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Waec Marketing 2022 Answers: 2022 WAEC Marketing Questions and Answers, Waec Marketing question 2022 for school students in the SS3 grade. Are you one of the people looking for ways to obtain Marketing WAEC questions 2022? If yes, then look no further because this article is designed for you. We will talk about the steps to obtain WAEC Marketing Essay and Objective questions and answers, the best way to respond to Marketing WAEC questions 2022, and the steps you must take to complete the WAEC Marketing test in one sitting. 

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We will discuss the ways to get the 2022 WAEC Marketing questions, so that you are prepared for the upcoming WAEC exam. You will also know the way WAEC has set questions on Marketing and the best way to answer these questions. This guide will help you will be able to make either A or B choices on the Marketing WAEC 2022 exam.

2022 WAEC Marketing Questions & Answers 

Marketing 2 (Essay) – 09:30am – 11:30am
Marketing 1 (Objective) – 11:30am – 12:20pm

(i) Receiving: Operations that involve the assignment of trucks to docks, the scheduling and execution of unloading activities

(ii) Storing: Material’s movement from unloading area to its designated place in inventory

(iii) Order Picking: This is the main and the most labour-intensive activity of warehouses. Amaka will be obtaining the right amount of the right products for a set of customer orders.

(iv) Shipping: Execution of packing and truck’s loading after picking, involving also the assignment of trucks to docks


(v) Delivery: The transit time for transportation from the warehouse to the customer is part of the activities that is carried out in Amaka’s warehouse.

(i) She must accept responsibility for the consequences of their activities and make every effort to ensure that their decisions, recommendations, and actions function to identify, serve, and satisfy all relevant public
(ii) Amaka should give a maximum privacy to every customer on internet by not bombarding potential customers with unwanted solicitations and information Provide customers
(iii) She should have a good customer service or commitmentment by notifying the customer immediately of items that are out of stock, have been discontinued, or other updates.

(iv) She should avoid copyright issues by asking for permission before using someone’s site or material.

Entrepreneurship is the act of coordinating the factors of production in a manner that makes a business venture profitable.

(i) Personal savings.
(ii) Loan and overdraft
(iii) Trade credit
(iv) Loan from cooperatives society

(i) Personal savings: This is the funds put together by the entrepreneur.
(ii) Loan and overdraft: This is the funds from commercial banks.
(iii) Trade credit: This is the arrangement to receive goods and make payment in future date.
(iv) Loan from cooperatives society: This is the funds contributed via cooperative societies

(i) Availability of customers.
(ii) Nearness to targeted customers.
(iii) Availability of road network.
(iv) The size of population.
(v) Availability and nearness to manufacturing plant.
(vi) Nearness to wholesaler and retailers.
(vii) Availabilty of raw materials
(viii) Availability of basic infrastructure
(ix) Economic policy

Need: These are basic human requirements. They are the basic forces that motivate a person to think about and do something/take action.

Wants: These are things which you wish to have but they are not above your need. wants also refers to a wish or desire to own goods and services that give satisfaction

Exchange:This means the act of obtaining a needed/wanted object by offering something in return. It is a value of creating process.

Demand: This is the want for a specific product backed by an ability to pay. It’s also consumer’s desire to purchase goods and services and willingness to pay a price for a specific good

Transaction: Transaction us an exchange between two things of value on agreed conditions and time and place of agreement.


(Pick any one)
Marketing consists of the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer or users in order to satisfy customers and accomplish the company’s objectives.


Marketing can be defined as the process of communicating the value of a product or services to customers. It is also a process by which companies create customer interest in products or services.

(Pick Any Six)
(i)Risk bearing
(v)Grading and standardizing
(vi) Marketing information Research
(vii) Transportation

(i)Production concept: The production concept is the idea that a firm should focus on in relation to those products that it could product most efficiently. This concept focusses more on solving the problems l of production and little concern for the public satisfaction.

(ii) Product concept: This concept assumes that customers will favour those products that offer the most quality for the price and therefore it is important for companies to produce quality products. It explains that customers are primarily interested in product quality.

(iii)The selling concept: Production of goods does not mean assure sales most times. The sales concept paid little attention to whether if the product was actually needed; the goal simply was to beat the competition to the sale with little regard to customer satisfaction

(iv) Marketing concept: Marketing concept focusses on increasing a company’s ability to compete and achieve maximum profits by marketing the ways in which it offer better value to customers than its competitors. This concept lay emphasis on marketing management with the twin goals of customer orientation and profitable sales volumes.

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Waec Marketing 2022 Syllabus

Below are the topics that WAEC will Set Marketing questions from:

1. The genesis of Marketing

The breakdown of this topic include:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Meaning
  • Scope
  • Advantages and disadvantages and functions of marketing

Important terms to note: Know the definition of the following marketing terms;

  • Markets
  • Exchange
  • Demands
  • Needs
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Goods
  • Wants
  • Transactions
  • Adverting

2. Marketing Concepts: Read everything under this topic and take note of all the important terms like:

  • Societal marketing
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Selling

3. Marketing Mix: Candidates should study everything under the marketing mix.

At the end of your study, you should be able to give a good explanation of the marketing environment and how environmental factors like politics, culture, religion, economic, technology, and the social system affect marketing.

4. Products: At the end of this topic, candidates should be able to give a detailed explanation of products, how to classify them, and the differences between the different classes of products.

Note: Products can be classified into:

  • Industrial goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Mineral products-oil/non-oil
  • Services
  • Primary/secondary products

5. Market: Study all the concepts of a market. Also, know the meaning and classification of markets

6. The Consumer: Cover up everything on this topic including the decision process in a logical order and the consumers influencing factors.

7. Marketing Planning: Study all the procedures, steps, and the process involved in marketing planning

  • Study the importance and marketing research skills and techniques
  • Know the basic elements in marketing planning.
  • Also, study the Information required and the reasons for marketing planning and research.

8. Pricing: Study everything under this topic.

9. Advertising: Know the meaning, functions, uses, advantages, disadvantages, means, and types of advertisement.

10. Sales Promotion: Know the definition and functions of sales promotion.


Introduction to Marketing

(a) Meaning;

(b)      Explanation of basic terms in marketing: needs, wants, demands, product, exchange, transactions, and markets,

(c) Brief history of marketing in Nigeria;

(d) Functions of marketing.
2 Marketing Concepts (a) Meaning;
(b) Various marketing concepts (production, product, selling,
marketing and societal marketing).
3 Marketing Mix and (a) Meaning;
Marketing (b)  Elements (4 Ps);
(c)i Explain Marketing Environment
(c)ii Factors affecting marketing environment:
4. Products (a) Meaning;
(b) Classification (Industrial goods, consumer goods,
services, primary and secondary products and mineral
products-oil and non oil;
(c) Distinctions between classes of products.
(d) Product Design*
5. Markets (a) Meaning;
(b) Classification:
–   Organization (industrial, reseller and government)
6. Consumer and (a) Meaning;
Behaviour (b) Influencing factors;
(c)  Decision process in logical order
7. Marketing Planning (a)i Meaning, process and importance;
and Research ii Elements of marketing planning;
iii Information required for marketing planning
(b) Reasons for marketing planning and research.
(c) Utilization of feedback
8 Pricing (a) Meaning;
(b)i Strategies (haggling, cost-plus, demand and
ii Application of strategies*
(c) Price determinants.
9 Advertising (a) Definition;
(b) Functions;
(c) Media – meaning, types, advantages and disadvantages.
(d) Production of sample adverts*
10 Sales Promotion (a) Meaning and Functions;
(b) Forms – price-off, coupons, salesmen competition,
loyalty schemes, premium offers, trade-in-allowance,
sampling, training schemes, and merchandising incentives.
11 Merchandising (a) Meaning;
(b)  Elements (packaging, branding and labeling)
(C) Influencing factors;
(d) Functions.
12 Distribution (a) Definition;
(b)  Channels of distribution (definition and types)
(c) Factors influencing choice of distribution channels
(d)  Functions of channel members.
13 Transportation (a) Meaning, mode, choice and importance;
(b) Documents used in transportation;
(c) Factors affecting choice of transportation
14 Warehousing (a) Meaning, types and functions.
(b) Activities in the warehouse
15 Market Unions and (a) Market Unions (Meaning and types)
Facilitators (b) Roles of Market Unions in local markets;
(c)  Market Facilitators – meaning, types and roles.
16 International (a) Meaning, importance/reasons and methods of engaging in
Marketing international marketing,
(b) Influencing factors;
(c) Guiding rules and regulations;
17 ICT in Marketing (a) E-Marketing (electronic marketing) – meaning,
,importance, uses, ethics and abuses.
18 Entrepreneurship in (a) Meaning of entrepreneurship and entrepreneur;
Marketing (b) Sources of funds;
(c)  Factors affecting location of a market outlet;
(d)  Management of market outlets – purchase and supply of
goods and services;
(e)  Selling and bargaining skills;
*Emphasis should be on practical

WAEC Marketing Aims and Objectives

The aim of the WAEC Marketing examination is to test candidates:

(1). Knowledge, skills, concepts needed to practice marketing as a career.
(2). Ability to set up and manage a market outlet.
(3). Understanding of the roles of marketing in the economy

How to Download WAEC Marketing Syllabus 2022

The WAEC Marketing Syllabus Above is made available in PDF Format for download. To do this, look for the download button to download the syllabus directly to your phone or PC.


1)  Fundamentals of Marketing by O.O. Shokan – MAM Education Limited, Lagos.

2)   Commerce Textbook by G.A. Saka and Nnabuko J.O. – Emiola Publisher Ltd


3)   Marketing in Nigeria: Concepts, Principles and Decisions, 2nd Edition by B.A. Agbonifoh, O.E Ogwo, D.A. Nnolim, and A.D. Nkamnebe, (2007). – Afritowers Limited Publisher.

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