WAEC Office Practice 2022 Answers (Essay & Objectives)

Office Practice 2 (Essay) – 2:00pm – 4:10pm
Office Practice 1 (Objective) – 4:10pm – 5:10pm







Span of control is the term used in business management, particularly human resource management.It refers to the number of subordinates or direct reports a supervisor is responsible for.

(i) Productivity: specialism means that staff are skilled in the task they do
(ii) specialization: department focuses on a particular area of work in the functional organisation
(iii) Accountability: There are clear lines of management in functional organisation structure
(iv)Clarity: employees understand their own and others role in a functional organisation structure

(i)Navigation and Space : A good floor plan will ensure your office layout is efficient and serves its purpose
(ii)Storage Facilities:They help free up a lot of space improving navigation within the office
(iii)Square Footage: Smaller offices require you to make smart choices in the size and shape of the furniture.
(iv)Employee Privacy: Different people employ varied work styles, and some employees need privacy
(v)Flow in the Office: People move in and out of the space all day long. That makes it important to create walkways in the space so people have a direct path.


Indexing is the process of determining the name, subject, or some other caption under which the documents are to be filed. WHILE Cross-reference allows you to link to other parts of the same document. For example, you might use a cross-reference to link to a chart or graphic that appears elsewhere in the document.



(i)Making decisions
(ii)Conducting investigations using report
(iii)Professional advancement
(iv)Managerial tool
(v)Neutral Presentation of Facts

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