Reproductive tract in female poultry



(i) Diary

(ii) Infundibulum

(iii) Magnum

(iv) Isthmus

(v) Shell gland or Uterus

(vi) Cloacal



(i) Part I (ovary)

(ii) Part II (Magnum)



(i) Omission of food ingredients such as calcium, protein, fat etc

(ii) Ectoparasites such as lice, fleas, Northern fowl mite



Source of calcium



(i) Hen

(ii) Guinea fowl



Disc plough



(a) Top link connection

(b) Beam

(c) Disc scraper

(d) Disc

(e) Furrow wheel



(i) Disc Harrow

(ii) Disc Ridger






(i) Check water level and top it when necessary

(ii) The oil level must be checked and topped if necessary

(iii) Do not overload



(i) Cleaning after used

(ii) Oiling the metal parts on a long storage


(i) Animal power

(ii) Electrical power



(i) Get tired easily

(ii) Can eat up crops

(iii) It may not work under heavy rainfall




(i) It increases speed of operations

(ii) It can be converted to heat energy used for drying products



(i) It can cause fire hazard

(ii) It is expensive to buy



(i) Let T= time taken, W=watt, x= watt per minute and z= total cost

:. TXW=Z

T= 6hours = 6*60 = 360minutes

W= 40*3 =120

= 3600.5120 = 21,600kobo or 216naira




Make T subject of the formula

T=Z/XW and W=30*3 =90

T= 21600/0.5*90 = 21600/95 = 480minutes

480/60 = 8hours


L – head pan

M – Shovel

N – Watering can

O – Wheel Barrow



L – Collection of harvested crops

M – Transferring soil from one place to another

N – Sprinkling of foliar fertilizer

O – Used for transporting harvested crops



(i) Blade

(ii) Rose

(iii) Axel



(i) Tool should not be left lying about in the farm

(ii) They must not be exposed to sun or rain to prevent damage






(i) Shovel

(ii) Wheel Barrow

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