Neco Fisheries Practical 2023 Question and Answers

Fisheries (Practical)
10:00am – 11:30am

Specimen A – gold fish
Specimen B – Tilapia fish
Specimen C – Silver fish
Specimen D – Cat fish


(i) Both are aquatic animals
(ii) Both can be found in freshwater habitats
(iii) Both have fins that help them to move and swim
(iv) Both have an air bladder that helps them to maintain buoyancy
(v) Both have scales on their body for protection
(vi) Both have a streamlined body shape for swimming
(vii) Both have gills to help them breathe underwater

(i) Specimen B have yellow, orange or brown colored bodies while Specimen C are typically gray in color.
(ii) The diet of Specimen B consists of both plants and small aquatic animals, while Specimen C may only feed on plant matter.


(i) Channel catfish
(ii) Blue catfish
(iii) Flathead catfish
(iv) Bullhead catfish

(i) Long lines
(ii) Trap nets
(iii) Minnow seines
(iv) Trawls
(v) Jugging lines.

Specimen E -Funnel entrance trap
Specimen F – Trawl net
Specimen G – Spear
Specimen H – Cast net


(i) Both Specimen F and H are types of nets used for fishing.
(ii) Both Specimen F and H are designed to capture large numbers of fish.
(iii) Both Specimen F and H are suitable for different depths of water.
(iv) Both Specimen F and H require large amounts of bait to attract fish.
(v) Both Specimen F and H can be used by multiple people at the same time.
(vi) Both Specimen F and H have a large opening at one end.
(vii) Both Specimen F and H have weights on the edges to keep them in place.

Specimen E (Funnel entrance trap) – Passive Fishing Gear
Specimen F (Trawl net) – Active Fishing Gear
Specimen G (Spear) – Active Fishing Gear
Specimen H (Cast net) – Active Fishing Gear

(i) Regularly check the funnel entrance trap to ensure all components are secure.
(ii) Clean and remove debris or other material from the funnel entrance trap after each use.
(iii) Lubricate moving parts of the funnel entrance trap to prevent rust and corrosion.
(iv) Inspect the wires and ropes of the funnel entrance trap for signs of damage or wear.
(v) Replace worn or damaged components of the funnel entrance trap with new parts.

(i) Wear protective clothing when using a spear.
(ii) Learn proper techniques for handling a spear before attempting to use one in the water.
(iii) Adjust the buoyancy of a spear to ensure it is properly weighted before use.
(iv) Aim spears carefully and use only as much force necessary to make a successful strike.

I – Digger
J – Hoe
K – Cutlass
L – Axe

I – Digger : It is use to excavate soil or remove earth.

J – Hoe: It is typically used in gardening and farming to break up soil remove weeds and create furrows for planting seeds.

K – Cutlass: It is used for cutting and clearing vegetation.

L – Axe: It is primarily used for chopping wood.

Specimen I – Digger:
(i) Regularly inspect and clean the digging equipment removing any dirt debris or foreign objects that may be stuck in the mechanism. This will help prevent any blockages or malfunctions during use.

(ii) Keep the digging blades sharp by regularly sharpening or replacing them as needed. Dull blades can decrease the digging efficiency and may cause added strain on the equipment.

(iii) Check and lubricate the moving parts such as joints and hinges to ensure smooth operation. Regularly applying lubricant can help prevent rusting reduce friction and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Specimen L – Axe:
(i) Keep the blade clean and free from sap or other stickiness that may accumulate during use. Wipe down the blade after each use and remove any residue with a cloth or brush.

(ii) Sharpen the axe regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Use a sharpening tool or a file to maintain a sharp edge which will make cutting more efficient and reduce the risk of accidents due to a dull blade.

(iii) Store the axe in a dry and well-ventilated area. When not in use it is important to protect the axe from moisture and humidity to prevent rusting. Use a blade cover or sheath to protect the blade and store it in a proper rack or wall mount.


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