatha at the front seat while the other guard was doing the driving part…

After some hours of visiting orphanage homes, some government schools and some government hospitals while I was doing the job of stylishly shielding the First Lady from the mob and acting as her brother alongside,we then later headed aso rock.. Silence occupied the car till we got to aso rock.. Agatha opened the door for her while I exited through the second door and we made it inside the central biggest building in the compound.. A woman in her early fifties that I recognised as the vice president’s wife and a girl of about 25 seems to be her daughter was seated in the sitting room watching the TV…they stood when they sighted us and the woman greeted the first lady shaking hands with her while the girl bowed…

President’s wife: we should sit-down.. What’s your name again referring to the girl

Girl: it’s Mirabel ma but Mira is okay..

“sit down” she whispered to me as I was still standing..i quickly sat down with her resuming the acting..

Mira: it’s nice to meet you in person ma..

President’s wife: it seems Mr vice president is here,,am I right?

V. President wife: yes, he is in the meeting room with the President..

President’s wife: I thought so.. I knew you couldn’t just visit..

I caught mirabel countless time stealing glances at me.. Mirabel is a little light skin girl with enormous boobs and a beautiful face not as beautiful as the President wife’s..”but why is she glancing” I asked myself stupidly…”we will visit some other times” Mirabel replied…

V. President wife: by the way,, who is this young handsome man,, I have never seen his face before…

President’s wife: oh Jason? ..he is my brother..he just came to visit from Sweden… Jason meet our country vice president’s wife and her daughter…

Me: nice to meet you i bowed

She later rounded off the conversations by giving the president’s wife her first son wedding invitation letter coming in a week time with the excuse that the date has been fixed far long before the President was elected.. After the meeting between the President and his vice, they all left with the President and with the excuse of having another meeting not after Mirabel winked at me and walked away shaking her biggest backyard confusing me more and it was like the President’s wife noticed as she won’t stop looking at me somehow..chaii…

Night came so fast to my advantage while I was sitting beside the President’s wife watching her boring fashion show.. I was very uncomfortable even though she insisted and commanded me to sit with her,,yes,,Agatha was surprised as I can see “what’s going” look obviously shown on her face… Yes,, I also don’t know what’s going on so stop looking at me like that…

The President later walked inside accompanied by a tall dark heavily built man known to be president personal guard holding a traveling bag and yes a lady that I immediately recognized as one the most famous Hollywood actress even famous than Amanda and was probably in her early twenties(22-23).. She was smiling holding the President’s right hand and clad in a bum short-like short, a top revealing her abdomen part and an high heel shoe,,totally an American style…chaii..why is she here?



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