IMSU Makes Hostel Mandatory for All 2019/2020 Newly Admitted Female Students

IMSU Makes Hostel Mandatory for All 2019/2020 Newly Admitted Female Students

IMSU Makes Hostel Mandatory for All 2019/2020 Newly Admitted Female Students

The information Reaching to us stated it that All the newly Female Admitted students should now be staying within the school Hotel, According to an exclusive statement, and directives made today by the Dean Student Affairs Prof. Nwankwo Uchenna Martins the reason for this compulsion is to put an end to cohabitation among students.

Cohabitation here is an arrangement where two or more people are not married but live together. They often involve a romantic or s-xually intimate relationship on a long-term or permanent basis…. More broadly, it implies an emotional and physical intimate relationship which includes a common living place especially between opposite s-x and which exists without legal or religious sanction.

This directive aside cohabitation also stems from life-threatening problems that have occurred in times past among students of opposite s-x who cohabited. It will also help protect the female child against other off-shoot of cohabitation.


This development is also sequel to the efforts of the management to curtail the incessant challenges her students encounter since the inception of the University which ranges from high rate of increment in off campus hostel rents, insecurity, social vices, lack of adequate water and power supply to poor facilities in various off campus hostels, unwarranted arrest and detention of her students who could be ignorant of a crime committed within their jurisdiction of residence but victims of massive arrest etc.

Therefore, Parents, sponsors or guardians who wish to opt out from the compulsory hostel accommodation are directed to go along with the student to the student affairs directorate to make it official and sign undertaking.

All newly admitted female students are by this notice directed to visit the directorate of student affairs for inquiries on how to secure accommodation in the school hostel.

NOTE: This new directive takes immediate effect.

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