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Thursday 28th July 2022

IRS (Objective & Essay) – 10:00am – 12:40pm

Neco IRS Answers 2022

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(i) They should look after the flock of Christ with tenderness.

(ii) They should not regard their assignment as a burden, rather, they should discharge their duties willingly.

(iii) They should not tender the flocks for shameful material gain but eagerness.

(iv) They are not to be overbearing, but serving as true example/role model to the flock.

(v) They would reap their due reward in due course when the Lord comes.

(vi) Leaders should humble themselves under the mighty hand of God for God to exalt them.

(vi) They must be sober and watchful because Satan is roaring around looking for whom to destroy.

(vii) They should resist Satan at all costs and be firm in their faith.

(viii) They are to Suffering for christ as part of the Christian life.



(Pick Any THREE)

(i) Greed

(ii) Tribalism and nepotism

(iii) Problem of handling the youth

(iv) Rivalry between the youth and elders

(v) External opposition form Government

(vi) Gender issue

(vii) Doctrinal issues

(viii) Declining faith among followers backsliding



As Jesus went further after calling his first four disciples(Peter, Andrew, James, John), he saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax office. He called him and the man followed him. Later the man made a feast in his house and Christ was there with many other tax collectors sitting at the table with him. This made the Pharisees murmur against Christ that he was eating and drinking with tax collectors and Sinners. To this allegation, Christ replied; “Those who are well have no need of physician, but those who are sick; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Thus, Levi, also called Matthew, was the fifth disciple to be called according to the gospel of Luke and other synoptic gospels.



(Pick Any THREE)

(i) Jews sees tax collectors as sinners

(ii) They see them as reminder of Roman domination.

(iii) They see them as unclean.

(iv) They see them as backsliders and betrayers.

(v) They see them as tool of foreign(Roman) oppression.


Ahab was the king of Israel in Samaria. A man of Jezebel, named Naboth had his vineyard near Ahab’s palace. Ahab wanted to acquire the vineyard. Naboth was not willing to part with the land which he had inherited.

Ahab became disappointed and he refused to eat in his house. When the wife of Ahab (Jezebel) learnt of the cause of her husband’s unhappiness, she cheered him up and assured him that she would give the vineyard to him.

Jezebel wrote a letter in Ahab’s name and sealed it with his seal. In the letter, she directed the elders and the nobles who dwelt in the same city with Naboth to proclaim a fast and set Naboth among the people, with two base flows against him. The fellows should bring a charge against him saying that he cursed God and the king. The instruction was carried out. Naboth was killed and the people reported back to Jezebel that Naboth was dead.

On hearing this, she went to her husband (Ahab) and said “Arise, take possession of the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite, which he refused to give you for money; for Naboth is not alive but dead”. Ahab took possession of the vineyard as soon as he heard of the death of Naboth.

The Lord was not happy with the murder of Naboth and He sent prophet Elijah to warn Ahab that dogs would lick his blood at the same spot where Naboth’s blood was licked up by dogs. When Elijah met Ahab to deliver the Lord’s message to him, Ahab asked him “have you found me, my enemy”? Elijah answered that he had found him and then told Ahab the grave punishment of death that awaited him and his posterity because of his wicked acts and idolatry. He told Ahab that Jezebel’s body would be eaten by dogs within the bound of Jezreel.

After hearing this message, Ahab fasted and mourned before the Lord. His humility and penitence pleased the Lord and so the Lord told Elijah that the punishment would not be visited on his family in Ahab’s days but would surely come to pass during the reign of his son.



(i) By practicing generosity; being willing to give and share.

(ii) By being contented with what we have

(iii) By loving one another


Joshua gathered all Israel to Shechem and told the people their history from Abraham to Moses. He emphasized God’s abiding faith with Israel making them owners of the land of the Amorites. He reminded them of the saving acts of God in their history, that with all those favours, they must serve God and put away all foreign gods. Alternatively, they should decide on whom to serve. Joshua told the people that as for him and his family, they would serve the Lord. The Israelites also said they would put away other gods and serve the Lord, who had been faithful to them.

Joshua reminded them that God is Holy and jealous. That He will not forgive their sins or unfaithfulness, should they forsake God, they would be punished. He told them not to break their promise. He told the that they must put away all false gods and serve God with sincerity. Joshua wrote down the laws of God, put a stone to witness, should they deal falsely with God.



(i) He had faith in God.

(ii) His ability to convince and advise the people to accept his views.

(iii) His courage to call the people together.

Revelation involves the ’revealing’ of truth and, for many religions, is an important part of learning about God. For Muslims, the Qur’an is the most important source of revelation.

(i) Inspiration
(ii) From Behind a Curtain
(iii) Through an Angel

(i)Inspiration; These can come in the form of a dream or as a thought that comes into the mind. Sometimes the Prophets of Alláh received His orders in a dream. When Prophet Ibráhím (A) saw in a dream that he was sacrificing his son, Prophet Ismá’íl (A), they both knew it was a command of Alláh.

(ii)From Behind a Curtain; This means that the revelation comes indirectly. These can be low, buzzing or high-pitched sounds which are understood by a Prophet. Sometimes, Alláh causes an object to speak. One of his attributes is Mutakallim, which means he can give speech to any object. In the case of Prophet Músá (A), his first call was through a burning bush.

(iii)Through an Angel; Alláh usually used Jibríl (A) to send His commands to the Prophets (A). Sometimes Jibríl (A) would come in his own image, sometimes he would come as a man. Most of the messages sent through the angels were verbal, but occasionally, as with the Torah.

بُنِيَ الْإِسْلَامُ عَلَى خَمْسٍ: شَهَادَةِ أَنْ لَا إلَهَ إلَّا اللَّهُ وَأَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا رَسُولُ اللَّهِ، وَإِقَامِ الصَّلَاةِ، وَإِيتَاءِ الزَّكَاةِ، وَحَجِّ الْبَيْتِ، وَصَوْمِ رَمَضَانَ”. [رَوَاهُ الْبُخَارِيُّ] ، [وَمُسْلِمٌ].

“Islam has been built on five [pillars]: testifying that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing the salah (prayer), paying the zakat (obligatory charity), making the hajj (pilgrimage) to the House, and fasting in Ramadhan.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

(i) The Hadith teaches us that Islam was built on five pillars.
(ii) It also teachs that one must has faith before any other ibadah.

(i)Sahih al Bukhari
(ii)Sahih Muslim,
(iii)Sunan Nasa’i,
(iv)Sunan Abu Dawood
(v)Jami at-Tirmidhi
(vi)Sunan ibn Majah

Imam Mohammed Al-Bukhari is considered as one of the most distinguished scholars of Hadith in Islamic history. His book Sahih al-Bukhari, in which the Prophet’s words, actions, or habits were collected, is one of the greatest sources of the prophetic influence in history. His full name is Abu Abdullah Mohamed bin Ismail Al-Bukhari and was born in 194 AH (8100 AD) in Bukhara, one of the present cities of Uzbekistan. His father died when he was young, and he was raised as an orphan by his mother, who educated him well and had a role in sharpening his love and passion for science.
As a child, he had a disease in his eyes which led to fears of losing his eyesight, but he was cured. He was highly intelligent as a child and had strong memory, one of the qualities that helped him later in the collection of the Prophet’s words and actions (Ahadiths). During his youth he memorized the Holy Quran and learned the basics of religion. He had memorized thousands of Ahadiths while he was still a young boy. Bukhara’s atmosphere, which was then one of the centers of science, also helped him. He attended the meetings with scientists and religious scholars frequently.

After the Berbers’ Islamisation, the religion spread into the Western Sudan from the closing decades of the tenth century. First, Islam spread into the regions West of the Niger Bend (Senegambia, Mali), then into Chad region and finally into Hausaland.
According to some Arabic sources the first Black ruler to embrace Islam was the King of Gao who had done so by 1009. The first King of Mali to become a Muslim was Barmandana, who was reigning by the middle of the eleventh century. The Kings of Ghana, on the other hand did not embrace Islam until about the beginning of the twelfth century, after the Almoravid invasions.

In the Chad region, it appears from the Arabic sources that Umme Jilmi, who became the king of Kanem in 1086 was the first Muslim King. Islam was first introduced into Hausaland from either Kanem or Air in the twelfth or thirteenth centuries, but it did not really take root there until during the second half of the fourteenth Century.

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