NECO Asks For Resumption of Final Year Students towards their Examination


NECO Asks For Resumption of Final Year Students towards their Examination

The National Examination Council (NECO) has called on its state officers to commence talks with the state commissioners of education and other relevant stakeholders to allow final year students to re-open so as to enable them to take the Senior School School Certificate Examination (SSCE)

This was contained in a circular the Director of Examination Administration dated May 12th, 2020.


The circular reads; “Management is of the view that if the two (02) examinations stated above will be conducted and in good time this year, the Council needs to take more proactive measures.

“One of these is to convince relevant Stakeholders of the need for resumption of final year students writing public/ external examinations as soon as possible.

With only them in school joined by only the teachers directly involved in the conduct of the examinations, the recommended social distancing, with other safety measures can be observed.

“In the absence of students in other classes, all available halls, classrooms, laboratories and even offices can be utilized to achieve the desired spread of the candidates especially on the days major/general papers will be written.

This suggestion is in view of the realization that based on the daily report of the spread of COVID 19, and Introduction of virtual learning by Governments, schools, and institutions, full resumption of school may not be possible even in the near future

“You are directed to immediately commence talks with the Commissioner for Education and other concerned MOE officials in your state to convince them of the need to recall ONLY the students writing public External examinations. A specific period will be allowed for revision and the examination will commence.

“As soon as you secure the approval of the Commissioners and you inform Management accordingly through your Zonal Coordinators, official letters will be sent to them through you and further necessary steps will be taken to commence the examinations in earnest. This, without doubt, is in the interest of all stakeholders in the education industry.

Please treat with utmost importance and urgency

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