Must Read: MY GHOST ENCOUNTER (a Short Story)


Do you believe in ghost?


If I had been asked this question a few days ago, my answer would have been a big NO but not after what I witnessed.



My name is Eddie Chukwuebuka, I’m from the eastern part of Nigeria and I had a ghost encounter.


I was in my room when I heard my mom call out my name from the sitting room. She had an envelop in her hand, according to her it was a letter from my school, I had been invited to the schools end of the year party to receive an award as one of the best student. And at the last sentence it was stated that I could accept or ignore the invitation.


Of course I had accepted, it was an honour been invited to receive such an award and so I had gone to prepare for the big day tomorrow, I had been invited to big event but given little time to prepare.


The day came and I got ready. I was greeted warmly and ushered by the security guards at the gate but then as I walked past the roll of chairs that been arranged for the guests, at the far end side of the hall was a young man sitting on one of the sits.



I needn’t anyone to tell me who the young man was.


Frank was my best friend back then in high school, we were real close like brothers and we had both planned to attend the same college but then disaster struck, Frank fell ill and what had looked like a small illness ended up taking his life.


And now, few years after his death I see Frank sitting across the hall dressed in suit as if he too had come to receive an award.


I quickly walked into a class that was close by and closed the door, fear could be seen all over me.


“Hello Eddie” I heard the voice of Frank right next to me. One way or the other, I don’t know how but he was standing next to me.




“I came to talk to you”


All of a sudden I found my self in my room with Frank on top my bed.


“You’re dead right?”




“Then how come I can see you? ” I asked, confusion written all over my face.


“Only my family and friends can” he replied.


I was about asking him if he had gone to see his family when my kid brother walked into my room. He was searching for his phone charger.


Billy walked past Frank without even acknowledge his presence so I asked..


“Billy is there anyone in this room aside both of us?”


He looked at me in a weird way and walked out. I understood him, I wood have also reacted that way to such a strange question.


“I came to ask you to stop doing some of the things you’re doing” Frank said immediately Billy walked out.


Normally I would have denied doing anything wrong but he was a spirit so I bet he knew about some of the bad things I’ve been doing so I bowed my head in shame.



“There’s danger ahead ” he continued and just as I lift up my head to looked at him, I realised that we were no longer in my room but at the entrance of the shopping mall.


And right up ahead, I saw a hooded man pointing his guy at my dad.


“Give me your money” he said with his deep baritone voice.


“He’s about to rob my dad, let’s go help” I said and started moving forward when Frank stopped me.


“He won’t find the wallet”


“How are you so sure? ”


“Because it is with you ” Frank replied and gestured towards my hands.


“How did it get here”


“Eddie!!!” I heard my name been called from a distance.. Then Frank started to fade away..


“Remember Eddie, danger looms around you, be careful” Frank said before fading completely.




I heard my name a lot more clearer now, it was my mom..


“Yes mom” I replied before waking up.


That was when I realised it had all been a dream but the part about my mom calling me wasn’t, as I heard her shout out my name again.


I got out of bed and walked towards the sitting room, my mom was there with a letter in her hands.


**”It’s from your school, you’re been given an award,but according to the letter you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. So you going or not?


I said nothing, I was too shocked to reply, was this Deja Vu?


**”Eddie, you going or not?*”” my mom asked again.



“I’m going mom, am going“.




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