Waec 2019 Health Education Answers – May/June Expo



A=Flush toilet
B=pit Toilet

A=it is hygienic
B=it is very cheap type of toilet

A=it is very expensive
B=it is not hygienic



(i)Lock your pit latrine or toilet to keep intruders at bay
(ii)Clean it regularly with detergents, antiseptic toilet cleaners and brushes to scrub away dirt on the surface.

A – Breast feeding
B – Bottle feeding

Breast feeding

A – Breast feeding:
(i) Breast milk helps protect your baby from illness during infancy, particularly tummy bugs and ear infections.
(ii) Breast feeding has lasting benefits for baby’s metabolism, reducing the chance of obesity and diabetes, and of allergies like eczema, later.

B – Bottle feeding:
(i) It provides more flexibility in being away from your baby if you have to work, for example.
(ii) Bottle-feeding is easier to delegate when you are tired, allowing you to rest properly and have more energy overall.

Disadvantages of Bottle feeding:
(i) It does not provide the same protection against infections as breast milk
(ii) It is expensive
(iii) Inconvenient while travelling

Artificial pasture refers to an area of land covered with forage grasses and legumes which are deliberately planted by man.

(i) extend the growing season of a pasture
(ii) increase the organic matter content of the soil over time because of grass root systems
(iii) reduce weed encroachment
(iv) reduce erosion
(v) produce higher yields
(vi) improve the palatability

(i) mixed production
(ii) intensive farming systems “landless”
(iii) extensive production system

-Mixed production:
(I) it includes both agriculture and livestock
(ii)it can be either intensive or extensive.
(iii)it used for exploitation of both irrigated or non-irrigated land and they are common in some parts of America, Europe and Asia.

-Intensive farming:
(i) it is mainly used for livestock.
(ii)it is used to breed pigs, chickens, laying hens, cattle and even fish
(iii)they are common in north America, Europe and Asia and in heavy populated areas in general, where the demand for meat and proteins is very high.

-Extensive farming:
(i)it is used on large non-cultivated land where animals can graze freely
(ii)it is use for cattle, to produce meat and milk, sheep and goats.
(iii)It is more common in Central and South America

(i)Smoking cause Premature aging
(ii)Smoking increases the chances of impotence
(iii)smoking lead to Sense of bad smell and taste
(iv)smoking lead to premature death
(v)smoking Increased chance of contacting infections

(i)Stick to Designated Crossing Areas
(ii)Look Around Stopped Vehicles
(iii)Determining Fault After an Accident
(iv)Staying Safe on the Roads
(v)Don’t Expect Drivers to See You because driver may be under influence of Alcohol

(i)microcytic anemia.
(ii)normocytic anemia
(iii)macrocytic anemia.

(1) To maintain the physical, mental and social well-being of workers.
(ii) To prevent the unfavorable effects on health caused by working conditions
(iii) To become familiar to occupational environment of physical and mental needs of workers
(iv) To consider the issues relating to industrial safety, occupational medicine, industrial hygiene etc

(i) Wash your hands with soap and water before eating or handling food and after using the toilet.
(ii) When traveling in areas where tapeworm is more common, wash and cook all fruits and vegetables with safe water before eating.
(iii) Eliminate livestock exposure to tapeworm eggs by properly disposing of animal and human feces.

– Triglycerides
– diglycerides,
– free fatty acids
– phosphatides
– sterols
– fatty alcohols
– fat-soluble vitamins,
– Insulation and Temperature Regulation
– Vitamin Absorption
– Source of Energy

– It helps to maintain normal blood pressure
– It also helps to maintain normal function of muscles and nerves.
– Protection of the Cell Membranes
– Prevention of Oxidative Stress

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