Waec Chemistry Specimen 2022

Waec Chemistry Specimen 2022: 2022 Waec Chemistry Practical Specimen, WAEC Chemistry Practical 2022, Waec Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2022- Are you a WAEC Candida who is looking for the official WAEC Chemistry Practical Specimen 2022? It is available to testThe questions that are practical and their answers are listed in this web page. The best method of answering WAEC Practical Questions with a trustworthy source is to take your Waec Chemistry Practical exam.

The 2022 Waec Chemistry Practical Specimen is now available. The official publication of 2022’s Waec Chemistry Practical Specimen for all Waec candidates has taken place.

All Waec candidates can gain access to Chemistry Practical Specimen 2022. All Waec candidates are now able look at an formal Waec 2022 Chemistry practical specimen.

(a) The test takes place in the (a) format. must provide the specimens, equipment and other materials to conduct your test.

(b) In the event that the specimen isn’t available in sufficient numbers. It should be shared with small groups of applicants.

(c) Candidats must be provided with the following materials, that will be labeled appropriately


Waec Chemistry Specimen 2022


In addition to the fittings and reagents normally found in a chemistry laboratory, the following apparatus and materials will be required by each candidate.

(a) One Burette of 50cm3 of capacity
(b) One pipette, either 20cm3 or 25cm3 (All candidates at one center must use pipettes of the same volume, these should be clean and free from grease).
(c) The usual apparatus for titration
(d) The usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including the following with all reagents appropriately labeled:
(i) 10% dilute sodium hydroxide solution
(ii) dilute hydrochloric acid
(iii) dilute trioxonitrate(v) acid
(iv) silver trioxonitrate(v) acid
(v) acidified potassium dichromate solution
(vi) aqueous ammonia
(vii) lime water
(viii) red and blue litmus paper
(ix) dilute tetraoxosulphate(vi)
(x) aqueous barium chloride

(e) Spatula
(f) Filtration apparatus,
(g) One beaker
(h) One boiling tube
(i) Four test tubes
(j) Starch solution indicator
(k) Glass rod
(l) Wash bottle containing distilled/deionized water,
(m) Burning splint,
(n) Watch glass
(o) Bunsen Burner/source of heat
(p) Droppers

(a) 150cm3 of iodine solution in a corked flask or bottle labeled ‘An’. These should all be the same containing 25.4g of I2 in 6.0g kl per dm3 of solution.
(b) 150cm3 of sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate solution in a corked flask or bottle labeled ‘Bn’. These should all be the same containing 24.82g of Na2S2O3 per dm3 of solution.
(c) One spatulaful of ammonium ferrous sulphate, (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2.6H2O in a specimen bottle labeled ‘Cn’.
This must be the same for all candidates.

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