Waec Gce Agric Practical Answers – Jan/Feb 2020 Expo


Waec Gce Agric Practical Answers – Jan/Feb 2020 Expo


A = Garden Fork
B = Wheelbarrow

I = Hand Grip
II = Tray/Bed
III = Leg Support
IV = Tire/Wheel

A = They are often used for digging up weeds.
B = It enables one to quickly ship the heavyweight luggage from one place to another and also much saves the power and stamina of a human.

= If your tool has a wooden handle, it should be conditioned periodically with linseed oil. Simply apply a small amount with a rag and rub in until the handle is coated with a thin layer of oil.
= This will help protect and preserve the wood and prevent it from rotting so that your fork can be used for many years to come.
= After use, store your hand fork, along with your other gardening tools, in a dry place such as a shed to protect it from moisture which could cause rust.



By seed

(i) Manual method
(ii) Mechanical method

(i) It serves as food
(ii) It is a source of vegetable oil
(iii) It is used in bakery for supplementing white flour
(iii) It serves as feed to farm animals

(i) Curing
(ii) Drying

Spacing = 20 x 60
Area = 20 x 60 = 120
1 hectare = 10000m²

Population of plant per hectare = 120 x 10000 = 12,000,000 plant per hectare

I – Duct
II – Gland cistern
III – Teat cistern
IV – Teat maetus


(i) Observation
(ii) Forestripping
(iii) Cleaning the teats
(iv) Attaching the milking unit
(v) Adjusting the milking unit
(vi) End of milking
(vii) Milking unit removal
(viii) Disinfection

Farm animal – Number of Organs:

(i) Cow – Two pairs (Four)
(ii) Goat – One pair (Two)
(iii) Sheep – One pair (Two)
(iv) Deer – One pair (Two)


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