Waec Gce Civic Education Answers – Jan/Feb 2020 Expo

Waec Gce Civic Education Answers – Jan/Feb 2020 Expo




HIV is a virus. It may lead to AIDS, the disease you can get after the virus has infected your body for several years and has weakened your immune system. Not everyone who has HIV will get AIDS, but without treatment with antiretroviral drugs the infection will progress to AIDS. That usually happens in 10-15 years, according to the World Health Organization.




(i)Breast milk

(ii)Semen and pre-seminal (pre-ejaculate) fluid

(iii)Vaginal fluids



(i)Stay Undetectable.

(ii)Use Condoms.

(iii)Conceive Safely.

(iv)Avoid Mother-to-Child Transmission.

(v)Avoid Sharing Needles.



Human Trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or s_xual exploitation.



= Assistance to the victim

= Education support for victims 

= Awareness campaign against human trafficking 

= Engaging in youth empowerment programs

= Establishment of rehabilitation centers



An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. The context can vary from family or kinship relations, friendship, marriage, relations with associates, work, clubs, neighborhoods, and places of worship.



-Compatibility: Two individuals in a relationship must be compatible with each other. 

-Communication: Communication plays a pivotal role in all types of relationships whether it is personal or professional. 

-Honesty: Be honest in relationships. Do not lie or hide things from your partner. 

-Time: Time plays an important role in relationships. Individuals in love must spend adequate time to know each other better. 

-Stay calm: Do not overreact on petty things in relationships. Stay calm.


(i)Protect the Natural Rights; protect the basic human rights which include right to life, liberty and to possess property. The idea of natural rights is because every person deserves to enjoy these rights.

(ii)Defend Against External Enemies; War across nations has been a constant condition since the beginning of civilization. According to the federal laws and constitution, the government has a responsibility to ensure peace within its borders.

(iii)Managing Economic Conditions; The modern government has a duty to fight poverty and improve the quality of life of its citizens. In order to achieve this, the government must create a conducive environment for material prosperity and economic growth.

(iv)Redistribution of Income and Resources;
Governments should ensure economic pie grows larger to redistribute fruits of prosperity. The government does this by taxing wealthier people and transferring the income to different categories of people who are in need of these services.

(v)Provide Public or Utility Goods; government is to provide public goods. In most cases, these are services that the private sector cannot provide or they can provide in an unfair or inefficient manner. National security is one of these services.

Nationalism is an ideology and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation (as in a group of people especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation’s sovereignty (self-governance) over its homeland.

Political and Administrative Unity: They enacted and codified laws which were applicable to every citizen of the state. These laws were enforced by a hierarchically graded system of tribunals.
English Language and Western Education: Introduction of western education was another important factor which paved the way for the growth of nationalism.
Development of Transport and Means of Communication:
Modern means of transport helps in the consolidation of people into modern nations.
Impact of International Events: Several movements and events in foreign countries also helped in awakening national consciousness.

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